SpaceX, NASA, Space exploration Once Again Chooses SpaceX For New Mission GOES-U

U GOES, Umission. GOES. U will provide advanced imagery and atmospheric measurements of Earths, weatheroceans and environment, as well as real timemapping of total lightning activity and improvedmonitoring of solar activity and space weather.. These satellites will be used by NOAA, toforecast, potentially dangerous weatherand monitor the weather on a regular basis. Weather from a particular region can be observed through the GOES R series satellites. On thewebsite it states The GOES. R Series provides advanced imagery and atmospheric measurements, ofEarths weather, oceans and environment, real timemapping of total lightning activity and improvedmonitoring of solar activity and space weather., The total cost for NASA to launchGOES. U is approximately 152.5million, which includes the launchservice and other mission related costs.. The GOES? U mission is targeted to launch in April2024 on a Falcon Heavy rocket from Launch Complex’A at Kennedy. Space Center in Florida. GOES Uis. The fourth and final spacecraft in the GOES R Series of geostationary weather satellitesoperated by the National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration NOAA.. The GOES R Series is ajoint effort between NASA and NOAA and includes GOES R GOES S GOES T and GOES U. NASAs Launch Services Program at Kennedy. Space Center in Florida is responsiblefor launch vehicle program. Managementof the SpaceX launch, service. NASAs GoddardSpace Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland, manages the GOES R Flight Projects Office, which oversees the acquisition of the GOES R, seriesinstruments and spacecraft.. A collaborativeNOAA and NASA team manages the GOES R, Program., United Launch Alliance or ULA spokesperson. Jessicarye said the company withdrew its bid to launch.

Goes? U because it did not have any Atlas. 5Vehicles available.. The company also revealed that all of the remaining 29 rockets have been soldto customers for future launches, so they had towithdraw the bid for NASAs GOES? U launch! Service. ULA is preparing to transition to the Vulcan Centaur rocket, whose inaugural launchis now scheduled for 2022. Tory Bruno chief executive of ULA has said recently. Thecompany is no longer offering the Atlas. 5 aftera final series of contracts announced earlierthis year, such as an order for nine Atlas 5launches by Amazon in April to launch part ofits Project Kuiper broadband constellation., The GOES U win adds to a growing backlog, ofFalcon Heavy launches for SpaceX. In July, NASA awarded SpaceX a Contract for the launchof, the Europa Clipper mission to the icypotentially habitable moon of Jupiter, also scheduled for 2024.. Other NASA awards include the Psyche. Asteroid mission thefirst two elements of the lunar Gatewayand, the Gateway Logistics Services, contractwhere SpaceX, will use the Falcon Heavy fortwo launches of Dragon. Xl spacecraft, totransport cargo to the lunar Gateway. SpaceX also won a Falcon Heavy contract fromAstrobotic in April to launch its Griffinlunar lander carrying NASAs VIPER rover as partof the agencys Commercial Lunar Payload Servicesprogram. Falcon Heavy is part of SpaceXs NationalSecurity Space Launch Phase 2 contract awarded in August 2020, making the vehicle eligiblefor future national security, launches. Falcon Heavy, has launched three times all successfully, but the last launchwas the Space Test Program – 2 mission, inJune 2019.

, The next Falcon Heavy launch on a U.S. Space Force mission. Designatedussf 44 is scheduled for no earlier than Oct. 9.. Next up on DiscoverZen, we will be discussingWhy. Does Elon Musks SpaceX Starship Belly Flop. Thanks for watching our video.

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