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How many smores could you make from the giant stay puft marshmallow man from ghostbusters here are some of the cool things from the news today, Music. You know the refrain that movie theaters dont make their money from the ticket sales, but rather from concessions. Thats not exactly true. The profit margins are much higher on concessions sure, but they still make a lot more of their profit from ticket sales than people tend to think, especially ever since that secret fact started getting thrown around, but one place that really does rely on their version of concessions. For profit, gas stations according to zachary crockett in the hustle gas stations, are only taking home a small fraction per gallon of gas sold, and when the price of oil goes up, they might even be losing money quote. According to ibis, world gas stations make an average net margin of just 1.4 percent on their fuel thats, far lower than the 7.7 average across all industries and ranks beneath other notoriously low margin. Businesses like grocery stores at 2.5 percent and car dealerships at 3.2 percent end quote first crockett points out that the majority of gas stations in the us at least are owned by individual operators who only own one station. So these are people who are franchisees for name brand oil companies like shell, chevron or texaco, and some others run their own generic places and by gas themselves on the open markets. So when were talking about operators losing out on money here were not necessarily talking about the giant corporations but kind of for some small businesses, but how do they end up with such a small fraction of the profit? Crockett breaks it down like this lets, say you buy a gallon of gas for three dollars and eighteen cents, a steal here in new york city, a dollar sixty three of that a full fifty one percent is going to the crude oil itself.

55 cents goes towards the refining process. Another 55 cents goes to taxes. 25 cents goes to transporting the now gasoline to the gas stations leaving you with. If youve been doing the quick math here in your head – just 20 cents, thats 20 cents going to the gas station owner, but then youve got everything else like payroll utility bills, insurance, etc, bringing the average profit per gallon to just five to seven cents thats. It now crockett does admit that gas station owners claimed a wide variance of profit when they spoke with him. Some went over a quarter. Some said one cent, but to put this into stark reality, lets say that your gas station sells four 000 gallons a day and youre genuinely making a profit of 5 cents, a gallon youre, still only making 200 a day from gas, despite that, most stations wont raise Their prices too much because they know that itll deter customers. As you well know, gas stations tend to be clustered together and the competition that proximity breeds keeps their prices in check, and a lot of them are even reluctant to raise prices too much, even when the price of oil goes up because they dont want to lose Customers to some of their competitors, so where do they make their money, their concessions or well? The convenience stores that eighty percent of gas stations have crockett notes that convenience store purchases account for just under a third of the average gas station revenue, but make up 70 percent of the profits.

While recent numbers put 44 percent of gas station customers as going inside. The store and a third of those making a purchase, those numbers are decreasing. You know with more pay at the pump options, less and less people are going inside, especially in the age of kovid plus gas station. Convenience stores are well known to have some of the highest crime rates of any business which makes people stay away, but also causes the practical loss of 761 dollars annually. On average per gas station in america and less people are buying gas at all from 1995. To today, gas stations around the us reduced in number from 195 thousand to 115 000, which is a good thing in terms of the environment, of course, and gas stations that can pivot to electric charging stations are doing so, but installing just one of those costs. A hundred thousand dollars and while ev sales are expected to skyrocket in the coming decades, thats a tough cost to justify right now when there are so few on the road, but if they cant pivot to electric. Maybe some of these gas stations can pivot to something else and take advantage of whatever the best selling thing in their convenience store. Is you know people are still going to go to wawa, even if they dont need gas same with 7 eleven. You know both of those dont even function as a gas station in a lot of cases and crockett shared this fun fact.

Kfc actually began at a gas station. The actual colonel sanders ran a shell franchise location in north corbin kentucky and served customers fried chicken country ham, biscuits and more, and it was while he was running that gas station that he was named a kentucky colonel by the governor, a civilian title and highest honor. In the states, after his competitor shot one of his employees, there was a literal shootout between the two gas stations. I guess it was a combination of that and cooking such good chicken that elicited the honor that was back in 1935. It would be several years of selling his chicken in various motels. He bought fires, wart and divorce before kfc became something like we know it today in the early 1950s, but yeah colonel sanders managed to pivot from gas to global corporations. So maybe some of these other franchisees will be able to do so as well: Music on sunday apple, co, founder steve, wozniak, tweeted out a super bowl style stock, footage commercial. You know the kind where a gravelly voiced middle aged man narrates so broadly about the world and us that you have no clue what the commercial might actually be for. Is it a credit card company, a web hosting service, the church of scientology, who knows, unfortunately, wozniak gave us a hint in his tweet. Writing quote a private space company is starting up, unlike the others. End quote: oh no is steve wozniak trying to hop into the billionaire space race.

I mean sure the tweet said that theyre not like the others and the video specifically used the line, its not a race but thats the same empty sentiment. All the others would spout. Despite any of their actions, now, officially, we wont know what this private company called privateer is going to get up to until sometime later this week, wozniak and co founder, alex fielding will be announcing more at the amos tech 2021 conference, which runs today through saturday in Maui but the talented sleuths over at gizmodo managed to find a hint via a press release for a completely unrelated 3d titanium alloy printer called desktop metal. That company must be working with privateer because they secured a testimonial about 3d, titanium printing from wozniak and described him as the co founder of privateer space and then in what surely must have been a huge breach of an nda. Considering that this press release went live in august, desktop metal goes on to describe privateer space, as quote a new satellite company focused on monitoring and cleaning up objects in space. End quote so there you have it wozniak and fielding are not trying to become astronauts themselves. Colonize mars or become nasas de facto space chauffeur. No, they actually want to help clean up space and make sure that its safe and usable by generations going forward as gizmodo points out quote, space has become a dumping ground for dead satellites and launch vehicle rockets. So much so that in 2019 nasa called low earth orbit the worlds largest garbage dump with nearly 6 000 tons of waste.

Nasa has warned that space junk threatens space goers with garbage hurtling up to seven times faster than a bullet and reports that even paint flecks have smashed shuttle windows. The agency is currently monitoring 27 thousand pieces of larger space. Junk cleanup will cost money that the us government isnt allocating last year, former nasa administrator jim brendenstein urged congress to fund a 15 million dollar cleanup mission tweeting in the last two weeks. There have been three high concern. Potential conjunctions debris is getting worse. The most recent space funding bill, which has passed the senate hasnt, set aside those funds but directs the office of science and technology policy to evaluate the situation. Former nasa scientist donald kessler, famously predicted in 1978 that the densifying minefield will grow exponentially more dangerous for decades. To come as future collisions erupt in more junk last year, he told scientific american that space is long overdue for catastrophe, end quotes and while nasa and the us government havent yet specifically allocated funds towards cleanup efforts, the world wont have to rely solely on privateer, if, Indeed, this is what theyre doing the uk and japan have been funding a company called astroscale, which is currently testing magnetic docking systems to collect space junk and then use the earths atmosphere to burn it all up. There are research teams around the world that have been working to develop other solutions, theres the electro optic systems or eos from australia that would zap space debris with ground based lasers to push it out of the way of potential collisions, not unlike nasas dart mission.

Thats. Going to try the same method for asteroids except theyll, be using a whole spacecraft. Instead of lasers, a british project called remove. Debris is trying out nets and harpoons a student from the university of cape town developed a method that would equip spacecrafts with nitinol tentacles, and the european space agency has also been working on a space claw that would function similarly to astroscales magnets. So what method will privateer choose? Harpoons tentacles space claws well have to wait for their big announcement at the amos tech conference to know for sure, but i have to say if gizmodo is right. This is a very refreshing announcement from a famous rich dude funded private space company Music ghostbusters afterlife is coming out november 19th here in the u.s at least for now, sony has pushed back the release date, a number of times due to the pandemic. Despite the eternal delay, its gotten decent reviews so far saying that its nostalgia done right and honors. The legacy of the original two films, which is perhaps due in part to the fact that its actually directed by the son of the original films director, who himself is a producer of this new one and one way that ghostbusters afterlife will riff on the original movies. But with its own new spin is the introduction of miniature versions of the stay puft marshmallow man. Now, while the original was transfigured from a 2d logo to an 8 story, tall anthropomorphic manifestation of the villainous god gozer wreaking havoc upon midtown manhattan, these new mini ones are seen in a preview clip climbing out of their manufacturing bag and terrorizing a grocery store.

Much to the shock and consternation of paul rudds character, mr gruberson, so the legacy of one of my personal favorite icons from cinema and saturday morning, cartoons will live on in one way or another, but writer brian van hooker, over at mel magazine, reflecting on the stay Puft marshmallow man and his progeny last week started wondering a question so sensible. I cant believe id never asked it myself. How many smores could the original stay puft marshmallow man be made into and despite the obviousness of this question, it seems based on a cursory google search that no one had really taken the time to calculate it before so van hooker called up mathematician james hind of Nottingham trent university, who took the question so seriously i mean really, if you click the link in the show notes, there are accompanying diagrams and everything its great. So basically, what youve got to do is figure out the volume of the entire stay puft marshmallow man and then divide that by the volume of an average marshmallow, one that you would use for a smore. The stay puft marshmallow man in the movies is described by the special effects team as being a hundred and twelve and a half feet tall, although notably the novelization of the film cuts him off at an even 100, but for the purposes of making everything harder van Hooker and hind stuck to 112 and a half heres. What hin said quote: first, we can split this guy into the following parts: hat head, torso, two upper arms, two forearms two hands; eight fingers, two thighs two shins and two feet.

For each part. We need a shape to use as a model for the thighs shins feet and upper arms well use an oblate spheroid. The equation for the volume of an oblate spheroid is four thirds pi a squared c. The forearms hat head. Hands and fingers have straighter edges so well use cylinders. The equation for the volume of cylinder is r. Squared h, since we know the stay puft man is 112 and a half feet high. We can add a grid to get measurements for the different sections and quotes. He then put a vfx mock up of the stay puft man on such a grid and made estimates for some parts, but they remained accurately relative to each other thanks to the grid. For example, quoting again, the hat is about 3 feet high with a radius of 10 feet, making it 942 and a third cubic feet. As for the head hind estimated that it was 20 feet high with a radius of 14 feet, making it 12 312.7 cubic feet, end quote apparently the atypical shape of the stay. Puffed mans torso made things a little tricky there, but hind just used an approach based on the volume of a solid of revolution to plot the slight s, shaped curve of his side and rotate it, which yeah thats exactly what i would recommend thats what i would Have done too totally the stay, puft mans final volume, according to hinns calculations, 151 960.

2 cubic feet, but while his entire body is made of mallow his accessories like his neckerchief and hats, arent van hooker also decided that maybe his mouth and pupils arent marshmallow either so Subtracting all of that. The final final volume is 151 772.2 cubic feet now, based on a series of measurements of the popular jet puffed brand of marshmallows van hooker determined an average marshmallow is one and an eighth inches tall with a diameter of one inch, which was enough for hint to Calculate that from the giant gozer possessed stay, puft marshmallow man in the original ghostbusters. You could safely make two hundred ninety six million eight hundred seventy six thousand two hundred eighty smores, given that youre using just one marshmallow per smore as most recipes and good taste recommend. So, just under 300 million smores, you know how, at the end of the movie, when the stay puft man explodes sending huge globs of marshmallow raining down on all the people, cars and buildings in manhattan. If the city had been resourceful, they could have fed upwards of 40 smores to every person in new york city. I mean you know what they say when life gives you torrents of melted, marshmallow pelted down from the heavens, make smores yeah that thats the joke and im sticking to it. So, as i record todays episode, all of the news is starting to trickle in about apples announcements at their big event. Today, if you want a rundown of everything, go give a listen to todays episode of our sister show the tech meme ride home, hosted by brian mccullough, who will have all the details you need and more, but that is it here for today, as always, this show Was produced by ride home media and kotky.

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