Steve Wozniak, Apple, Space X Starship Get's a New Competitor in Apple Founder [Inspirtation 4, Starbase, Virgin Galactic]

This is a show about spacex nasa and space flight im. Your host will walden, and here we are at studio b in brownsville texas, im about 20 minutes 25 minutes away from starbase and its that away. That way over there – and unfortunately, i cant make it there today, because i have some more moving in kind of stuff to do um, but there is a road closure scheduled. So i want to show you this real quick monday road closure. Man dont need that one tuesday september 14th, 2021 3 pm to 5 pm intermittent closure scheduled bokeh chica, will remain open beaches open all good, so theyre going to be doing some intermittent moving of things back and forth at starbase. So that means no launch no static fire on tuesday now friday, 6 a.m till noon friday, uh september 17th of 2021 thats a different story. The closure is just the road. The beach doesnt seem to be open on friday and then, of course, saturday and sunday they dont close the roads. They dont do any moving of stuff on saturday and sunday. The beach is open and thats. The reason why they dont do things on the weekends, because cameron county wants that beach open on the weekends for the people that live here, including myself. I want to go to the beach this weekend. That sounds awesome um, but theyre going to be closed again. The roads going to be closed again on monday, the 20th 2020 20 2021 and on tuesday again, between 5 p.

m and 11 p.m. So thats uh for friday is the primary date. Monday and tuesday are the secondary dates for those closures. 5, p.m to 11 p.m. So thats a pretty decent chunk of time, thats six hours of time from 6am till noon. What are they going to be doing friday? September 17th? Let me know what you think in the comments, what you think theyre going to be doing: im, not 100 sure to be honest with you im, not 100 sure, but i do have a filming mission that im going to be doing tonight near starbase, so ill. Let you guys know about that and ill release, a video about it and some social media stuff at space spacenewspod on twitter. If youre interested in more uh, you know photos and close ups and things like that. Go to the twitter page now, eric berger eric berger is the man richard branson is also the man virgin galactic had a little uh little off course. Action when richard branch took his flight, richard branson says the air space deviation on his space flight essentially was no big deal thats what eric berger posted. So this was on uh. The today show today uh nbc news third hour of today with his virgin voyages business partner. Richard branson said it was a test flight. Some time later, i learned that it went a tiny bit out of the designated area test. Flights are test flights and youre going to discover these things and make sure you get them right in the future, so they did have a little anomaly and apparently, according to branson, they went a little bit off course and you know hes downplaying it.

Of course, these things are dangerous. Luckily, everyone was safe and landed safely and richard branson could come on and tell a story that is a little bit off course. Not a big deal now theres a couple other things that are going on too. That im really interested about in one of them is launch complex. ‘A nasa kennedy, space center posted this on twitter, and they have they have a great twitter account. They have a lot of history stuff on their twitter account at nasa kennedy launch complex ‘a, apollo saturn, v missions, space shuttle missions, commercial crew missions and now tomorrows. Inspiration for launch will mark a new chapter with the first crew of private astronauts. Lifting off from that pad have a couple cool photos, inspiration for oh thats, so cool man. How stoked are you for inspiration for right now, like thats, probably the coolest thing, thats gon na be happening, except for possibly a starship launch this year. Inspiration four seems like its gon na, be like its gon na, be a game changer its gon na be a game changer. I think this is gon na open up the door for a lot of private citizens to get to space. This is the absolute first step for people like you and me to get to space, so inspiration for lets do this. Lets get some people to space. That sounds like an amazing thing: the marsha smith at humans tomorrow. This is another nasa thing: a humans to mars conference nasa edmund bill.

Nelson still says that artemis will launch at the end of this year. Thats, how close we are artemis, thats, the moon rocket right, its a rocket that can take people and supplies to the moon. Also, eventually to mars, so how cool is it that artemis, one will be launching by the end of this year? According to bill, nelson, the nasa admin and then nelson said, artemis 2 will happen. 1.5 years after artemis won in late 2023 or early 2024, then artemis iii – he doesnt, give a date about this one but thats where hls will dock with orion in lunar orbit uh and take a trip to the surface after that and then uh artemis, four uh Theres no date thats, where the gateway comes into the picture, so 2024 were gon na get people to the moon. Maybe i mean spacex has starship right and they have to test our ship because they have to get supplies for those people to get to the moon. As well so well see well see what happens with lunar starship well see what happens with starship on friday, too. Im super excited ill, be getting more footage of starship and starbase as time goes on, so trust me its coming im. Also there with you like. I want to be there at all times, but i got i got life stuff to do. Unfortunately, thats what happens when you move uh 2 000 miles 30 hours away from your home, like you have to re, you have to set up everything else like set up everything new again, so thats, coming and thats part of that mission that i have going on Tonight too, and now one more thing, one more thing, speaking of one more things, an apple co, founder wow, steve wozniak, started a space company like all these really rich people are starting space companies now its the cool thing to do, because they realize that you can Only make an iphone so good, you know like okay, you got to get better photos youre, going to get better video, its going to be faster, faster communications, but whats up there like whats next, its space junk, apparently according to the independent steve wozniak, has started a Company called privateer so theyre also competing with spacex and starship, because elon musk in the past said a starship could possibly open up its front like this, like that and gobble up space garbage.

So steve woz is building a uh building a new company. Look at this private space company is starting up, unlike the others. Privateer space steve was coming in hot, with some weird, like new company, just space junk its cool man, its very cool. I i think we need this kind of stuff, though, because theres, you know theres thousands of satellites up there, and eventually there will be hundreds of thousands, 200, 300, 400 000 satellites, because things like starlink, which had a successful launch last night. Those are going to be continuing over the years that we inhabit this earth, so its a good idea to start with a garbage company. I guess steve moz is starting a garbage company so well see. Maybe you know reusable recyclable materials, but basically picking up the dead stuff, picking up the old junk and bringing it back down to earth or disposing of it or whatever so theyre gon na get the junk theyre gon na figure out what the junk is and theyre Gon na go get it and i mean it depends on what it is, but can they burn it up in the atmosphere? Lets do a little little uh thruster and get it back in the atmosphere. Have it burn up and then burn up their spacecraft on their way in too possibly i dont know i dont know how its all going to work, and nobody really knows at this point. So waz has just shown us a brand new, like we dont have more information than that so thats about it for everything today, everybody.

Thank you so much for coming along on this wild ride with me to brownsville and to starbase. If you want to help, if you want to contribute, the gofundme is still happening and thats going to be helping with, like day to day expenses, gas to get to starbase like thats a thats, expensive, uh vehicle upkeep, paying. You know, help pay for the rent. For the studio here, because the only way i can stay here is if i pay for rent uh. So all those things are super important. If you want to help gofundme or if you want to help um every month we have a patreon too space patreon.comspacenewspod.

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