SpaceX, Space, Jared Isaacman 's Inspiration4 Flight Blasts Off With All-Civilian Crew on Board

You dont really but wed appreciate it. The spacex inspiration 4 mission has blasted off. There are no professional astronauts on board just amateur ones, who will spend the next three days orbiting the earth a lot of us dream of being astronauts because who doesnt want to go to space? The thing is, being an astronaut is a hard job to get so to see. Four people who arent trained astronauts heading to space gives us all a little hope, so these are essentially the last steps that they will take on planet earth for the next three days. Billionaire entrepreneur, jared isaacman whos, paying for the trip, chose a childhood cancer survivor to come along with him, while the other two members won competitions for their seats. The crew had just six months of intensive training with spacex on board. Computer systems will be in control of the mission overseen by spacex teams on the ground for the next three days. The crew will orbit the earth at an altitude of about 575 kilometers thats much further above earth than jeff bezos and richard branson reach during their recent space flights with blue origin and virgin galactic theyll be busy over the next few days. The crew will take blood samples and do other medical research. Organizer jared isaacman is also using the flight as a fundraiser for saint judes childrens research hospital in tennessee and hopes to raise 270 million dollars. He hopes this is the first step towards a world where everyday people can go and venture among the stars, easy to say when youre, a billionaire still historical moment and very cool australia, is going to build a fleet of nuclear powered submarines.

Its a huge announcement by the federal government, because its part of a new security deal with the us and the uk, its been given the not so imaginative name of august today were taking another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all three of our nations And because we all recognize the imperative of ensuring peace and stability in the indo pacific over the long term, america is going to help us out with the whole nuclear powered vessels thing, because theyve got them already long dog ears, back somersault, burpees and hair skipping theyre. Some of the weird and wonderful things that have made their way into the record books this year, heres amel, to explain those and a few more 34 centimeters thats. How long these ears are. My name is paige. My dog lou has the world record for the worlds longest ears. Five is the most somersault burpees in 30 seconds by a female, so its kind of surreal to then know that i have gotten a record title and to see that in the book theres my name and ive got the certificates you sort of it makes you pinch Yourself, a little bit and 60. thats the record for most gifts over a persons own hair in 30 seconds. Amazing. All of these people and their pets have been included in this years. Book of world records. Well, for some like zion, who can travel 20 meters on his hands in just 4.

78 seconds earning a spot in the record books has taken a lot of work to be a guinness world record title holder to me. That means that one im an elite im one of the top dogs, but at the same time it also means that my familys winning my towns winning and my support groups winning because without them i wouldnt be here doing this, for you guys, others just end up Here by chance i see a page that is the tallest teenager and he wasnt tall as me. So i was like, oh maybe i can get it and i get it so. Its been a big year already so heres to another year of cracker record breakers now, for the most joyful story ever were heading to peterborough in england, where public pools opened up to our four legged friends yup. These local doggies are learning to well doggy paddle or um doggy cling im literally having on for dear life or a doggy float, even not the most confident that he gave it a go. I think he enjoyed it. I think he was just a bit curious because hes so used to mucky water, usually in a lake in a river that when it was all clean, he thought what on earth is this, but you jumped in in the end didnt you mate. Well, id hesitate too, with a shark in the pool. Oh no, its just bruce the french bulldog hes loving his swim, its his first time swimming.

I feel like a proud parent. I think you like it dont, you bruce the doggy swim. Sesh was just a trial, but organizers say it went swimmingly.

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SpaceX, Space, Jared Isaacman iration4 Mission

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