SpaceX, Space, Jared Isaacman Watch the SpaceX Inspiration4 Crew Send Off and Board Teslas

This is the first shot of our inspiration for crew members walking out of hangar x. This is amazing there they are our first all civilian crew walking out of hangar x. They look so excited right now: theyre walking down this pathway, waving, hi to family and friends, some spacex employees in the crowd as well. Yes, uh! This must be such an exciting and emotional time for them, um and the crew that you see there. On your left hand, side that was chris sombroski. He is the mission specialist to his right. Is dr cyan proctor. The pilot for this mission uh and to her uh to the right of that is jared isaac man. The mission commander and uh jared is blocking haley but shes in the background there, that is the medical officer, haley arsenault, what a sight to see they look so excited – and this is just the beginning of the day for them theyre getting ready to get into the Teslas, you can see one of them there uh, where they will ride to the falcon support building, which is where the spacex suit up room is and currently theyre at hanger x. You may be wondering what hanger x is. This is our brand new facility at spacex, designed and built by spacex to house our refurbished vehicles uh. So some of them are hopping into the car. In the first car we have uh dr cyan proctor with haley and following them will be jared and chris, you can see the going doors of the model xs closing there and they should be again making their way to the falcon support.

Building its a couple miles down the road theyre gon na be making a left out of here heading north on kennedy, parkway at uh kennedy space center in florida, and they will take this one last moment as theyre in their teslas to say goodbye to their close Family and friends, what a sight to see they must be so excited theyre in their teslas about to make their way to the suit up room, one last uh goodbye to their family and friends yeah. They do have a long day ahead of them. You can see the countdown timer on the bottom of your screen. We are still four hours and some change away from liftoff um. There is a lot of procedures that will happen over the next couple of hours and well be here to walk you through all that and well be able to get some awesome views of the crew going through those procedures as well, and they are currently sitting in Their teslas, these are not just any teslas. These are the teslas that we have used if you followed our crew missions, these are specially designed teslas made to accommodate our spacex spacesuits, so they will utilize these even after they make it to the falcon support. Building to drive to the launch pad and there they are pulling off from hangar x now on their way to the falcon support building to our new spacex suit up room. Yes, there is a third tesla there that is, support staff members of the closeout crew to support the astronauts in any way possible.

So again, in the first car we have uh haley and dr cyan proctor and in the second car we have chris and jared. This is the first time that we get to see inside of the tesla. This is so exciting. This is amazing. This is such an amazing view. It almost feels like we get to ride with them in the car chris, looking very cool with his signing. I love it while we watch the crew make their way to the suit up room. Lets take a moment to get more acquainted with our first all civilian crew.

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