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But first i got a chance to chat with tim cook right after the event ended, so im so excited for you guys to check that out. Ill put a link in the description. If you want to watch that after this video, we talked about the new cinematic mode in the iphone 13, the new ipad, the new apple watch, 7 apple, fitness plus honestly, this was such a dream. Come true, so im still so excited hello. How are you im doing well, how are you really good good to see you again? Oh my gosh youtube thanks so much for joining this. This fun little interview here right after the event, okay, so first up lets actually talk about the event itself. If you guys watched it, this kind of felt like a paired down version of some of the last apple events, because the last ones have been like these crazy over the top elaborate productions, which is amazing. But this one felt a little bit more like the old school live events that were used to like the ones that were actually live and on stage. I do really hope that one day we can return to apple campus again because it was seriously so much fun. Getting a chance to actually go there and really experiencing all of that in person. I also loved. All of the amazing fly throughs that they did through california, even though i live here. Just kind of getting that overview was really awesome.

Now lets get into the actual announcements they started off by giving us a preview of apple tv plus, their fall lineup of tv shows now im so excited about the morning show the second season, because the first season was honestly one of my most favorite shows ever Jon stewart is also coming back to tv. I think, thats, something that a lot of people were not expecting so thats super exciting and they also announced updates to the ipad and a huge update to the ipad mini. We also got a look at the new apple watch series: seven, it has an all new design. Well, i guess like not all entirely new, its kind of like an updated refresh theres, also, some updates to fitness plus and, of course, the brand new iphone 13 iphone. 13 mini iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max. Can we get a little round of applause here? Just lets hear it lets hear it for the iphones. I really hope tyler puts in a sound effect here or everything im doing right now is just weird, so they updated the ipad, its got the same design that were used to, but now with way better performance. Thanks to the a13 bionic chip. Can we get another round of applause for a13 lets, hear it youll have that all day battery life and it has a new 12 megapixel ultra wide front camera with center stage for video calls, and now it also supports other accessories like the smart keyboard and the First gen apple pencil, and it starts at only 3 29.

. Now what im really excited about, though, as i mentioned at the end of this video, is the updates to the ipad mini and its been a while, since this thing actually got a real refresh. But honestly, this seems like so much more than a refresh like this seems like a whole new ipad. It has apples new, liquid retina display and now with some really thin bezels, just like the ipad air and ipad pro, which is so nice, especially on such a small device like this, its also getting a massive boost in performance. Theres upgrades for the camera on the front and back usbc connectivity hold up a second. Did you guys hear that correctly? Yes, the ipad mini has usbc it. Also. My friends has touch id on the power button. These are the things that i want in my iphone. So badly, this is actually pretty exciting if you kind of think about it, because this is slowly integrating us into maybe iphone 14 either not having a port at all or itll. Finally, be usbc powered, so the ipad mini does come in four new colors theres, a pink, a star light, a purple and a space gray theres. Also, some new folio covers to match, and this little thing now supports the second gen apple pencil, which is amazing, theyve packed so much into this little ipad, including 5g support and the price is gon na be starting at 4.99. I actually cannot wait to test out the ipad mini just because the form factor is so small, but yet its like a larger iphone, but i feel like it is something that has been desperately needing an upgrade so im so excited to try it out.

Will i get the pink one yeah i mean, of course like. Was that even a question like what so next up is the apple watch series? Seven, you guys know that, aside from my love and obsession for my iphone, the apple watch is probably one of my favorite products, not just an apple product but product in general. I love this thing so much its honestly, really kind of changed my life in the way that i approach fitness, because its really helped me quantify my fitness and actually see changes as im progressing through my fitness. So im always very excited to see what the next version is going to bring. This one is more focusing on some design upgrades. It has an always on retina display with 20 more screen area than the series 6.. Its got a thinner border which is going to allow for some really awesome. Ui changes to give you more space for content on the watch, face theres, even going to be a full keyboard in the apple watch. Now lets just think about that. You have a full keyboard right here on your wrist, in addition to the design updates, theres. Also, new support for cycling and bike fall detection. I actually started riding a bike, a lot more over the last few years, so im very excited to test this out its got some enhanced dust and water resistance now and stronger crack resistant front crystal. It comes in some new aluminum case finishes: theres a midnight starlight, a green, a new blue and a product red pricing is starting at 3.

99 and will ship in the fall. I have a question when is fall like is this early fall like what is the first day of us its like? What are we talking here. Are we talking like spooky season when is fall, fall begins on september 22nd and ends december 20th. Like are we talking early fall so, along with the new apple watch, we also got some really fun updates to apple fitness plus – and i am such a huge fan of apple fitness plus. So this is really great. Theyve got some new workouts for pilates and mindfulness. So youll be able to do the meditation classes as audio only on your apple watch, which is really nice. If you dont want to have your ipad or have some sort of distraction, you can just listen to the audio right on your wrist theres. Also something new called workout programs. Basically, these programs are designed to get you ready for a specific activity. The example they showed was winter sports and skiing, but i can imagine that these programs can be for people training like a marathon or maybe like some bike races or maybe even something like sport, specific, like some workouts, to enhance my jujitsu or maybe to enhance my Lightsaber training – perhaps i dont, know just a thought. The other thing that they announced is actually really cool. This is a new group, fitness workout feature and its powered by share play. So you and your friends can basically do workouts and hang out together.

You can have up to 32 people in a group and honestly, like im, really hoping that i can get 32 of my tech youtuber friends to do a group fitness class together, but im curious like who? Would you want to see and what class would you like us to do, leave it in the comments below and finally, of course, apple has announced the brand new iphone 13 13 mini 13 pro and 13 pro max, so the iphone 13 and the iphone 13 mini Is going to have a new sleek design with some flat edges and apples, super retina xtr display and they come in five new colors weve got the pink blue midnight starlight and the product red now uh. I do kind of wish that the pink was like a super hot, pink color, but this is something that ive been waiting for for a really really long time like i wanted a pink iphone, and here it is pink pink iphone, so both the 13 and the 13 mini share the same dual camera system with a new wide camera, and this new feature called cinematic mode. They showed this short film that was shot entirely in this mode and it was so cool because it basically lets you rack, focus, track subjects with focus and it will automatically detect faces using algorithms and machine learning its actually really really cool. You guys know that i love my iphone accessories. There are some new mag, safe cases in matching colors and theres.

Now, even a new magsafe leather wallet with built in find my. I recently had my wallet, stolen and uh its funny, though, because you would think that justine who was so excited about these air tags would have had an air tag in her wallet or even her bag. That was taken. Did she? No? She did not the crazy thing is. I was actually using a backpack that i dont normally use, because it was one that i really didnt care about as much because i was hiking and i just thought for whatever reason lets just throw that in the backseat dont care it was stolen. Its also kind of funny, because i actually tweeted something about losing my air pods as well, and i thought itd be really cool if the new air pods would have find my integrated into them, but even though we didnt get any new airpods at this event, the Find my wallet will suffice, its actually pretty excited about that, so the iphone 13 pro and the 13 pro max also got some incredible upgrades, especially in the display and the camera system. They have an all new super retina xdr display with pro motion enabling adaptive refresh rate up to 120 hertz. Now i love this so much on the ipad, so im so happy. That apple is finally bringing 120 hertz promotion to their phones. Now whats great, is they both have identical camera features. Now all three rear cameras have gotten huge upgrades in addition to the cinematic mode we already talked about.

The ultra wide camera can now do macro photos. The zoom lens is now upgraded to a 3x telephoto, as opposed to the two and a half on the iphone 12 pro max. Oh – and this is also super exciting. They said that later on were gon na be able to capture and edit video in pro res. This is awesome, especially if youre a final cut editor. That is something that we love speaking of editing and shooting a lot of content. The new 13 pro phones will have storage options of up to one terabyte man when they announced this. I was like yes, finally, ive actually filled up the storage in my 512 gig phone, so this is honestly something that i was looking forward to. I do store a lot of content in the cloud, but the thing is when im shooting some of these 4k videos and then editing them down a lot of times, im air dropping them from my computer, like the final edited piece to my phone and a lot Of times these are really big files, so its really great to be able to have that additional storage. Just in case, you need it theres, usually so much to talk about in these new phones, so im going to be doing a whole, separate video digging into all of the specs. All of the new upgrades and some of the things that i wish that they had done so be sure to keep an eye out for that, and it might actually already be out so check the link in the description and see if theres a link there.

Well, thats, it guys thank you so much for watching.

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