Apple, iPhone, Tim Cook st Apple Event Interview! iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and new iPad Mini!

Im gon na be making a separate video talking about all of the things that they announced, but im a very special guest in this video. His name is tim cook, hi hello. How are you im doing well? How are you really good good to see you again? Oh my gosh youtube thanks so much for joining this. This fun little interview here right after the event too, so this is amazing. Well thanks for having me, so how are you feeling fresh off the stage? The virtual stage im feeling great – i always get so excited on days like this for launch day and uh today was just just off the charts. I mean you get excited, but obviously we all do too and one of the things that i love so much is actually getting to go to those in person. Events and those were so much fun, but the way that you guys have made these virtual events kind of let everyone experience that magic that we felt actually being at apple campus, is so incredible its like what has it been like for you guys creating this all New way of launching products it you know its so great to get such a positive response from people and its its great to invite people here, so that they can get a glimpse of what it looks like inside and sort of pull back the curtain a bit On apple park, im just so happy with the with the response that weve gotten and and how many more people were able to to show our place to and invite them into our home, its so beautiful and even all those fly throughs of california like i live Here – and it was just so awesome to sort of experience that it was amazing yeah, its its you know its great to show places that really inspire you to think in.

Perhaps that theyll inspire other people as well, and we really did that uh across the board. Today, you guys really did and one of the things, obviously being such a huge apple fan. Basically all of my life. This is so awesome to get a chance to chat with you and usually theres, always like one thing thats like super surprising and for me this event was actually the ipad mini the ipad mini. I, like i, love the ipad mini and i know so many of my friends do and i have a lot of friends like in the medical field that they use them and i think what really impressed me was like the huge upgrade that it got. So how do you kind of see this mini kind of fitting into the whole ipad lineup? Well, you know its our biggest upgrade ever for ipad mini its. It is huge, as you said, and people use it in so many different ways. We wanted to appeal to all of these type of usages people really love the power of having this incredible device in the palm of their hand. Having the full ipad experience, you know not a part of an ipad. What we see is people are using it in the classroom, theyre using it in hospitals, theyre using it to capture uh photos to capture video, its its amazing, all the use cases of it, which is when you have something so uh ultra portable, like this, its incredible Where it goes, i just happen to have one here.

Oh this is this: is such a treat, oh, its unbelievable, its really unbelievable. Look at that its great and with 5g capabilities you can take this everywhere. I sort of was joking on twitter. I tweeted, i was like, i think, im moving my entire business and all of my workflow to the ipad mini but its wild because, like i actually think i could yeah thats thats the thats. The thing that is so jaw dropping about it is that you could put so much performance in a form factor like that. Like this, its its really incredible, i think everybody that is an ipad mini fan is, is really going to have their day with, would get it getting one of these yeah. Even you might have some new ipad mini users. I think yeah yeah, i suspect, youre right. I am, of course, a huge iphone fan too, and you guys announced a lot of stuff here with the iphone 13 and one of the things that for me, as a creator that got me so excited. Is this new camera system? So how do you see the whole iphone 13 lineup kind of changing the way that people create content? You know things like cinematic mode. This is like having a hollywood rig in your pocket, its mind, blowing the iphone 13 pro with three incredible new cameras: the best dual camera system ever on the iphone 13 youre, absolutely right, theres, just theres so much here, yeah whats great too, is im so glad That you guys uh released a pink iphone because i was gon na be here.

I was like that was my number one question i was like tim. Can we please get a pink iphone and you guys did it so youre off the hook? Now i saw your tweet, i saw your tweet im so glad that youre happy with it. Yes – and i you know, i think thats the thing thats so fun is you guys have all these really great colors too so its like? You really can kind of express yourself not only creatively by creating content, but you can choose whichever color you like too. You absolutely can and all the colors are incredible. They even look better in person. The new sierra blue, big fan yeah totally compliment that that pink iphone 13.. This is the one that im using thats awesome yeah. So another thing obviously uh a huge apple watch fan, i think ever since the beginning of i guess when the first apple watch came out like for me personally, like it really changed the way that i kind of worked out the way that i sort of quantified. My fitness and even had like competitions with friends, like is the apple watch, changed kind of the way that you approach fitness or kind of changed from your daily activities that you normally would do. You know i cant imagine doing a workout now without the apple watch. Pretty amazing to me of what i used to think i did versus what i really do, and you know the watch sort of motivated me to to begin to do what i thought i was doing before, but i wasnt really doing it its so great to get Notes and so forth from customers where its really changed their life in a in a material way, theyre more healthy and and more fit.

You know fitness plus has been out for a little under a year and its just amazing. The the idea of democratizing sort of the worlds best trainers and inviting them into your home, coming to where you are, are on the go now weve added, more workouts with pilates and ski workouts and uh. One that im going to be doing is meditation were really happy to to bring all of these things to our customers. Fitness plus was something that i was really excited when you guys announced this, because i do a ton of workouts from home on. You know various digital platforms and what i loved so much about. It was a lot of these classes that ive done on other platforms. I feel like sometimes my time was wasted and i feel like there is never a class that i have done on apple fitness, where i feel like i didnt get a good workout or it was engaging and fun so, whatever you guys are doing over there. Congrats and its honestly so great, you know its r, its all about the people that we have in fitness, plus the trainers are unbelievable and the integration with apple watch is just amazing in terms of keeping you motivated through the workout and uh helping you achieve your Fitness goals yeah its so fun, do you have any favorite kind of like fitness, workouts that you usually like to do? You know i ive ive made a rule of not having any favorites but thats.

The thing ive actually been inspired by going through and im like. I think im going to try some tai chi now like why not its an apple fitness yeah option so lets do it. You also announced some of the additional bike features. This fall. Detection is a huge deal. I get several notes uh. You know daily about people that fall detection has been activated on and so now bringing that into terms of more cases. More use cases is going to be really a big deal, no, its really cool and oh another thing too. The group fitness classes. Yes, so before doing group fitness classes was such a way for me to get motivated. So this is such a cool integration and im really hoping that i can get like 32 of my tech, youtuber friends to agree to doing a group fitness class. You know theres nothing like joining with your peers to do fitness because it pushes you to do more than you would do normally and uh so that thats, what fitness plus is all about is you know, helping you get the most out of your workout yeah and Its just like everything, just integrates so well with the apple ecosystem and just being able to kind of get those notifications directly on like apple tv yeah, and you know i love the digital badges that you can earn. You know there was one for uh national parks uh recently you may have taken that yeah yeah.

I i love getting these and you know, even if i have not planned to work out for the day and one of those things come up, i have to go work out. It really shows that it really shows that they were no its super motivating too, because youre actually able to look and see the progress of your fitness. So during the pandemic i never thought i was a runner. I started running just because it was something new and fun and the apple watch honestly was that main motivator, because you actually could see the heart rate data and you could see the progression and i think thats so inspiring for so many people. You know we didnt plan it like this, but fitness plus showed up at exactly the right time for people because of the pandemic and enabled them to go sample a lot of different kind of workouts for their home gotten quite a bit of feedback about that. Also, what i love is, i feel like its not too advanced, like theres classes for everyone, so its like my grandmother can work out. I can work out and everybody in between, so i feel like youre, really kind of including everyone in that yeah. It doesnt matter. If youre a beginner or youre advanced, you can find something on there. That is, for you also going into ar so im such a huge fan of augmented reality, and i know you guys didnt talk much about it here, but with lidar and so many of these devices.

What kind of like big picture scenario? Do you see this kind of fitting into peoples lives in the future? You know i i am so excited about ar. I think ar is one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and went. How did we live our lives without it, and so right now you can experience and experience it in thousands of ways using your ipad or your iphone, but of course those will get better and better over over time, already its a great way to shop its a Great way to learn it enhances the learning process. I cant wait for it to be even more important in collaboration and and and so forth. So i am a im ar fan number one uh. I think its that big okay, then i must be number two, but i just think like the future of that, like i always have so many big ideas that i feel like its gon na really change the way that content creators create and consumers kind of enjoy, That content yeah – i i i agree – i mean you know you know simple things today – that you can use it for like if youre shopping for a sofa or a chair or a lamp in terms of really experiencing it in your place, weve never been able to Do that before, until until the last couple years or so and and thats at the early innings of ar it its it will, it will only get better im very excited.

So one last thing, so everyone knows that im a huge fan of apple stores. I love the experience just like from shopping to the today apple classes, and i also saw you there at the downtown los angeles store opening. It was the last time we saw each other. Yes, it was so amazing that was so fun and that store is just so beautiful. But how do you see this store and many others kind of reviving parts of cities and giving back to communities yeah? You know that story in particular uh its so incredible to be in a position to give back to the the city and get back to the community there, and this old theater, as you saw the before picture that you probably saw in the after picture, are totally Totally different, we restored it, we preserved it its an important part of history in downtown l.a. The first motion picture theater with audio its a very important kind of place, and it had been left just untouched for decades. So its great to be able to restore it and now to be able to have today at apple sessions and creative studios in the store and to be able to connect underrepresented communities directly with mentors and creatives in the community so that they can mentor their creative Uh career and so forth, this is this is really big. It really makes it really warms my heart me too and thats why i was so excited just to see it bringing life back into downtown and yeah, getting that foot traffic and getting people out and just really enjoying the technology and obviously huge fan of apple store.

So it was so good to see you there and congratulations on the launch. Congratulations on a successful event today. Thank you. Of course. You know i will be uh. We can maybe facetime later on the new iphone 13s when they come out. I will look forward to it im already using mine. Oh my gosh. I will definitely also send you a group invite to our fitness plus classes, no pressure. Okay, the invite is open, ill look forward to it. Thank you so much yeah. Thank you for having me on your program. I appreciate it bye, so thank you guys for watching and tim. Thank you so much for joining me here on my youtube channel. This was so much fun. I have been a huge apple fan. My entire life and one of the reasons that ive loved apple, so much is it was the first device when i was very young that i found that. Let me express myself that allowed me to create in ways that i never thought were possible. And ever since i was a little kid, ive carried that through to today, so to be able to chat with tim, who has been such a huge part of apple and has really kind of almost shaped. Our entire generation was really incredible and also something that is kind of personal to me is apple stores. I love the apple store experience, so much jenna, just texted me to tell tim that she said: hi shes, like 20 minutes late, but tim my sister says hi youre too late, youre too late jenna anyway.

I could talk about this forever, but im just so thankful and grateful for all of you, guys who watch my videos and who support creators, because you really do allow us to live our dreams and be able to just keep creating content and its just honestly. So fun and i might start crying so im just gon na end. This video right now ill see you guys in the next one make sure you subscribe.

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