Booster dose, Food and Drug Administration, Emergency Use Authorization, Vaccine, Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ’s for the General Public

An effective vaccine paired with safety measures is our best defense against this disease. Its smart to ask questions. Lets set the facts straight. The vaccine came out really fast. How do i know its safe, it did come out fast, but not from cutting corners. The advanced technology used was created before the pandemic, hit lots of money and teamwork. Let these vaccines be made fast and effectively. The great news is that, as time has passed, more data has come in and been reviewed for safety and efficacy. The pfizer beyond tech, copit19 vaccine was the first one in public use and now has been granted full fda approval for people ages, 16 years and older. The pfizer vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use. Authorization eua, including for people ages, 12 through 15 years old and as a third dose in certain people who are living with weakened immune systems or immunocompromised. The moderna mrna vaccine and johnson and johnson vaccine remain effective against coven 19 and continue to have emergency use. Authorization eua for people ages, 18 and over the moderna vaccine also has emergency use authorization as a third dose in certain people who are living with moderate to severely weakened immune systems. I already had the coronavirus. Can i skip the vaccine, its true people who have coven 19, develop antibodies, that fight the disease, but its not clear how long that protection lasts. Research shows that antibody response from the vaccine is stronger than what our bodies make after a natural infection, the more antibodies.

The better protection, so you should get vaccinated, even if you had coven 19 infection, wait to get the vaccine. If you have symptoms that might be an active infection like fever, chills, sore throat or other coveted or flu like symptoms, do i need another shot for most people? You are fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving either the second dose of an mrna vaccine such as pfizer or moderna, one dose of the johnson johnson vaccine, or an additional dose for some people who are moderately to severely immunocompromised over time. You will need a booster dose to keep up your levels of antibody protection. The plan for boosters will be announced soon. If im vaccinated. Do i still need to wear a mask? The new strains of coven 19 are even easier to catch in areas of substantial or high transmission or spread of covet 19. The cdc recommends masking wind indoors, outside of your home in crowded outdoor areas and anywhere. There is a mandate. You can check your county transmission level on the cdc website. Masking helps cut down the spread of disease. This protects you and those around you. People are still getting sick even after the vaccine, why? It is true that you can get sick even if you are fully vaccinated. This is called a breakthrough infection, but you are much less likely to have a severe infection that needs hospitalization. Once you are fully vaccinated. Almost all of the people in the hospitals for coven 19 never got the vaccine.

The newer strains of the virus are even easier to catch and make people of all ages sicker. This is why it is more important than ever to get the vaccine. Our doctor said i can get my child vaccinated. Is it safe? The authorization to vaccinate now includes people ages, 12 and over lots of research, went into checking the safety of the coven 19 vaccine and how well it works in this age group. Without the vaccine, younger people can have serious illness if they are exposed, especially with the new strains. Children and teens can also spread it to others. In group settings like school sports or social activities. The coven 19 vaccine protects your child and others by reducing the risk of serious illness and spread in the community. I have a question about this new kind of mrna fast scene. Does it become part of my genes forever? The mrna never becomes part of your genes. It is used in your cell and then degrades quickly. What remains is your bodys memory of this protein, so your immune system is ready and waiting. If you ever face the real virus, you can very quickly make antibodies to fight it. Also, you cannot get the coven 19 infection from any of the vaccines they use only small part of the virus. We are armed to end this pandemic.

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