SpaceX, Space, Jared Isaacman, Splashdown First Crew of Private Citizens to Outer Space (Nerdist Now w/ Kyle Anderson)

This is nerdist. Now it seems like every week theres a new story about civilian space travel and my offer still stands to every company im willing to tattoo, whatever on my chest, for a free lift to the moon for a couple days, dont ask why dont ever ask why? But this week as were recording this video right now, spacex has launched its first crew of private citizens into orbit and its for a good cause. Ceo and chairman of shift 4 payments jared isaacman booked the crew dragon capsule over a year ago and has selected three normal people to ride with him on what has been dubbed the inspiration four mission, its the first completely private mission, launched into orbit and is also Operating as a multi million dollar fundraiser for saint judes childrens hospital in the process, isaac, mans crew includes haley arsenau. A cancer survivor and physicians assistant at saint judes will also be operating as the missions, medical officer, christopher sombroski, a data engineer at lockheed martin and sean proctor. A geology professor and former nasa astronaut candidate, who is finally getting her chance to go into space, will be serving as the missions pilot as well. The crew will utilize spacexs falcon 9 rocket, secured inside the same crew, dragon capsule that sent a four person crew of government astronauts to the international space station and back nearly a year ago, isaac men, a trained jet pilot, will command the flight. Inspiration 4s destination is about 80 miles higher than the iss, while in orbit theyll view the earth through two windows and a new glass dome that was added to the top of the capsule inspiration.

4 has brought along sponsored items to auction off for saint judes upon its return, some of the items include flight jackets watches a ukulele and sam adams is sending 66 pounds of hops aboard the flight to use in a batch of charity space, beer space, beer, the Crew will re enter the atmosphere after three days in orbit, depending on the weather in florida and will then splash down in the atlantic ocean, where spacex recovery teams will meet up with the capsule and crew and then bring them ashore. Isaac, men and the crew have been training since march of 2021, roughly seven months before inspiration, fours liftoff training includes centrifuge sessions in order to get used to the extreme amount of g forces of lifting off atop a rocket. A micro gravity experience aboard a zero g flight and have spent weeks of training at spacexs headquarters in hawthorne california, to familiarize the passengers with the capsule. The mission is currently still in orbit scheduled to land tomorrow, but if all goes well, inspiration 4 will mark the first fully private mission for spacex, which developed its crew dragon spacecraft as part of nasas commercial crew program, which will serve as one of nasas. Many rides to the iss, along with boeings cst 100 starliner. Now this is a big moment for not just spacex, but the potential future of space tourism as well at least thats. What private space companies are hoping for? Theyre going to have to drop their prices? A little before they get too excited im, not paying that much a seat on spacexs crew, dragon costs, around 55 million dollars, sure and a seat on boeing starliner is somewhere in the ballpark of 90 million, but you get drinks virgin, galactic and blue origin are offering Shorter suborbital flights to the edge of space, but those are still extremely expensive, virgin galactic, reportedly charges 450 000 for a seat on its spaceship 2, which flies about 53 miles high for a few minutes of weightlessness and views of the curvature of the earth.

Blue origin has yet to announce prizes for seats aboard its suborbital new shepard rocket, which launches roughly 66 miles above ground for a similar experience to virgin galactic. But unless you find a really really good, groupon odds are its out of your price range. Rs2, and probably yours like at least 95 of us, so while were definitely more than a few years out from being able to book a fun trip past the moon, like its renting an airbnb inspiration. Fors launch is a big step forward for the possible future of commercial space travel, as well as helping people fulfill their dreams, but tell us: what do you think? Do you believe that commercial space travel will happen in our lifetime? What would you bring with you for a three day space trip? Would you drink space beer if i handed it to you, let us know in the comments below and for the latest and greatest in the world of pop culture and science and space and all things cool, stay tuned to nerdist.

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SpaceX, Space, Jared Isaacman, Splashdown 's Inspiration4 Launch With Crew (Elon Musk CEO). Follow Dragon SpaceX

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