Venom, Symbiote, Fortnite, Carnage, Cletus Kasady Take Venom Build-In Emote & Back Bling In Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8?

Dont forget to hit the like on the video subscribe to my youtube channel and definitely hit the bell notification now, once good guys, im, basically going to show you if, basically carnage, right carnage, if conor could actually use venom back blink and he could basically use his Pickaxe and hes built in emo, okay, because basically, venom have his own built in emo all right, so im gon na show you if, basically, if it does work all right guys so basically on this video im gon na show you all of that. So do not worry about it. I got you all covered up. Okay, but anyway lets get started. So, oh another thing i wan na basically before i do started sorry about that. I just wanted to say telling people if you want to participate, and you want to be one of those lucky winners, make sure you, like the video make sure you subscribe, make sure you share the video with everybody, make sure you turn on all notification, because not Only but that guys, but im gon na be hooking you guys up with some of some of these skin, all right so make sure you share the video with 10 um 10 people. So you could be one of those 10 lucky winners: okay, im going to try to choose 10 lucky winners, and i definitely want you to be one of them. Okay, guys so yeah do not miss your chance. Please do not miss your chance at any moment.

Make sure you get basically, you know be one of those slack awareness. Okay, let me know in the comment section below, if you did actually did that step, i just want to make sure that you actually did that step, but anyway, at this moment, lets get started. So yeah, so some people have to be telling me all right: can carnage used um, basically wait whats going on mine and okay, i dont know, can carnage use my what is going on? Okay, because i dont know what just happened. Anybody just noticed that, like what the heck, okay, thats kind of weird anyway so, like i was saying, can carnage use venom back blink, all right and im, and i dont even need to have. I dont even need to have by the way i dont need to have carnage. I dont need to have him im. Gon na show you if you know you can actually use it and his pickaxe and his backplane. Okay, like i said i dont, even need to have carnage. I give you an example all right: if, if carnage could actually get it all right now lets do it opposite lets? Do it lets start with venom, real, quick, okay, so venom lets go with vetom all right were gon na scroll all the way down, so venom can actually wear, or should i say he can have the um carnage back, bling, okay, so thats a thats. Actually, a goal because, as soon as you basically see the skin with the carnage back bling, it means that you, yes, you could actually wear carnage, uh back blink all right.

Also, if you dont have, if you dont, see any skin in the back. You know that means that you know you can actually um use it all right, so you look like venom can actually use carnage glider. All right. Venom could also use this right here, which this one looked. Pretty badass im, not gon na lie all right and venom can actually use this. Okay. The only thing that venom cannot use is cornish. Pickaxe. Remember that i told you guys that if you do see a character holding the pickaxe, it means that you, you know you cannot put it on any any other skin. This pickaxe is only built in for one character, which is carnage. Okay. Now, since i have carnage, okay now were gon na test it out all right now, if we do have carnage, all right lets pretend that we lets just use any of these marvel characters, dont matter, which one is it? Okay, we could just use admin: okay, okay, so as soon as i choose you know ant man, i cannot wear carnage. Pickaxe. That mean i mean not cornish. Venom pickaxe, i meant to say i meant to say venom. That means that venom um can. I use carnage. Pickaxe and carnage, can i use venom pickaxe? So if you have carnage, you could not wear his. You know venom pickaxe. It would not work, it would not work at all all right. If you have carnage. This is gon na pop up as soon as you basically switch your skin to carnage.

This is gon na pop up and its gon na switch to the default pickaxe. So no it doesnt work. Carnage cannot use venom pickaxe. What about venom? Backbling, like his backbling all right well lets just try all right lets see if it works. Yes, it does work. So if, if basically, if anime can actually have venom back blink, it means that cornish could use venom, backbling, okay, thats what it means. Okay, now um venom does have a emo built in emo. This is his built in emo. Okay, now, as soon as you select carnage, all right lets lets just pretend lets just select any other skin dont matter um. As soon as you select carnage or any other skin, the built in emo will disappear. That mean that carnage cannot use venom built in emo. So it will not work all right. Just giving your head a you know, head start all right. The only one that could use the built in emo is himself venom, okay, but you could use that bad bling for carnage. Connie could wear that bat bling, okay carnage. Could not wear the pickaxe okay, it would not work, but he yeah, but carnage cannot use the bill in emo either. So i do apologize thats the sucky part about that, but once again guys. Thank you so much for watching my video. I just wanted to give you a little tutorial on if basically, im, just gon na, say, carnage could use that on built in emo.

No, he cannot use it. I just gave you a little tutorial on how things work: okay, guys and thats pretty much it. Okay guys, but once again guys, thank you so much for watching.

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Venom, Symbiote, Fortnite, Carnage, Cletus Kasady & Carnage Symbiote

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