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My name is daki, and this is where i like to play with makeup. Was i talk to you about science and today im taking you back to the solar system, where i will talk to you about the planet mars. So if that sounds interesting to you, sit back, relax and enjoy the show hello and welcome im just putting on some eye primer. So, as many of you would know, mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Mars is named after the roman god of war because of its reddish colour, which looks like blood other civilizations also named the planet for its coloring, for example, the egyptians called it herdesha, meaning the red one. Even today, it is often called the red planet due to its rich iron soils oxidizing into rust. So i thought itd be very fitting to use the geology pilbara palette to begin with, because it is set in the west, australian sort of desert area called pilbara and its rich iron soil, which would be very similar to mars. So this is what it looks like on the inside and im going to use this sort of iron area for the base. Color theres, even one here called brockman iron, which is perfect mars, is the second smallest planet after mercury with a radius of 3’0 kilometers, which makes it about half the size of earth, with an average distance of 228 million kilometers away from the sun, which makes up 1.

5 astronomical units it takes about 13 minutes from light to travel from the sun to mars mars. Daily rotation takes 24.6 hours, which is very similar to earths 23.9 hours. Martian days are called souls and there are 606 souls per orbit around the sun, which is 687 earth days just under two years of earth. It takes mars to get around the sun yeah so due to mars, having a very similar tilt to earths. Theres been 25 degrees and earths been 23.9 degrees or 23.4 degrees. Sorry mars has four seasons just like earth, but mars is a little bit more complicated. So i have left a link down below that. You can read in the uh description box, um about mars tilt and how their seasons are not as even as ours like we have. Our four seasons is generally every three months mars: theirs arent as equal as each other. The structure of mars has a dense core between 1500 and 2100 kilometers in radius. The core is comprised of iron, nickel and sulfur sulfur thats, an interesting one surrounding the core is a rocky mantle between 1240 to 1880 kilometers thick and above that is the crust made of iron, magnesium, aluminium, calcium and potassium. It is between 10 to 50 kilometers thick. So the surface of mars covers about the same area as all the dry land on earth. So if you minus all the land thats under water on earth, we have the same land, uh mass, not landmass, distance area.

There we go its volcanoes impact, craters crustal movement and atmospheric conditions, such as dust storms, have altered the landscape of mars over many years, creating some of the solar systems most interesting, topographical features. Yes, a long canyon system called valles, maguianeris, marineris, ballast marineris. Sorry, a large canyon system called valles marineris is long enough to stretch from california to new york more than 48 000 kilometers long. The martian canyon is 320 kilometers at its widest and seven kilometers, deep at its deepest. That makes it larger than the grand canyon. Actually, it makes it 10 times larger than earths. Grand canyon, mars is also home to the largest mountain in our solar system called olympus mons. It is three times larger than mount everest. Look how gorgeous this is. I really love this palette, so this is with the topper shimmer, and this one is without – and i am very proud of this brand, its brand new and they just came out with the very first palette and its based in western australia, my home. So im really happy to have my hands on this and it is fantastic color story and great great quality as well. I love it so there is water on mars, but with the atmosphere being so thin. There is no liquid water on the surface of mars. So, to find water, it is in the form of ice under the surface, usually at the polar caps, and it also comes out as salty brine water and it leaks down like the hills and crater walls.

When its warm enough to melt the atmosphere on mars is thin made up mostly of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon gases. The temperature on mars is maxed at 20 degrees celsius and goes as low as minus 153 degrees celsius and because the atmosphere is so thin say. Youre standing at the equator at summer, i guess your feet can be a lovely 20 degrees celsius by the time you get to the head, its at zero degrees, so warm freezing the potential for life on mars is non existence. So when scientists are exploring the planet, theyre really just looking for signs of extinct life, so theyll probably be in the form of fossils and any chemical traces of i guess dead matter. Mars is one of the most explored bodies in the solar system and is the only planet that we have sent and landed rovers on the first rover to successfully land on mars was called sojourner sojourner. I had to look that up it launched from earth in december of 1996 and landed on mars on july. The 4th 1997, the first rover to successfully land on mars, was called sojourner. It launched from earth in december of 1996 and landed on the martian surface in july. The 4th 1997.. The primary objective of sergio nos mission was to demonstrate the ability to send low cost landings like launches to the martian surface. Sojourner explored the area near the lander before ending its mission on november, the 4th 1997, where nasa ended its daily communications with the rover.

Since then, nasa has sent spirit and opportunity which landed on mars in january of 2004. They found evidence of water under marss surface. Neither are currently operational, curiosity landed on the mars surface of august 2012., the mission to find more water on the surface and any other life sustaining chemicals. Earlier this year, in february 2021, the rover perseverance strapped with a helicopter ingenuity to its belly landed ingenuity took its first flight in april of 2021, which is a huge milestone. It is the first time ever that we have had something flying on a different planet or any other celestial body, and considering that mars has a very thin atmosphere. It was a breakthrough to find that it did work in. You know different settings compared to earths atmosphere, because you know aerodynamics are all different and stuff breaking news, perseverance on mars, so september 11th, this year, so 2021 perseverance has collected its first rock sample. Those rock samples are going to be jetted off back to earth and itll be the first time we get to have it in our hands and get to study it properly. This is very exciting news. You can follow all updates from perseverance, rover and all the other rovers and landings on mars through twitter and ive left that link down in the description box below. So these robotic explorers are the currently the only operating mobile machinery on the martian land. But there is a stationary machine called insight.

Insight landed on the red planet on november. The 26th of 2018. insight is short for interior exploration of seismic investigations, geodc and heat transport. It is designed to study, marss interior structure and find you know key evidence for how the inner solar system planets formed long ago insight, also measures tectonic activity and meteorite impacts. Today, with 733 quakes felt to this day, a new theory is forming around mars. It may be cold dry and dead on the outside, but it may be warm and gooey on the inside, which is you know, creating the tectonic activity, the moons of mars, which it has two are thought of to being asteroids that were caught in its gravitational pull And now stuck or between the planet, because the asteroids are too light in weight, they dont have the gravity, the gravity of their own, to become spherical over time. Their names are phobos and the amos. They are the horses that pulled the chariot of the god of war from the greek mythology. Ares phobos is the innermost of the two moons. It is heavily crated and slowly moving towards mars. They predict that in 50 million years the moon will either crash into the planet or it will be torn apart, either way its most likely going to create like a set of rings around the planet. The amos is two and a half times further away than phobos and like just thinking about it, its most likely either its most likely going to move and like leave the planet.

But i might be wrong. I mean im just theorizing there, so im adding like blue to the look to like represent the water present on the planet, so thats it from me today. Children. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Sorry ive been gone for so long and it took me so long to get to the mars video but life isnt, so hectic anymore. I am planning to do like a chatty get ready with me, so i can talk about whats been happening um. I hope you like the look i created its very just no mars um influenced inspired, i should say so ill leave all the makeup. Look makeup used in the description box below as per usual and youll also find all my science links there as well. So if you any questions or would like to chat about anything, please comment down below like this video and consider consider subscribing uh. So i hope you all have a wonderful day week month and year and ill see you next time on makeup and science bye. Oh my gosh. I totally forgot to input this symbol for mars, see this is how long its been since ive done. One of these videos. So, as we all know, the symbol for mars is the male sex symbol, so a circle with an arrow pointing away um.

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