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I think this is my second or third fifa, 22 related video now ea early access. Obviously lots of you guys will know that where you you know, buy ea play. I think its like four quid so around seven or eight new zealand dollars a month and you can access, i think, its 10 off of all fifa points and not only that you get to play the game early. You get 10 hours early access on the 22nd of september um in new zealand, its currently the 16th of september, so its literally only six or seven more days now until everyone with that 10 hours, early access can play, which is brilliant. Now, what im going to do today is im going to explain how you can get ea play im like how you can like buy the subscription all of that stuff and how you can get 10 hours early access and another thing which is like the main point Of this, video, which i really want to touch on, is the ea play hub. App is currently not working and ive. Seen lots of people like ive been searching on twitter ea play hub, not working, and there is so so so much people complaining that ea play hub is not working now. Ive literally, i was literally searching other videos to see if someone else has done this video, because i was literally confused myself and i saw this video um. Obviously, you know the burnley, the only fanny very big youtuber right um, and he explained you know how you can buy ea play through the website and all of it like through the the ps4 xbox browser.

But what he didnt explain is the ea play hub being broken. So what i want to try to do today is something similar to this um and obviously show you guys why i dont even know why its broken but ill show you guys what happens when you do click on it, but first boys. Let me show you guys how you can obviously buy the ea play so, whether youre on ps4 xbox, it really doesnt matter its the same thing. You just go to your store uh if youre on ps4 its. Obviously, i think its called the literally the playstation store. Xbox the xbox store the microsoft store. I think it is so go to your store, and all you want to do is just search up. Ea play theres, going to be lots of ones that come up its going to be an ea play one month: membership as you can see, thats 6.95 a month, thats new zealand dollars, though so for the uk people watching new zealand is like double the pounds. So this is only like, i think, will be like three pounds or something like that. I think three and a half quid so its like three and a half, i think to four quid a month. Obviously seven dollars new zealand um. What also comes up you go for 12 months. You can obviously spend forty dollars for a whole year, which does kind of work out to be a better deal about what id recommend doing.

If you just want to play the 10 hours early access um as you can, i think the first time you try out you like, you know you buy it. I i think you got like your 12 days early access or, like its sorry, a 12 days free trial with it. So if you dont, if you havent, already brought this, then what you can do is just activate your free trial being cancelled. If you dont want to spend seven dollars, but if youve already you know activated it, then youve already used your free trial, so you would have to pay for it, but seven dollars a month leads um and obviously you can. I see ive already got it so it says, extend our mine obviously ends on the 11th of october. It says so: ive already got ea play, but what you want to do is just go ahead and buy this. You can buy it with your card or your uh. You know paypal, i think works as well, literally anything like that. So obviously after you buy that um, they used to have ea play hub on the store and for some reason its not on the store anymore. So everyone that does have this ea play hub app already downloaded, are very, very confused by saying why is it not working basically with past fifas, and i think this is the first time ever its not working um, for example, last year for fifa, 21 10 hours Early access, what i did is obviously i brought the ea play for my playstation account that i want to use it with the 10 hours early access, and i also downloaded this ea play hub app.

So this has been on my ps4 for a long time, but when you go ahead and click on it, oh no, it looks like youve encountered an area. You can keep trying again its going to load up all again and it will just keep saying this and no one understands why um but yeah. Basically, you know ea havent said anything publicly about this, but the ea play hub is currently not working. All right – and – and this is what i really want to cover in this video of how you can actually access with fee for 20 to 10 hours. Early access because usually – and i ea have not mentioned this at all – which is very, very, very, very silly of them, because theres a lot of people wondering right now how you can redeem. Obviously, youve brought the ea play, youve brought for seven dollars or four quid a month to get 10 off off fifa points and it now is early access, but you dont know how to actually redeem the 10 hours trial uh 10 hour free trial for fifa 22, Because, obviously, the main uh source that we always use to play the fee for 22 10 hours early access trial is no longer working so boys. What youre going to want to do? Obviously, youve got the ea play hub here that doesnt work or you may not have it. You may not even be able to download it because i dont think its even available, but what you want to do is go to the internet browser and make sure you buy the i mean you could do it this way, but usually i would recommend uh to Buy beforehand a month, i think this is the ea play.

You will youre going to want to buy the ea play subscription. Before doing this, then youre going to want to go over to the instant browser, and that is on your console. Ps4 and xbox both have the same one. Now all you want to do is just switch up, ea play and you could just put the a play or you could just put the a play hub. It does not really matter so after you put in ea play hub and you do search that it will bring you to this link and, after you click onto this link here, it will come up like this. Now you click on the top link um. That does show obviously, and what its going to do is basically what you do usually see when you load up the ea play hub app, but obviously, once the app um or application on the ps4 slash xbox is currently not working. Youve got to do of old fashioned way. Now what you want to do here is you want to go over to this little little person profile here, which is how you sign in now, youre going to want to sign, in with your ea account that you have brought the ea play subscription on. So the one thats been forwarded on to get the ten percent off of, like you, know, ea games and also to get the 10 hours early access youre going to want to sign in with what you usually use.

You know you want to sign in with your ea account that is connected to your ps4 connected to the games on your ps4, if it makes any sense, for example, um i brought ea play for four quid with my ps4 account, so im going to go ahead And log in with my ps4 account just so obviously, this website knows that you actually do have a subscription. Now, what youre going to want to do is youre going to want to go over to the games up here for games. Tab go over to playstation, 4 or xbox one, depending on what youre on lets just say. Once im on playstation 4 im going to click playstation 4., its going to load up a whole new process. Now this screen right here. This is the screen that you will see, uh that you would have been seeing if the ea play hub app did work as you can see. Ive got knockout city, which i believe is a 10 hours free trial. Nhl one is currently free to buy. If youve got ea play fifa 21, you can now free. You can literally download it for free if you are spending the four quid a month for it, so you could just get all these games for free as well. If you really want to um, obviously about all outdated games like fifa, 20 plants and plants versus zombies, all of that stuff, so its like lots of outdated games, madden 20 like one two year old games, and that not much people play anymore – you can get through The ea play website so boys, basically obviously im not logged in right now, but this will have like a symbol saying youre logged in win.

Fifa 22 10 hours early access is available. You will see a fifa 22 on this page right here, so you will see. Lets just pretend this knockout city thing here says: fifa 22. Then you can click on that and it will be the 10 hours early 80s. So what you do is you can click on it. It will redirect you um and then obviously from there once im, not logged in its probably not going to work, but you could either get it done. This way, um or ill show you another way, which is probably the easier way um. So its going to do its going to redirect you, as i said, im not logged in so it only gives me the option to buy. But if i was logged in with my account that has the ea play on it, then it will should have an option here, im pretty sure right here. If it actually loads, can i go down youll see these two buttons here, one of them? Okay, there we go come on go up. This is absolutely woeful. Lads im not gon na lie so right here. These two buttons, one of them should say like free download, as you can see its just, not loading because its so so so laggy um, but hopefully it does for you so im. Assuming this button here is probably like, buy it now. This button here is probably like 10 or like free trial or something um, but obviously im not logged in so make sure youre logged in thats.

The most important thing make sure youre logged in with it, but pretend this is fifa, 22. uh, but dad the dave davis is. The game is released right, which is the 22nd of april um, australia, twenty no its 22nd of april, the 22nd of september im pretty sure its due to be released um. So in like six or seven days, the fifa 22 should be an option and you can either click on it and buy or, like you know, redeem your tenants early access through that way. Now the other way lads is to literally just go to the ps ps4 store, or obviously it can be. The xbox store now take that knockout was that game. We literally just use an example. I think it would like knock out something um. So, as you can see, yeah knockout city here so pretend to speak for 22 on the 26th of september and see how youll be searching. Fifa 22. itll come up. It has a little blue tag on it, saying ea play and, as you can see here, um knockout city, it gives you the option to either download it or you can use your free trial. So you got download or try free demo, which is a 10 hours early access. So what was you could do? Is you could just search fifa 22 when its due to be released, obviously making sure that you do purchase um everything like that um, but sometimes what i was going to say is sometimes this doesnt work for everyone, sometimes its like its just a little bit delayed Um like because you know, youre going to want to play at least save a release at 6 pm uk time youre going to want to play it basically instantly arent you.

So what youre going to like? Sometimes doing this way, its not as instant because, obviously um. This is through the ps4 store this isnt through ea, so it will obviously take longer for the ps4 store to update. You know fifa, 22, 10 hours, early access or free trial im pretty sure they call it so, like i said once ive got a iaa play as it says here you can see like the little blue tag. It says um. It says full game ea play. I can pretend this is fifa. 22, like i said you just press, try free demo and it should be downloading on your playstation but, like i said, if you dont, if you dont, want to play it instantly because sometimes um, it takes playstation a little bit to actually add verticals early access to The store – and this is straight on to it this time and i dont know why my ps4 is like this today um, but, as you can see, it is starting to download and im going to have the uh, like i dont know, i think 10 hours trial Im pretty sure this is so yeah, as you can see, knockout city is now downloading and ive gotten every random game on my playstation now, but this was just an example. So when fifa 22 – the team now just to recap, when the 10 hours early access does come out, usually im assuming theyll release it at 6 pm uk time, then you can either go through the playstation store and see if its fair.

Yet but like i said, sometimes it might take an extra two or three hours, but if you want to try and play instantly youll go through the first method. I showed you, which is go through the internet. Browser search up, ea play hub and go to the ea play hub this way, and then it should just redirect you, you know like sign in with your account net the ea play subscription or membership that youve got is connected to and you can download it through. Va so more of a story lets just you know to make it more simple, for you guys, ea play hub app is not working so youre going to want to do. Go to your instant browser uh, i think. Obviously, uh xbox has got the same thing. So your console and sneak browser switch up, ea play hub log in go to playstation four games or xbox games, and it should be the fifa, 22 tin house, early access team over here i will try not to over. This is not really a demo over 10 hours, early access free trial there, or you can literally just wait a little bit until it is available on a playstation 4. but, as i said, were going through the playstation 4, its not always instant, as obviously with the Ea play website thats, like you know, through ea, whereas with this one they have to go through sony as well, so it just takes a little bit longer to be available.

Hopefully this did help you guys out. If youve got any questions, please let me know down below. As i said, this ea play hub, it is not working for literally anyone.

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