Fortnite, Balenciaga, Epic Games, Battle royale game X Balenciaga NEW Collab & Much More! Everything You Need To Know Right Now! Fortnite S8 Ch2

We got the shady the shady doggo. We also have new bat blings, which are like backpacks. We also got new guns wrap. Then we got like couple pickaxe. We got a fashion, doggo spray. Another spray which is the night, looks we got a new emo called the look. We got a glider called the paracel purse, also uh. There is a challenge for the fashion doggo skin, which you had to go and emo uh emo. In front of the shady dog graffiti at the retail roll sweaty lamps and steaming stacks, also, you got ta collect triple s. Sneakers in the stream times feature hub. I fire monkey twitter, the new shop images uh. This is all the stuff that we got so far, which is the new schemes uh. We got the new skins, the back bling, the glider, the gums rap, and i see that we only have one emo uh x tiger hyperx on twitter, the more variant by the way. This is a bundle that got leaked a while ago. He also attacked the 120 from hypex from august 29, where he says upcoming textile bundle. The textile sparkle females might be sparkle. Specialists, the textile 9 male – might be the black knight the textile ramp female. I dont know what this means. Also jk tweeted, the fortnite ex valencia schemes will be sold separately or in bundles. There will be three bundles. One gear bundle, two skins bundles. There looks like many bundles but im just showing the different skins varying styles by the way, heres.

Also, how some of the skin looks inside the game? Music, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, look, Music, yo! I fire monkey also said corruption. The last tweet this spread is in scrap, but we wont be able to obtain it. Yet it is the spray that you can see on the map for the challenge emo in front of the shady doggo graffiti at the retail row, 20 seams or steaming stacks news, updated future experience 1v1 bill fights, put your building skills to the test during 1v1, combat In this community create experience by raider 464. yo shout out to raider 464 bro for grinding these creative maps. Uh also should not be r said that we will have a digital fashion that is going to drop in fortnite with the valencia thats going to be interesting. Apparently there has been a string, half fix where he says, ah even in front of shady dog or graffiti, at retail, roll sweaty, sams or steamy stacks emo in front of the shady dog graffiti at the retail row, believer beach or steamy stacks. So this past weekend we have seen the golden cube in the purple queue moving around the map according to x, tiger hyperx in three hours from now, the golden cube will reach a total of 24 hours charging. The other cube lets hope something happens. I dont know: what do you guys think about this? You guys think that somethings going to happen to the middle of the map.

Are we going to see some major changes to the map before the new update or what let me know in the comment section were not just twitter: it is called fashion, look it up and they talk about valencia. But when you go to the to the link, it says high digital fashion drops into fortnite with valencia. He says the wrong way isnt about showing off. It is about being you on september 20, 2021 at ap and et digital fashion comes to life in fortnite. Zebra meetings, dogo and others express themselves in a whole new way with help from the valencia fit say, show the word. Your unexpected site with the say, appeal, free sprays and the stranger times feature hub and a live photography campaign inspired by authentic archibald. Look from the luxury fashion house, valencia: here are all the items arriving in the item shop. They also show the valencia outfits, the valencia fit back blimps the fight sneaker pickaxe, the three raps, the one glider and then one email to show the two sprays. He also said from 10 a.m, on september 21 to 10 a.m. Et on september 28th, shady doggo has two quests for you: pull off the perfect, pose against graffiti and fetch him new, triple s sneakers to unlock the free fashion, dragon spray and the night look spray. I will leave the link on the description because uh the website has a lot of more stuff that you can check it out.

It teaches you how to submit your images if you guys want to participate in all of that images should be of a 16.9 aspect. Ratio any fortnight content shown upset for in game. Valencia content must be originated from the fortnite universe, no third party, intellectual properties. When it comes to other kinds of content, you should not contain any third party brands or logos or content that you dont own. The rights to images should be in line with the fortnite content guidelines. As previously stated, having valencia gear is not required. Just express yourself image as a sample. Your images can range from standard screenshot to super edited or filtering or modifying thanks to our team are happy. We assemble some images to help inspire your creativity. These images would be featured in the hub to help as many photographers as possible. Okay right right. So what do we have? I dont want to swear what theres a chance that technique actually um, actually self reported theres a challenge im escaping. Let that pass was anyone with it. Did they witness the kill? To be honest, i have i, i feel its a self report. I have a feeling to start before. Why am i pennywise both concluded all right? All right, we got five votes lets go. I know.

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