Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG Online, Pokémon, iOS 20,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS. (THE BIG GIVEAWAY)

I got my dad right there. We got mama rug over there. I dont even know what to say when i see that 20 im just gon na go crazy. I have this little popper thing its not as crazy, but im just super excited. Thank you guys, so so so so much for all the support the giveaway is. Finally, here all those ps5s iphones money, car lifetime supply chug rug, its finally happening today, heres the live reaction to 20 million. I cant believe it guys by the way brandon went to go, get a haircut and hes stuck in traffic on the way back so im, hoping he just pops in through that door. Any second, oh, my god, 10 away, no way! Seven! Five! Three! Oh my god! Two Music, two baby Applause – oh my god, thank you guys so much for 20 million subscribers. I cant believe it. This milestone is so monumental. Its huge ive been talking about it. For years, we just hit 20 million 20 million individuals, human beings, beautiful human beings, press subscribe on my channel. What did i do to deserve this seriously? What did i do? Let me tell them what he he did. He deserved a hundred percent hard work dedication. You did so much, you really really really deserve it. Thank you. Thank you, doc. My turn guys. I can believe this guy, like he worked harder than me. No funny dog is a hard worker. I think i get it from my dad.

You know, thank you guys. So much for watching my videos, you know supporting me and hopefully my videos inspire you guys. You know i just try to put out a positive message every day. So should we go for 30 now or what hey a lot of people think that im stopping at 20 but phase rugs, not stopping youre, still going to be seeing me on youtube all the time. I have a very special 20 million subscriber video that got put together by faze clan, and it is very emotional and sentimental to me so im about to play it right now guys. Thank you so much once again, stick around to the end for the giveaway Music whats up, guys facedrug here and im, bringing you a quick short vlog uh, letting you guys know that ive been active on my channel like i promised i would be in 2014 to Get to 20 million like what does that take determination, everything everything you have whats up guys, facebook here and uh todays video is a little different, its something that most people dont have like that drive and that focus is different. The definition of grinder people think they grinders they not grinding, like rug, ive been making content every other day for probably the past four years of my life, and before that the first four years was actually every day your what i smoke marijuana, i never have taken Like a one week break off of youtube in the past eight years of my life, which is crazy, thats, so scary.

First, my mom says she sees the shadow and shes standing right. Oh, no, you cant replicate his workflow because its unreal, the strain on on your mind, to be to to do this for for as long as hes done it its truly incredible. What is he doing? Someone just broke into our backyard, its not like a monday to friday thing its, not a nine to five thing, its an everyday thing. You wake up. Thinking about it, you go to bed thinking about it, you stress about it all day, even when youre doing amazing. Theres still things that stress you out it doesnt matter what it is like how cool the event is: hes laser focused on his craft. I want to give you this check for a hundred thousand dollars like his workflow is something i havent really experienced until i met him, because no one works as hard as him. In my eyes, getting kind of dangerous its one thousand percent of grind and i have been on vacation. Actually, i went to dubai for five days, but i filmed four videos there. You know i cant ever go on vacation without bringing my camera, because when im there im like – oh imagine, my fans get to see like this. I dont know i always just think about my fans and thinking about making the best content. So i dont ever want to waste a vacation without bringing my fans along. Oh my god said you wanted your jacket from the car yeah.

I think just your jacket, my favorite video is the cocaine. Prank cocaine, prank, cocaine, prank check it out. Take it off now and give me an explanation now of what a what give me an explanation. Brian, i need explanation now. I need explanation: mom im trying to record a call of duty, video whats that tell me thats the original thats, the thats, the the one that really gave birth to rug. What the hell was this, i pretty much just put salt in a bag, and i put it in like a jacket in my car, i told her to get the jacket from my car. So of course the thing would fall out. Your friend cyrus you post harrahs fight now and ill talk to his family. She was like shaking she was like what is this and then i i like, pin the blame on my friend im, telling you its its okay, you know what it is, but like its not mine, i promise hey, hey my mom and she took off her chancla. You know like she was gon na hit me so i had to say it was a prank, its a joke. Look its a joke, its salt, its salt whats. It talking about now and that reaction just blew up and it did incredible numbers and thats kind of like what made my channel take off. So, in the past six years of all the content i made, that is still the number one most viewed video another prank video.

Are you freaking serious? You keep going youre gon na kill me content wise outside of content, just being a good person overall, like the person that he is, is relatable to his content because of the authenticity of it. You know and thats probably why hes like the biggest everyone loves him for who he actually is all the subscribers and followers like. He really cares about it more than anybody. I know in the whole entire space rugs fans are everything to him. Man, i mean he wakes up every day and the first thing that he thinks about is okay. What type of content can i put out there to put a smile on my fans face? My fans are literally my life when i meet fans in public is like thats, my biggest motivation, because i actually see how they react when they meet me and like some of them cry, some of them are in shock. Some of them are speechless, and i always look back at like old times of like how i used to be bullied in high school and no one believed in me and im like okay, like im gon na remain humble throughout this whole thing, like nothing, is going To change me im always going to be grateful for the people that helped change my lives aka, my fans, they just mean the world to me. Never in a million years would, i think, id even be at like close to 20 mil.

You know thats just crazy. I think about it. Every day i was thinking about it yesterday, like driving back up to la and im like wait like 20 million hes at 20 million subscribers now its like incredible just goes to show that, if you put in the work, you can really take this to levels that You probably never thought were imaginable just want to give you a shout out brother, really proud of you and uh heres, the 20 million. My guy rug. I am super proud of you for getting to 20 million subscribers. I know what it takes. I know what it took out of you to get to that point were all so proud of you, man, im, so happy that we came up together too im so happy youre, one of the ogs that really made it this far man im just proud of you. Man and were so grateful to have you here face for real. I love you bro im, so proud of you. We all here at face. Clan are super super proud of you and, and i really look forward to everything that were going to continue to do and experience together in our lifetimes. Congratulations: man, 20 million thats, incredible bro! We are all so proud of you im extremely proud of you, youre the man. Thank you. So much for everything that you do. You inspire the god of me. I know you inspire the god of everyone around us and i just keep keep being you bro youre.

The man, if youre one of those supporters out there that support me on a day to day basis. I love you so much. Thank you for changing my life, my familys life and just making me happy and just looking back at how things were when i was a kid and going through high school, how rough it was. Thank you for making me feel amazing every single day and thank you for giving me a platform to inspire the youth and inspire people in general and im just very, very blessed. I cant stress this enough and i will say it every single day. I am just very thankful. I dont care if it gets annoying. Thank you. I love you guys, and hopefully we get to 30 mil one day. Look who just pulled up brandon bro, you missed it by five minutes. Bro bro come on congrats. Thank you dude. I dont even know what to say, like the words that im about to say: arent, even gon na explain anything that my brother does but just know that hes the hardest worker out there, every single one of those 20 million subscribers he earned. He worked for. He deserved it, i cant believe it bro 20 freaking mil ive been talking about this. I think ive said 20 million more than ive said any other word or words in my whole entire life, from how bad i wanted this its just, not real, though you worked for it.

There was no like easy way out. There was no like shortcut. You worked every single day since we were living at the old old house and bro house where it all started. Bro congrats, i cant even believe it bro. Thank you so much! Oh, my god. As an older brother, you know hes supposed to look up to me, but its actually, i still do yeah, but i actually look up to brian like dude. He inspires so many people, including myself, so dude well deserved crazy, congrats and its time to celebrate. I already go. I smell the champagne. Its all over me. Baby lets go okay, lets go celebrate baby, i am so freaking. Excited 20 million is a crazy milestone that we hit altogether. So i am here giving away all of these items here. We got a ton of ps5s. Some iphones spread around over here im, holding a lot of cash right now, im giving away a thousand dollars to 10 people so 10 000. In total. This is crazy, youre giving away a car. Oh wait! I didnt even get to that part, but were giving away a brand new fully loaded 2021 nissan maximum, and i forgot to mention, were giving away a years worth of chug rub to one of you guys. So let me just show them real quick. This is the biggest giveaway ive ever done, and im super happy to be doing this. So thank you guys all so much for the crazy support now.

Should we tell them how to enter lets. Do it all right were picking 20 winners on youtube 10 from twitter, 10 from instagram and 10 from tick tock, so the one person whos gon na be winning this beautiful car. You can also enter through youtube, so lets make it 21 through youtube. All you have to do is be subscribed to my youtube channel thats, literally all you have to do to enter this giveaway and comment down below why you want the prize and a way that i can contact you and for twitter, make sure youre following rug and Make sure to tweet him and for instagram make sure youre following my instagram im gon na be posting a picture of me in front of all these items and comment which item you want. Why and another form of contact and drop a like drop a like and for a six hour just make sure you like and comment and if youre one of those people that want the years worth supply of chug rug, youre gon na have to go to g Fuels instagram post and tell them why you want the years worth and theyll pick one of you guys to be the winner: 20 ps5s, 20 iphone 12s, a thousand dollars to 10 people, a brand new car and a years worth supply of my flavor chug rug. Good luck, everybody and lets get to 30 mils. I actually had noahs sister come by because she does like this crazy, balloon service.

She set this insane. 20 million balloon celebration picture up. Take a look at how crazy this looks. She did an amazing job shout out to good vibes party company for coming through and setting this up just know. You are very loved and very appreciated, and i love you so much. You guys are my life, its a very special day for me september 16th. We hit 20 million subscribers, but again were moving on to 30 mil its not over. Here, 30 million were coming for you hey. This is where it all started right here. Thank you guys once again for 20 mil. Oh, my god, i dont even know what to say or how to feel but just know. I love you guys and 30 mil next honestly, the skys, the limit for my brother, like some people, might laugh at like 30 mil thats crazy thats. Never going to happen. I wouldnt i wouldnt even doubt 50 mil or 100 mil for my brother. Thank you guys lets see how many likes we could get on this video for this very special day that ive been talking about for the longest time and other than that its been rug.

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