Toyota Tundra, 2022 First Look | Toyota's Full-Size Pickup Gets a Redesign | Price, Updates & More

Thats right. Guys. Were finally here with the 2022 Toyota Tundra. The first redesigned Tundra since 2007.. So allow me to take you on a little tour. Were going to cover everything you need to know from whats. Under the hood to the different trims and models and updated technology and everything else that comes along in this new Tundra. Between the last one and this one, they made five Twilight movies.. They made six Fast and Furious movies. LeBron James went to the NBA Finals 10 times between Tundras., But now all of those streaks are over because the 2022 tundra is here its big and its in dealerships. By the end of this year.. Is it a more competitive product than the last one? Does it hold a candle to Nissan Chevy, Ford and Ram If youre like me, I think youll be pretty surprised by what you find inside. But hey before we jump into this first look: why dont you take a first look at that Like button and hit subscribe. So you dont miss any Edmunds videos. And if youre thinking about selling your car go to to get a cash offer right, now. Go check, it out. Theres the base SR Model, and that is pretty bare bones.. Then you move up into the SR5 Limited Platinum. Like this one and the 1794., And then often its own world is the TRD Pro which comes with all kinds of crazy off road upgrades.. We will get to that later.

. The Tundra has gone from standard V8 to no V8.. The only engine you can get now is a twin turbo, 3.5 liter V6., But it comes in one of two flavors. Theres, a conventional version and then theres a hybrid. Lets start with the conventional V6.. Thats got 389 horsepower and 479 pound feet of torque and its mated to a brand new 10 speed automatic transmission., Pretty formidable figures.. Now that thats out of the way lets get to the hybrid which we have here on the Platinum., The hybrid is going to be optional. On the Platinum, Limited and 1794 trims and its standard on the TRD, Pro. Thats got a lot more horsepower and a lot more torque. Made it to the same transmissions. And one of the interesting things about this hybrid system is Toyota decided to use a nickel metal Hydride battery. Its called I Force Max because you need an extra beefy name for a hybrid system.. Now this is kind of a surprising choice, because lithium ion is a more advanced technology, but Toyota said they had a few reasons for sticking with nickel.. One of them is that, even though it takes up more space, they werent really concerned with that, because they could just stick it under the rear seats and it was fine.. A second reason is that nickel is more readily available than lithium right now, which is getting pretty limited, pretty fast. And then, finally, at the end of its life cycle, theyre more easily able to recycle nickel than they are lithium.

. So I know theres no V8.. I know., I know Personally I dont care.. We know that this hybrid V6 system provides a lot of power and Ill be very curious to see what kind of fuel economy estimates come out when theyre available. Besides V8s thats, what old trucks are for. Lets talk? Configurations.. You get to choose between two different cabs. Theres, the double cab and the crew max., With the double cab that will come with either a 6 and 12 foot bed or an 8.1 foot bed and with the crew max like this one, you get a 5 and 12 bed or a 6.5. As far as the tailgate, its just a tailgate. Theres, no swinging out or multi use, switching around all that stuff.. But one cool thing is: it is 20 pounds lighter than the previous generation and on every Tundra, key fob, theres an automatic release; button. Oh and theres this., So thats, actually pretty sweet. Moving on.. Now the biggest headline about the Tundra is going to be its hybrid system. But to me the biggest change is the fact that the Tundra now goes from its three piece frame to one fully boxed frame, just like every other full size. Truck. Toyota had been holding out and saying that that three piece frame was the best thing for them for a really long. Time. Now theyve fully accepted the fully boxed life. And thats going to give you improved rigidity and better overall capability.

Speaking of overall capability. Maximum towing capacity is up to 12000 pounds on certain trims and configurations, and maximum payload is up to 1940. Pounds. Are those the best numbers in the class No., But they are very healthy figures and will handle. I mean almost anything that youre going to throw at a truck like this., Oh yeah and the Tundra now has standard coil springs in the rear.. Why is that important? Well, most full sized trucks still use leaf springs, which are super old school and great for towing, and all that, but coil springs are much more comfortable on the road.. Currently, only the Ram 1500 is using them in this class.. Now the Tundra has it too.. So while this truck is getting much stronger, its also getting much more comfortable. And the interesting thing about the new frame and the new rear suspension put together, is that, unlike the hybrid thats going to be on every single version of this truck. Thats, a big win For every Tundra, buyer., SPEAKER 2, You have to go: make a phone coil RYAN ZUMMALLEN! Oh my God., SPEAKER, 2 Sorry. RYAN ZUMMALLEN Were done.. Speaker, 2 Yeah., RYAN, ZUMMALLEN. First things. First, as soon as you get into the new Tundra, you can immediately tell that its a new vehicle.. There is no rehashing here.. This does not feel like a carryover.. It feels like something fully modern and different.. We are in a limited trim, right, now.

And just for starters, I am going to hold off on commenting on the quality of the interior, materials and comfort and things like that.. These are pre production. Models. Lets wait until we get full production versions. In the first drive coming up before we get our verdict on that., But a few things that I can talk about are the new controls and some of the other interior features in here.. Youve got a brand new steering wheel, design with big, clear buttons and that continues over here into the center console. Switchgear area., Really big switches with nice, little ridges on them, so theyre easy to grab and clear icons that make it easy to see what youre. Looking for and what youre grabbing., I also like this giant volume knob.. There is no tuning knob anymore. That all goes to the screen. Down here. You also have selectable drive modes, which is new for the Tundra., But just in case you want to switch up your driving style based on the conditions, thats right there for you. And then on the SR 5 trim and up they all come standard with a tow Package thats going to include this integrated trailer, brake controller. Towers. You guys know what Im talking about. Thats very helpful, and I like the positioning. Its right under the StartStop button. And really nice to look at.. One of the things Toyota is really proud of. Is this configurable center console storage, unit.

, So theres a tray up top and then another tray below it, which you can slide back. And the purpose there is instead of opening the big giant thing all the way up you can just reach in and grab whatever youre. Looking for and get it out. And then when youre, not using it, just close it back up and now its fully closed.. How much more convenient is this I dont know., To be honest, well have to wait until we can get a model all the way in for a full testing process. To really tell you, that. Its kind of a neat trick, its nowhere near the modular storage that you have in a Ram 1500., But well, wait and see how usable it is in the real world.. Now lets talk about the elephant in the room., This giant screen, which is the size of an elephant.. So the headline here is that all Tundras are going to come with standard wireless Apple, carplay and wireless Android auto.. One of the other big bits of news is that Toyota upgraded its audio multimedia, software. Thats, the whole operating system that runs the screen. And that comes standard on every Tundra as well.. So you either get it in a condensed standard, 8 inch screen or obviously its just much larger, on this big 14 inch screen, which is huge, and it feels huge in here, but thats, really nice in a lot of ways. One of the things I really like.

So far is playing around with these maps.. They are very easy to move around and zoom out and zoom in. Pretty cool feature., But a concern that I have when it comes to Toyota screens. Is that often in models that weve tested as soon as a tiny beam of sunlight hits the screen? The entire thing is washed out and you cant see. Anything. Ive asked Toyota about that. Theyve said they dont expect that to be a problem anymore because they worked with a supplier to create glare resistant surfaces on it., I think Ill, be the judge of that. Well see how that goes when were finally able to get One outside and drive it. Another important update is an upgraded voice. Activation system.. There are a whole bunch of different prompts that you can use to get it started. And then a wider range of commands that it can respond to as well. Hey Toyota. TOYOTA COMPUTER. What do you want to do? Ryan ZUMMALLEN? Do something cool., TOYOTA, COMPUTER! This feature is not available. RYAN ZUMMALLEN All right! Well, you get it. Now well be able to do a full in depth review of all of these features and how they work in the real world once we can get it back home., But for now lets hop into the back seat.. Ok! So before I hop inside theres, one thing that I want to show you guys. And that is this under seat storage, area.

, The first reason being that its pretty good size.. I can put my laptop bag in here, no problem with lots of room to spare., But the second reason that I wanted to point this out is because, with the hybrid system, this is where the batteries go. So you dont get any of this. Its just a flat covered space here that you cant use for any storage., But with that out of the way lets pop it down and climb inside., So pretty good space in here.. As you can see, I got a lot of leg room.. I can stretch my legs out.. Even with the sunroof. Im 6 feet. Tall and Ive got nice headroom back here.. You can get comfy. And Im sitting behind my own driving position., Say Hi. Hi. Geez., Oh yeah, and one last thing is this: rear window is actually a power window.. Can you get that for me bud? Oh sure, boss. Thanks pal., Oh yeah, no problem, chief., SIGHS! The TRD Pro. SIGHS The first exciting thing about the new TRD Pro will be obvious to anybody who had driven a previous TRD Pro.. Those versions had three glaring omissions and theyve all been fixed in this version.. All three of those features not available on the Tundra. At all, until now, when theyre standard on the TRD Pro – and they also come on the TRD Off Road package., A huge win for Tundra, buyers. Number one – a locking, rear differential.

– They finally got it in the Tundra, TRD Pro.. Now the second one is multi terrain. Select so you can choose different kinds of conditions, youre going to be going through and the truck will adapt for you to those conditions.. The third thing is crawl. Control., So just like hill descent control will automatically gradually take you down a descent. Crawl control will do the same thing, but all you do is switch it on and it will automatically scratch and claw the tundra up. Inclines.. Obviously, super helpful on a trail., Hey, good job, Toyota. Welcome to the party.. On top of all that lets talk about some of the other bonus features that you get on the TRD Pro.. After all, this is the off road edition of the Tundra.. First and foremost, one inch of front lift to obviously help you get over rocks and other terrain as well as 33 inch tires and an assortment of skid plates underneath the body.. In addition, at all four corners, you get Fox shocks. And one thing we would love to tell you is the ground clearance of this truck.. Unfortunately, Toyota does not have that number just yet.. They have told us that the approach and departure angles are improved over the previous version., So thats obviously going to help you get through rough stuff without scraping your front or rear bumpers.. There are a few ways to quickly tell TRD Pros, apart from other versions of the Tundra, besides these giant badges that are all over the place.

, But one of them is these wide fender flares that are styled in this different textured kind of pattern.. From far away, they kind of look like forged carbon. And from up close, they look MUTTERS… The TRD Pro also has a wider front track or distance between the front wheels. And with that combined with the fender flares that makes the truck extra wide.. So with that, Toyota is actually required to put these five amber lights across from side to side, to indicate that this is about as wide as a vehicle can get on public roads., And that combined with this light bar, which is standard on TRD Pro means that You are definitely going to recognize this truck coming from a distance.. Another thing to remember about TRD Pro is the hybrid powertrain comes standard., So there is a lot to digest about this truck. If youre, comparing this to other options already on the market. Think Nissan Titan, Pro 4x Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, maybe even Ram Rebel., But we wont really know how this stacks up until we get it into an off road condition and are able to get behind the wheel. So for now I can only compare it to the Previous generation TRD Pro – and this seems like a much improved version in that sense., So weve asked you to digest a lot of information about the 2022 Tundra and youve been doing great., But theres a ton more to talk about.

And instead of spend a lot of Time on it, Im just going to hit you with some rapid fire facts that I personally find interesting.. First, is the shock absorbers actually being mounted outside of the frame., So theyre tucked up way against the wheels and tires. Im a fan of that, because it keeps it nice and out of the way of nasty rocks.. One of the other things these air vents under the headlights are functional on both sides.. They each feed into a different turbocharger. Thats, pretty sweet.. One interesting thing is theres a power air dam under the front lip that will come down or come raised back up depending on. If you need better aerodynamics for fuel efficiency or need it to come up, because you need max cooling for towing or you just need it out of the way, because youre off roading. Thats pretty sweet.. Lastly, is that the 2022 tundra moves from older hydraulic power steering to electronic power steering., And that is going to conceivably anyway, give it a more modern feel on the road. Well have to test it out to know for sure, but it seems like a pretty safe Bet. After our first introduction to the 2022 Tundra, its clear that Toyota went to great lengths to produce an improved truck in nearly every way.. Now the hybrid powertrain is probably going to get all the headlines. But in my estimation, the combination of the fully box frame, coil springs and electronic power steering is just as important, if not more important than the hybrid itself.

. After all, thats going to improve ride, comfort, modern feel and capability in every single Tundra and thats. What you want in a truck right For loyal Tundra buyers out there this probably looks like a dream., But for the Ford, Chevy and Ram faithful out there.

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