Toyota Tundra, 2022 HANDS ON With the New 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro: Is It Now a True Raptor & TRX Competitor?

They call it and its also the most off road capable model. They will be offering this truck is going to be on sale later this year in 2021, but here i want to show you all the features of it in this video. So lets start from the side. The new trd pro tundra will be available in this configuration. Only its going to be a crew cab, they call it a crew max and it has a five and a half foot bed. Other tundras will have other configurations, including an 8.1 foot bed or a 6.5 foot bed with a crewmax. But this is the way you get the trd pro then lets look under the hood, because youre probably wondering about that. You probably want to know about the suspension, so lets start with the power and then ill show you what the suspension system is like so right here, pretty easy, as always just pop this latch open up the hood walk over here pop the hood and reveal this Um, so no more v8 engines in the tundra for 2022 generation uh. This uh trd pro has the hybrid system, its a twin turbo, 3.5 liter v6, and this is the only power plant available in the 3d pro. If you want another tundra, they also have the non hybrid version of this, but the power rating is pretty special and pretty unique. Its 437 horsepower on this hybrid and 583 pound feet of torque and thats on 87 octane, regular fuel thats, the rating, so its a pretty high powered system, its theres, an electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the transmission, which is a 10 speed automatic.

This is the only way you can get this. They havent published fuel efficiency. Yet so we dont know exactly what the numbers will be on each different engine in each different configuration but thats a lot of torque and number and power in this puppy. So it should accelerate quite fast, who knows it might be even quicker than the current third generation ford raptor well have to wait and see, but speaking of the raptor, we need to talk about the suspension system on this. So well. First of all, a little bit of style, as you can see, because its 80 inches or a little bit over 80 inches wide. It has the marker lights, so you got the ambers on the front in the front grill. You got another little amber marker here on the fenders and the reason why its wider than some other tundras is basically because of the wheel offset. So they increase the track width. They add a little bit wider, fender flare right here and, of course, the style. The rest of the style of the truck changes a little bit, including the trd pro hood elements right. There kind of blacked out uh front window well. Actually this is not production, obviously, but this a pillar is going to be blacked out in a production model. So you get special, of course, special colors, special styling and then the shocks and suspension so lets take a look its kind of hard to see.

But if you poke in here, you can see this red spring, so the trd pro toyota says is really meant for higher off road speed use case. So they also have the tier the off road package, which you can add to other trim levels of the tundra. But the trd pro is more for high speed, so theyre using the latest uh 2.5 inch fox shocks, special spring tuning, actually coils front and back so theres still a solid rear, axle independent front suspension. But here you can see the other the shock right here. So here is part of the shock, its not um dynamically adjustable, so its not a live valve, but you can kind of see the piggyback reservoir. You can see the shock. You can see the multi link system. You can see the anti sway bar or stabilizer bar right here. You can see this locating arm right here in the front, everything is kind of tucked underneath as much as possible. The shocks are rear, outboard as outboard as possible, so theres good clearance. Although the toyota has not published ground clearance or approaching departure angles yet or articulation numbers yet so they havent published any of that. But, as you can kind of see here in the back, this exhaust system is tucked underneath this drivers side and all new tundras have exhaust systems actually on the drivers side, nothing on the passenger side. So they say they improved all those little specifications and, of course, updated the rear suspension its now a fully boxed frame front to back, and there is a rear, selectable locker that ill show you in just a second.

So what they did not do, though, is they did not put it on 35s, these falcon wild peaks. 80. All terrain tires are 33s thats, basically the uh, the height of this tire, its mounted to an inch trd wheel. So you have special suspension a little bit wider. You have a little bit more aggressive tire than other tundras, but they did not make it a full wide body truck like a trx or a raptor. They did not give it all that long arm articulation. They did give it a pretty special powertrain, but if you can walk around on the passenger side, ill show you the interior, on this new truck, ah step inside guys. So theyre saying the new trd pro is gon na come in this configuration with basically fully loaded. So not only is the its kind of their off road, most capable model, its also the most advanced and the highest option model. Once again, pricing is not available yet so i cannot tell you about price, but what i can do is actually show you. The panoramic sunroof thats now available the special seats with bolstering theres, a unique camouflage pattern which is done kind of specially. Basically, the camo is on the layer underneath and then you have a perforations which is ventilated or heated, so its kind of a new way of doing a perforated camouflaged seat. You have wireless phone charging right here. You have a very unique center console here with a giant drink holder which is accessible in couple different ways.

You have your usb usbc ports, of course, but take a look at this when this is closed, you could slide this open and have your big gulp right. There next to you and then you can open this little – i dont know maybe a wallet holder. You have more cup holders here in the back, so its very, very usable, console shifter right here and let me dismiss this message: 14 inch display latest toyota multimedia. This is the latest software system, which is actually actually a breeze to use ive been playing with this right. Now i mean you can create driver profiles. You can look at your truck information. You can, of course, contacts music navigation. You can speak to it and you know: ask for navigation, ask the truck navigation questions or questions about the weather, questions about your service appointments for the truck anything you want. The climate control system is actually hard buttons, so separated from the digital system. Large volume, knob heres the rest of your controls for the hvac and then here very special, so of course too high four high four low notice. There is no four auto, no four automatic here. You have your drive mode selector, which now is available with eco, normal sport um some trucks, some new tundras have a sport plus mode. If you have adjustable suspension, which they call avs, you have either one or two tow haul modes, depending on which package you get.

You have your crawl control system and multi terrain system, so, as you can tell theres a lot of configurability, so if you felt like your previous tundra was not configurable enough, they have hugely. You know added so much tech into this. If i can put this into drive, i can show you this: is your parking brake actually so and hell hold so its right in front of your shifter right here, uh the payload on the tundra grows to about nineteen hundred 1940 forty pounds, this trd pro model Im sitting in right now, with all the features, has a payload of just under fifteen hundred pounds, which is still quite competitive for an afro truck uh. The maximum towing number on the base two wheel, drive truck for tundra is about twelve thousand a truck like this. A four wheel drive will tow uh. They tell me about eleven thousand pounds, but the actual um detailed specs are not available yet, but, as you can see, the interior is all new um. The steering wheel is special for the trd pro model. There are no paddle shifters, though the steering wheel does have this little red marker 12. Oclock uh, very you know unique off road feature that some of the other uh manufacturers also use. So you can tell the cab huge room. Let me show you the back seat. Huge space in the back as any crew max should have with the panoramic sunroof. I have to sit back just a little bit im just over 6 2, but if i do, i have plenty of headroom.

Of course you dont have to have a panoramic roof. If you dont want it, you have right here: you have extra console with cup holders underneath the seat, because this is a hybrid. You actually have the battery its, not lithium, ion its actually nickel metal hydride and it lives under the back seat. So if you do have a hybrid like trd pro, all of them are hybrids. You will lose a little bit of storage space down here. The bed. Let me just close down with the bed so lets go in the back. All tundras will have a key fob to open the tailgate. You can open it several different ways. You can open it with a button here. You can open it with a button here with your elbow if your hands are busy and the bed is now composite. Very very similar to the tacoma. You can kind of see that they say its very durable, more durable than steel, less corrosion, of course resistant, but it is, can be slick, so they do have special coatings for this for to reduce uh how slick it can be, or actually a rubber mat. You can add to this, but basically the hybrid um, actually, all time just come with this composite bed now, but they do not have a high powered inverter generator capability. 400 watts is the maximum you can you can get a new tundra but thats about it? Thats. The kind of a quick overview of the new trd, the latest features so basically no more v8 engine.

They have increased the torque and power tremendously. They have given it the latest suspension. A lot of the new elements like the hood is aluminum the front door panels are aluminum. They tried to control the weight of this truck and gave this trd pro, maybe not the ultimate raptor trx suspension capability, but a lot of fast off road capability. Also payload and towing price is not available. Yet fuel efficiency isnt either but stay tuned to tfl, offroad and websites and channels, and you will find out all the latest information on the new tundra, including real world tests. Thank you coming up very soon on tfl truck our brand new video series. For a few bucks, less check it out. What is that envelope ends for you, ts for you and eggs, for you, wheat were calling this new series uh for a few bucks less. This is 2500, exactly look at it. Its a b4000 we living in here for a while look at it, its a 1965 peugeot 404 and the transmission is still there. I thought you bought a peugeot. Taking that aside, everything pretty much works. Oh i got them at the line. Come on thats gon na be the slowest race ever done at this imi track, but heres what i found in my truck, you found that its a bat theres still leaking its a little tiny bit of oil nathan.

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