Black Lives Matter, Protest, New York, Carmine’s Italian Restaurant – Upper West Side gainst vaccine passports Part 2

The new york times has proven that this is far from the truth, dr rankin, her assistant, as well as her niece, have stated. This is far from the truth. Im going to try and clear up a little bit of confusion, the confusion that carmine caused in their plight, the disgrace and defame these black women. When these women arrived at this restaurant behind us, words were exchanged in addition to that vaccination cards and ids were exchanged. They were encountered by a not too professional employee that hostess received asian white or whatever narrative carmine is going with greeted them with hostility. They were allowed to go inside the restaurant and they sat down once again. The racists came, the im. Sorry, the hostess came by when they were seated the hostess came by and made another snide remark to them. As you all know, three gentlemen appeared at the front, all three of whom had proof of vaccination, but two did not have identification. The women said: if we cant stay here and we all cant eat here, then we will leave as these women were walking out of the restaurant. The employee said something and lunged at them. You can see the tape that the new york times revealed when the employee lunged at them another employee, restrained that hostess that doesnt seem like an innocent victim to me. That seems like an antagonizer to me, this hostess antagonize the situation and what will clear that up is for car mods to do what release the tape release the tank release the tank release, the tape release today, release the day on that tape.

You will see a carmines employee, antagonizing these women. She was restrained and bought into the restaurant, and at that time a black manager came out and apologized for that employees behavior invited the entire party back into the restaurant. The entire party was allowed into the to the restaurant, which nullifies the whole. They didnt present a vaccination card theory. It doesnt make sense, it doesnt add up if they didnt present max cause. If that was still the the issue and the reason for the fight and the reason why they went to jail, then why were they all being allowed back into the restaurant after they were walking as they were walking into the restaurant? The hostess once again walked by them and dropped the end bomb. The three women did a bottle uh after she dropped the n bomb. The three women did a double take and followed her out: the restaurant and thats the melee. You saw thats the melee you saw. I charge car mines with trying to cover up their employees actions by using the vaccination passport as an excuse thats what happened? They had a nasty employee who caused the problem, a nasty employee who made a racist statement and people reacted, and in that reaction the employee fought back. The employee fought back. So you say: why is black lives matter here, because under no circumstances, whether the individual is white asian or whatever, will we allow for our people to be called thats right? All right were not having it thats why we are out here.

We are not having it and i need you to really understand. I know its a lot that im saying right now, but carmines initial statement and the statement they released today are two completely different things. The initial statement was that they asked for back cards the women didnt have them, so they started a huge fight. Today they released a statement saying that all three women were vaccinated, so whats. The truth all you can do is rely on the video footage, but guess what carmines isnt releasing the video footage. So we stand here to say: cancel carmine, cancel carmine and to put this city on notice, you will not use these vaccines passports to cover up for your racist ways to come up to cover up for your discrimination right, because a lot of you out here behind These cameras, i know – and you knew what happened when the nypd was used to enforce social distancing in this city last year. It it led to a wave of protests right before george floyd, so we will not have the nypd being called into these restaurants to harass. Attack and arrest our people no way no house. Are we allowing that to happen? These women want to go on with their lives, youre talking about a doctor, a professional person and when she walked up to this front door, she was accused of having a fraudulent vaccine card. Could you imagine a doctor risking her professional career to go and eat it? Come on Music italian restaurant like could you imagine that so were here for the sake of the people? A lot of people cant allow their minds to fathom like how these three women, who they thought were thugs and barbarians, are now the victims.

But if you saw the whole tape, youll realize that they were antagonized and then they engaged in mutual combat but lets bring in the race element. Once again, when the police came, the non white, the non whites told the lie: emmett till when the police came, the non whites told the lie and the blacks went to jail. Nowhere on that footage, do you see dr rankin throwing a blow? So let me get this right: youre arresting a black woman for breaking up a fight and then youre vilifying her in the media, im, usually mad and angry and aggressive according to donald trump. But today, im here strictly to speak common sense to you. These women were antagonized, and this vaccine passport was used as an excuse for car mines to cover their their employees nasty racist ways. Thank you. Next up ill call up im, sorry, im hulk news from h. A w k, n e w s o m is in mary e. I am the co founder and chair of black lives matter greater new york. This is my blood sister shyvana newsom and shes. The co chair of black lives matter new Music Applause.

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