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There was an announcement that there will be another announcement in the future for another smash, bros direct. So for me the nintendo direct went went a little bit like this. Hey guys good morning, it is i just woke up. It is 6 a.m. Hello, everyone, hello, yoshi, yucky dude! Can we get a card in smash? It kind of reminds me of the thing from portal. We have some news about the last fighter for the super smash brothers ultimate game. Oh, i should just go to bed wow. This looks like it could be. Very good. First, of course, is mario princess peach. Bowser will be played by the one and only jack black donkey. Kong will also be making an appearance, but dont get me wrong. It actually did look like a really good nintendo direct for actual nintendo fans who, like all their games, there was some really cool stuff. There, especially that kirby game looks sick, but uh instead lets lets check out. Something else lets check out my reddit. This is kind of like narcissistic isnt it i like damn that whole nintendo thing kind of boring. You know what i do want to react to myself. Fantastic up vote. This hope everyone has to see it when he does hes next to meme review. Well, you you got me you you guys got me good id, really seen it for papa. I hope i hope he sees it check my profile for other artwork.

Oh, that is cool. I am very sorry that ive appeared to just drop lucina now as soon as youve drawn this oh thats cool, i like their style. Oh, these are cool, look like fire type, pikachu, watertight pikachu that looks so cute and depressing. Thank you. Chronic 68., when this game comes out 5th of october underdogs should play it, who agrees of course. Of course we are going to do this, but how crazy is it? Oh, they revealed in the nintendo direct that it is coming out on the same day as nickelodeon. All star brawl, like nintendo doing their massive final smash ultimate announcement. On the same day, all star brawl comes out, that is a freaking power play. Theres got ta, be some beef between nickelodeon and nintendo, like theyre gon na be here and theres, just gon na be a whole cow in between them thats how much beef theres gon na be if poppet one owned a country your hair looks optimal today thanks my Barber ledge trapped it yesterday, you guys are taking this character of me being optimal in every situation too far thanks my baba lynch trapped it yesterday. Oh no, oh no, im, sorry holly youve been cheated on no dont show her. This shes gon na find out im gon na im gon na come into my room tomorrow. After this video comes out shy guy, he might be gone. He might not make it through the night holly hollys going to take him down poor holly, oh hes, going to be hes going to be great.

We got a sponsor yep and we got money because of it. Lets keep it for bills. That makes sense to me. So lets keep it, you lose. You dont need, oh so true, who knows. Maybe if i never donated money, we would actually own the house. We live in right now, instead of instead of renting much wisdom, stay chill get the kill. This is buddha right here. Just saying the sacred words for the first time really truly a historic moment that i have taken to heart and uh applied in my own life. Ah, men wait thats, not right. This is all thanks to poppets training. I still stayed you and got the kills. I dashed back, i went high, i ran the double jumps and went for the gold and got the gold. Thank you, oh and its with the nest. That is awesome. Well done. Can we get a round of applause? Remember in school like? Could we get a round of applause and then ill be like a round of applause? Oh whats, another classic. Can we please get a clap for so, and so i was that kid. I was that kid put your hands together for the principal of the school woo. I was i was that kid just taking everything so literally puppets picture fits perfectly here, only fans to block out adult content starting in october. Oh you know what i hate. I hate that this video did so well.

Wait, wait! Wait! I now understand why channels always post like drama and stuff like look at this look at this weight like 46, 000, 56, 000, 51, 6, 56, 70, 55, 69, 71., bubba lets say average like 60 and then and then where is it and then where is it? Look at responding to the controversy 122 000 views. My most viewed, video in, like i dont, even know it since, like them, this one the characters that are buffed in the last month and a half my best video has been responding to the controversy me just staring at the camera like so that i understand i Completely understand how white channels just post drama and they faint it, theres something about peoples wiring in their brains, where theyre, just like theyre, just wired, to think about like the problems of the world, rather than like the the good stuff which which makes sense because, like If you lets say youre on an island and then and then and then theres like a lion, it makes sense to worry about the lion and not about how beautiful everything else is. So i think human brain as a wire to worry about like controversy and stuff, which is why, which is why it pops off, i just got. I just got real uh psychological on you all. There obamas message to poppet full video on my youtube. All right lets how longs the full video? What is this gon na be? Okay here we go pop it one, and i just want to thank you for the posture checks to check would be horrible without it.

Why youd ask because i confess, im very good at video games and constantly on that 10 million? The gps grind piece about gamers, okay, okay, didnt need to put that last, but it did not need to put that last minute in at all. This was the one bit that wasnt edited at all im very good at video games, im very good at video games, damn obamas a bit of a gamer thats hype and then oh okay. I get away from it. The very next picture, the very next picture, time to put pop one on the spot, make the comment section. Look like pop up ones. Look like pop up one search history: what optimal plays in bed? Oh! No! What is this? What is this, you guys are trolling me whats going on you guys are getting too powerful. You trolled me with the number one post for the for the reddit and now what is this all gon na? Be okay, so this is you guys taking the piss out of what my search history looks like optimal plays a bit okay, american australian power converter that actually works. Oh for those of you who dont know what that is referencing that is referencing. I got i got this laptop just very quickly. I got this laptop from america and i cant it go like. I got a power converter for it and then i plugged it in it blew up. I thought i was gon na die.

I just survived um. It literally blew up in my face, and so then i i what i did buy instead was just an entire actual australian, like power laptop charger. No, no conversions required uh min min getting murdered compilation, who is the worlds best cannon who enrolled second best cannon? How to become second best cannon, how to go high in real life, optimal punish for hop cat cheating in chess. What is we? Okay, hobcat still hasnt posted it at all. Now, okay, so i what happened was hobcat wanted to play me in chess. I said yeah lets lets play a bit of chess. I was so confused why hopkin wanted to play chess with me. I was so convinced it was for a video and then and then he kind of like tricked me and made it look like he wasnt cheating, but then he actually was cheating and by the end it was very obvious that he he beat me like with cheating. It wasnt even for a video nothings coming out wait. I want to find my messages with hopkout over this situation. Lets lets leak. The dms lets link the dms all right, so we were on a call. We played chess and then the final game. He would he just went full bot mode. He he did it too much. I dont think he realized how obvious it is that you can tell if someones cheating, because literally i was looking and then hes.

Like sorry, sorry man got ta go after he won and then i looked, and it said he used the best move 25 times had no blunders, no mistakes, which is like literally impossible, like i had two like massive blunders. Seven inaccuracies: two moves by the book. 10 best moves 25 best moves. That is like actually unheard of. I lost my mind. I lost my mind. Yeah right play the irl lol all these days after school, really paid off and im so convinced he was doing it for youtube. Look. I was like hello youtube and then i have no idea what you mean im so confused im so confused by this entire situation. Most optimal way to hide a body jesus na okay, okay: this is getting out of hand here at the bottom to make your friends like you more 10 likes reply, most optimal way to make friends lol over double the likes. You guys are so easy to. Please all right all right thats enough of that you freaking trolls, i dont play young link help. I think jadison took over my body for a second, oh. What is this? If you guys dont know jay does it was the best uh super smash, bros ultra player in australia, and he plays uh young link. Oh oh, that is sick. Oh, that was a sick play. Damn memento online when your teammate dies and you have to 1v2 a sonic team, what a great image for just like sd in smash bros, just jumping off the stage.

That is perfect. We need more original memes. This subreddit actual good and original proper one memes im going high, so true, so true, crossbar hero. Why? Why are you all so easily pleased im going high uh gon na make friends how to optimally make friends up vote me when the shoto auto turn around fails? Dude that caught me off guard that was really good papa should do a q, a video true, i havent done one in a while leave a comment on this video. If you want, if you want to see it a q, a video and i can do one – turns out the stream up from the donated vid. No, no way no way. Oh, my i dont intend it wait. I ill just roll the clip ill roll, the clip. No more shy, guys ill. Tell you more ill draw all the shotguns lets. Just try shy, guys thats, so funny lets just leave. Lets just leave, they could be. They could just be there drawing short shy guys for infinity. No way they kept going shy. Guy cry! Guy wide guy, why guy help hi guys bye, guys she actually kept going and drawing shy, guys thats insane? I kind of feel bad now. Thank you so much for posting that the one in fishnets is thigh guy wow. These are really good thats the person. What was it rock lee from naruto light blue shy guy drawing? Oh thank you thats, a really cool shy guy.

Actually, it looks more a bit more like a proportionate, like a like a child like this shy. Guy makes no sense, like the face to body ratio. Its just clearly a different creature from another planet, but that shy, guy legit looks like a like a child as a shy guy, which is kind of cool venus. Drawing that i decided to do because, yes, oh wow, this is amazing as well. Thank you guys. So much for the art you post its so cool, you guys are talented. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you for watching this video once again make sure to drop a comment. If you want to see me, do a q, a video if youre interested in one of those otherwise drop a like make sure to subscribe, because, like some percentage of you arent and thats, something i should say more to make.

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Jack Black, Mario Series, Super Mario Bros. Reacting to SUPER MARIO MOVIE (2022) VOICE CAST!!

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