Jack Black, Mario Series, Super Mario Bros. Reacting to SUPER MARIO MOVIE (2022) VOICE CAST!!

I love this. I love everything. I love everything about everything. This is gon na. Be great, so great, wait, wait, wait, wait! A minute! Wait! A minute keegan michael key is playing toad, but but toads, not black, woke culture is ruining everything hollywood in their damn virtue, signaling. I know at least they cast seth rogen properly. Oh yeah well give credit where credit is due: yeah yeah, absolutely Music, whats up reject nation. We got theres, no controversy here, maybe maybe a little tiny one, maybe depending on your own feeling, depending on your opinion. We are going to react to the cast list here. For the super mario brothers, animated movie, is this from illumination yeah, your minions peeps? Oh, you know its going to be good and self aware and referential despicable, mario, oh, i cant wait its me a chris pratt. All i knew was chris pratt right yeah. This is who you think of who are you thinking, mario all right, so heres, im gon na read this right now and give our thoughts john, and i have not discussed this at all off camera. So here goes nothing chris pratt as mario its a me chris pratt hes, not gon na. Do it accent? Is he thats the sad part about this? I could already tell hes not gon na, do an accent, its a me, a mario, so yeah we shot this video. I thought much the same thing and then a couple hours later, chris pratt posted this thats.

Not the voice. Youll have to wait to hear the voice, but weve been working hard at it, and and im really excited to announce that im going to be the voice of that video game that i dreamed about playing as a kid dreams come true. I hope hed. I really want him to personally, i feel like it. It sounds like youre doing your seth rope. I really i really wanted to do the action i heard about seth rogen, seth rogen as donkey kong and uh on to taylor joys. Princess peach. Has she done any other animated properties? I want to say she was a voice in something, but i couldnt name it maybe its like sing too, but not any. Not in any, like you know huge way, can we google it or is that too much work? People dont want to watch us, google, they want to watch us talk about whether we should google. Nor do we want to do a jump. We just wont ever know. We just wont know guys, but it can create engagement. If you guys know the answer here, thats right comment below, but its nice to see another taylor joy cass in here she funny enough shed be a good, live action. Princess speech. Yeah i mean its. I have so many thoughts about all of this. I feel, like i mean on the outside, she is probably the most like yeah. I could see that casting, because she is slender and blonde.

Yes, not exactly the actors. I would have imagined from prison speech a lot more on point than some of these other people charlie day as luigi well. Charlie day is funny yes, mario im trying to be all right. We got ta just its gon na be by the board. With the you know, strings and stuff, like that, the whole time except each string is just gon na, come out of a different warp tube to bowsers castle jack black as bowser okay yeah. You could obviously see him playing off that devilish charm, really accentuating. All of that so whats funny about this casting is you can already hear how theyre all going, not just because of the celebrity association of them, but just knowing like okay yeah, i get why you cast them. This is what theyre, probably gon na be like keegan michael key is toad. I really like that pick. I think these are all really good voice over actors. Seth rogen is donkey kong. Well, i hope they let him improvise. Fred harmison is cranky, gog, okay, and then we got other characters here. Kevin michael richardson as comic. I dont know how to pronounce that. I actually dont know that character kamek, oh god. Why are we doing this video sebastian maniscalo as spike? Okay, awesome thats good to hear chris pratt. I feel like thats an easy thing to roll your eyes at the first time you hear this right. Yes, i did, i think, its a very easy thing to realize that, just because its him, he has that kind of personality that i always like watching him when hes there but theres something about him that when i hear hes doing one of these its like.

Oh god, but then i end up liking him anyway. So im like what am i even rolling my eyes out, i dont know i have the same general reaction to him its like you know, going into tomorrow, war i was like. Oh here we go, and then i was like hes great his voice work is awesome, hes great in both lego movies, absolutely and hes, great and onward. So im sure hed do a fine job here. The thing about this is this is not sounding like the super. Mario movie, we probably would have imagined that nintendo would ultimately approve yeah. You know what i mean. I think its going to be a lot of self awareness, a lot of spoof qualities and maybe thats what the super mario brothers, animated movie needs to be and im sure itll be funny and im sure itll be entertaining. I just hope its, not annoying thats. The one quality – i wonder how much of this will have to tend to super fans of the game. How are they going to try to make this appealing all around its probably going to have a lot of hard fly going to be super predictable, peaches, kidnap, bowser, yeah, yeah yeah? I mean there are certain aspects of mario that are classic that i think will always pop up, but i i just as a viewer i feel like they would have a pretty wide latitude to play around and like do things that are inspired by the mario worlds.

That gamers are probably familiar with, but maybe not necessarily specifically those so that you could get a new environment for everybody to be holding. You know you got ta, throw some mario kart in there well thats. The other thing you got ta do like the mario party yeah. You got ta, throw that all in there, and this is from the writer who did the second lego movie. Okay, so if you have him in there, you know obviously, is very meta and self aware. This could open up the door for more nintendo based stuff youre already including donkey kong in here yeah. So you could get your own donkey kong spin off movie down the road. I think, though, heres my concern about the future of this. If this pans out really well, yes, is that we will not get the badass zelda movie that we want, i feel like theyll, probably turn it into a comedy, because this is obviously going to be a comedy and i think super mario yeah uh lends itself to Being a comedy, the thing, though, is its like. Okay, i could see donkey kong going that way. I can see other nintendo properties going down this path, but when you do zelda you better not just make fun of it. You know yeah. That has to be like a sweeping fantasy, epic of sorts, even if its not like heavy, like a lord of the rings, i wouldnt want it to be just like silly zelda, because those games dont have that spirit.

You know, even if they do have some humor here or there. I also i i dont, know im a little wary of this, paving a road to something where its like. We got. The nintendo server verse were going to go into nintendo land online, where every property exists in the, which is exactly what i can see happening and im a little bit like i just kind of want a mario movie to play. Mario, i have a strong impression that they – because this is not the same studio – the lego movie yeah. So i have a very strong impression that they got someone from lego movie and they even have the lead voice actor from lego movie because they want this. To be their lego movie, universe, yeah, and i mean in a lot of ways that would make sense for all that crossover to happen. I just i dont know i mean theres theres already a wreck, it ralph and i dont want this to become wrecking mario. You know, but at the same time i mean it is a world with a lot of room to breathe and have fun because it is of a game. So i i wont just you know scrooge this but, like i said, im sure the actual viewing experience ill. Be like yeah for what the movie is. It works. I do kind of feel, though, that super mario doesnt need big cass like this, and i think they still could have pulled off them thinking.

I dont know what theyre going for. I still think they could have pulled off a movie with traditional voice over actors like over the past couple years, ive gotten to know way more people in the voiceover community, and it really does suck just how much they used to work, especially for these big animated Films and now its all just given to celebrities and im like well, if you got some professional voice over actors, you probably could have pulled off these characters more in the voice of how we know them from the games yeah, but youre not going to get that With this cast, i mean you might get it with some of them, because i look at people like kiki, michael key or even fred. Armisen and im, like those guys, are all about doing voices and characters and accents, and so i can michael key is going to be his like fun, manic, stuff, yeah, theyre gon na get hollywood keegan michael key. To do that thing he does when im like hes got so much in his repertoire and and like yeah chris pratt makes me wonder: cause im like hey in the animated films, ive seen him, and he gives very affable and very charming performances, but theyre all in His general chris pratt voice, and so i just i – i really hope that for this he might at least be able to prove why he got the role instead of a more seasoned voice, actor its the kind of thing where you see this cast, and you know Exactly what kind of movie its going to be, which uh could be really entertaining? It could be creative and fun or it could really go downhill.

But the question is to you guys: what do you think about the cast fun of the super mario brothers movie, yahoo? Im donkey kong. I am gon na throw a barrel with you wheres.

What do you think?

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