Jack Black, Mario Series, Super Mario Bros. This SUPER MARIO MOVIE 2022 Voice Cast is INSANE! (Reaction)

What who are known for movies like despicable me, are you about to drop a trailer? Oh my gosh. What is happening oh holiday in 2022? What next year 2022, oh, the release date for north america is on december 12th december 21st. All right! Merry christmas! Oh i want to see it. I also wanted to reveal our key cast members who will be voicing mario and his friends in the movie. Oh god, oh gosh will be played by anya taylor, joy, im, sorry, what? Oh god, brother luigi will be played by charlie im excited for you to see this im expecting a monster performance Music. He will be played by seth rogen eager for you to see a humorous donkey kong im dying. Oh charles martinez, who has voiced mario and many more nintendo characters in our games over the years, is also involved. Its also involved in surprises what oh kevin michael richardson, yeah cranky kong isnt, this, oh, what is this movie? So there you go thats the cast super brothers ideas and i myself am enjoying 1993 aint looking too bad different from making games im just playing thats. All i can share with you today about the mario. That is all you. Can you shared a lot collaboration? Please look forward to marios adventure jumping. Oh, i look forward to this. I want to see how this all plays out wed like to show you this. Oh my gosh. I was not expecting that.

Oh and now splatoon. Let me let me keep my composure. They just threw me off, i did not know we were going to get voice cast. I was not prepared for this. Okay, so were clearly getting celebrity voices for all the characters. Is he gon na give him if hes gon na give him that lu, albano voice? Is, oh, hey, do the mario freaking star lord is mario yall? Okay, when bowser come up, can you do this? Please look forward to this is owned by universal right. Did he just walk off the city jurassic world? They were like hey. Why are you fighting these raptors come over here? Real quick, can you say its me, mario youre hired chris, please tell me youre gon na do the song with the mario brothers and plumbing a game. Chris brown is mario im trying to get around. I can tell jordans gon na be fine as peach charlie dans luigi. I cant. I can see that one i kind of can roll with that chris pratt as mario and charlie day as luigi, did they just go to watch the lego movie? Were they like hey? I like that emmett and that spaceman lego movie thats the mario brothers. We need a jet black bowser. That is probably one of the things im most excited about. Honestly, please is bowser gon na do a song bowsers got ta. Do a song Laughter. I am bowser im the king of the cooper okay, so donkey kong is in this movie too.

Yeah im donkey kong here, please have stuff broken. Do the donkey kong rap as well as cranky kong, fred armistead is going to be cranky kong, talent, joining them and kevin michael richardsons gon na be. I love that kevin michael richardson, a voice actor kevin michael richardson im. All about that that that makes me happy. I am kamik, i am the magikoopa, i throw. I throw sony playstation signs at mario brothers. They doing some deep cuts with this spike in that from like wrecking crew, or something like that i knew they were gon na have celebrity voices like when everyone was like. Are they gon na use the voice from the games? I was like. No, you know theyre gon na have some illuminations behind it. You know everyone has celebrity voices, you think the minion people are gon na. Allow the original voice actors theyre, like oh yeah, charles monday, well give you a little cameo, but you know we got a freaking avenger. Have you fought thanos and messed up nope? Then you cant be a mario brother, hes doing surprise cameos in the movies like he might pop up his wario, or something like that, although i dont know, i feel like a warrior, would probably be another celebrity casting so id be curious to see what he ends Up voicing in the movie dont give that dude like a goomba or something like. What do you want me to say, im the voice of mario uh be a koopa trooper dont.

Do that to him give give the man some love hes been mario for so many years. You know charles martinez will be like many more nintendo. You do a good job there. I am hes also involved. Now i want this live action. Can we make this live action now? I want to see. I want to see chris pratt and charlie day in mario luigi close, and i want to see jack black dressed up as bowser. Can we have that? I dont want this animator anymore. I want this live action, put seth rogen in a monkey suit. An appearance and lets. Have this be live action, cg do a cats, you can do a cat put a spit up, but a cg gorilla with seth rogens face and a dk tie. And, of course, this is the thing thats happening now you asked for this wow i mean i knew they were going to get celebrity actors, but i was not expecting that caliber, please jack black adventure. Please is he going to talk like the cartoon like to show you blobbers stop trying to show me splatoon. You cannot follow this up with splatoon. Sorry splatoon. You look amazing, thats, a great looking game. The kirby little game look great, but im just im still processing this im, not even upset im, just its more like surprise. You know its like its like what its like its like. When you know two friends and theyve been like dating behind your back for years.

That you didnt know, and they finally told you youre like wait what thats, what this feels like. Oh we had chris pratt as mario for like two years, we didnt tell you until now. These are great talented people, theres no question. This is some top tier talent right here, just not what i was expecting when they said super mario brothers, it just wasnt what i was expecting heres the thing im, not even hating on this casting announcement. I dont even have a problem with it. It was just a surprise i figured they would get some celebrity names i figured they would get like some people. We heard like like along the lines of like ben schwartzs, sonic its like okay, some people that we know that are actors, but they also do voice actors, but i guess when they got that illumination uh universal money, theyre like lets, go big and go home. You know we got a theme park to sell, so you know well throw charles martinez in there well get a couple of comedian voice actors in there, but when we get into mario luigi, when we go to the big dogs, we got to get the big guns. We need we need a seth rogen, donkey kong. We need a chris pratt. Mario, we need a a charlie day luigi and taylor joy peach. We need all that because we trying to get these people in the seats. I just want to see how the animation looks and i want to see how the story is going to be.

What do you think of the mario brothers cast? Hey man? We have bob hoskins, john leguizamo and dennis hopper.

What do you think?

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Jack Black, Mario Series, Super Mario Bros. Reacting to SUPER MARIO MOVIE (2022) VOICE CAST!!