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This is the third day of the volcano eruption here on the southwest side of the island im standing here on a hill. If i look down in this direction, i can see the volcano close to the city of los glanos. At the moment, its very foggy, the sun is very hot and i think theres a lot of dust in the air, maybe from the volcano. I have to say more about this later on. First of all, i have a very important message for you. There is this theory about a landslide that causes a tsunami that will affect the east coast of america. So the last couple of days. I did a lot of research and i want to share this information with you in in an upcoming video, so make sure to subscribe to my channel share my videos so that i can reach a lot of people with this information. I need some time for this, because a lot of information is from german websites. I have to translate a lot and then i will make this a video for you with more information with facts about that and yeah im here on this island. So this is insider information for you. Thank you very much so now today i have a lot of information here on my paper written down and lets start with the video. First of all, please have a look down into the valley here. You can see the city of los cianos, you see its very very foggy, and maybe you can hear the noise from the volcano.

The volcano is about here. The lava stream hasnt reached or havent reached the coastline. Yet this is the atlantic ocean over there. Here is taza corte, so i will be here on the spot twice a day, uh filming, so that you have um time near information about this volcano eruption. So lets start with the yesterday evening. So yesterday evening we had another earthquake here, recognized by the inhabitants of the city. It was about 4.2 um. The other thing is, the volcano: has a new opening its the ninth opening of the volcano and thats, why the city of tacante got evacu evacuated last night. Last night i was here and i saw a lot of cars and i was wondering whats going on there. I thought it had to do something with the evacuation of the city, but i read in the newspaper that there was a lot of traffic because many people from the east side of the island drove here to see the volcano well thats, not a good idea. I think, because you have to drive through a tunnel and there can still be earthquakes and i think its very important that the streets are open for all the emergency cars and bombardos romeros is the spanish word for firefighters, police, military, etc. I can understand the people if youre living on an island – and you hear about the volcano – you want to see this volcano. Maybe you want to see the threat to to uh yeah, maybe or to feel better.

The city of puerto nas got evacuated. 500 tourists had to leave their the hotels and their houses. The lava stream is getting slower. 150 meters per hour, like i said before, the stream didnt reach the atlantic ocean yet, but the lava stream is just before the city of todoke. So how was the night? The night was very noisy, very unusual, noisy, like the last days before it was not so loud, but this night it was so loud. It was very scary and i got up at night and i had a look about to the south and i saw the sky. It was cloudy and i saw it orange the sky was orange. So then, in the morning early morning it got very quiet, no more noise and i thought, oh, the volcano stopped what whats happening so and now i have you can hear the noise again but now, like i said before its different, its its, not a continuous noise. Its like getting louder and less louder and less. When i got up this morning, we had a lot of ash on the floor and everywhere i was walking around and i felt like it felt like theres a lot of sand on my feet, but a different scent scent is maybe round, but this was like, like Very uh, like micro class, like really you couldnt, move easy, so my feet got um a little bit gray or black, so that thats from the volcano as well.

Some people wrote in the comments that you have to be careful with this ashes because its very sharp, maybe – and if you get this into the eye its it can hurt – and i felt this when i went here and i walked beside the road and the cast Drove by then there maybe theres a lot of dust and after the car drove by my eyes, were a little bit. Can i say itchy it felt like i had to scratch. My eye was a little bit different and i feel a little bit different. So its very foggy theres there are some particles in the air now im sure and i feel a little bit not so fit its a little bit different all right. Now we come to the daily news of the volcano. What i heard this morning, so the bottom is still um. I dont know the english word moving its like its going up a little bit about 20 centimeters. So that means that there is a lot of magma under the under the bottom, still theres a lot of magma in the earth. So we have to talk about this words magma and lava magma and lava is, in my understanding the same, but magma is lava in the earth. So when the magma comes out from the volcan, we talk about lava and scientists, say theres a lot of magma in the in the bottom or in the in the earth um.

Because this morning we had another four earthquakes this morning and that speaks for a lot of magma in the earth, so theres a lot of still a lot of pressure and it needs to come out. So they say there are two possibilities. So one possibility is the volcano opening gets bigger so that i got it. They say the volcano opening has to get bigger so that more magma can come out or there will be another volcano opening, and that would be not so good and then the magma will come out on this new volcano. They say that the eruption can take a longer time because of the lot, because of this a lot of magma. There are 166 houses affected by the lava they are destroyed and 106 hectare are covered by lava. There are daily 10 to 20 000 tons of sulfur dioxide blown out by the volcano, and there are six thousand to nine thousand tons of carbon dioxide blown out from the volcano. Like i said before, we had four earthquakes this morning, 3.8 in the depth of one to two kilometers thats, not very deep. So at the beginning the earthquakes were about eight kilometers or nine kilometers deep now its getting up, so the airport is working normal winter. The spanish airline says they are flying normal as usual. Winter is the airline that connects all the islands together. Okay, my viewers – this is very interesting. I arrived here and i lay down my map here on the stone and now you can see in a few minutes.

There is a lot of dust lying on this map. Maybe you can see this on my finger, its black, its like, like very small sand, and i think this is all in the air. So what about the seaside whats happening over there? And this morning i was looking at the sea with my binoculars and i saw a huge navy vessel in the north of the island more south. I saw the big ship from the coast guard and i saw the two ships from the whale watching tours. Normally they they every day they sail here at the coast up and down up and down with people to make whale and dolphin watching. But the sea is close. Nobody can go by ship over here, but they were here sailing up and down so again lets have a look about the map. I want to show you where the volcano is and which cities got evacuated. So i made a video already to um. Explain the whole island remember the special shape of this island in the atlantic ocean, and we have got here north – and here is south east west, and here in the southwest we have got the volcano over here in this region. Here is todoke and the lava stream is maybe here just a little bit before todoke and then its not much way left through the seaside. All right that are all the news i have for you. If something unusual is happening, i will make a quick video for you, and normally i will be here in the evening, making another video loading up this night so that you have fresh information.

Okay, so thank you very much for watching.

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