Volcano, Magma, Earth Iceland Volcano Update – New Lava Map and Lava Flow Forecast

8 square kilometers and flattening out the landscape up there. And then we remove that layer. Then we have the latest height the line, update only a few threshold, but we can see the lava outlands, and this will therefore be my main overview map. For today, where i will travel a bit around the volcano. Adding the camera locations and search on a map and predict how the lava will move and ask if we are doing enough in order to avoid what we are seeing in la palma there. Sadly, there is this huge loss of land and properties in live tv. These days, reminding us about what might happen to our town, krantovic, that is very close to the volcano, but lets move on with map. But lets start with map and im first going to add the camera locations for those of you who dont know the region, all that well, but are using the webcams webcam number one is located here and that is for an instant broadcasting service. Thats. What you call the hot camera, its usually empty, towards the crater, with this view that you know very well but note that they rotate it a few times a day like when they get tired of the tourists that are jumping in front of it. And i dont blame them. I would, however, not expect too much view from this camera for the next days. Not only is the weather forecast miserable for the next days, but the volcano has been dormant for the last days as well.

But what is a bit odd? Now is that the tremograph it didnt drop suddenly, as it tends to do when the volcano takes a break this time it faded out. So some of our experts were raising questions over if it was a sign of something. But then the only known pattern from the volcano is that its constantly changing its pattern and therefore still leaving more questions than answers. But lets move to camera two its down here and if i was operating a tv station with a goal to be as boring as possible. This is a fantastic location for levcan, but i must say, though, that the operator was thinking ahead, because this might be a strong location later on. You can see the lava barrier in the upper left corner, and that is where the last line of defense is today or in order to prevent the lava from coming down over the south coast route or at least to buy us some time. Then we have number three: that is the camera from newspaper called the mpl tortillas. You can get the news from them in english as well, and the camera is located just by the barrier. I like the quality from it, but the location aint that good they had. Another camera up there few weeks ago and it was located very close to the critters but its gone now, and should i rather say that the land under the camera is gone on the lava, so this camera is not doing a whole lot for me in a Moment but this location can be strong, though, when those large lava ponds up there kept moving like happened in last week, but it will show nothing in the next days.

I would think so lets move to the biggest question. Looking at the uncertain future, i have already covered the path of the lava across the road pretty well so far, and i cant add anything to that, except that maybe its just a good thing that the lava will come flowing down there. After all, since we are looking at the shield volcano in the making the largest volcanic formation that we can find on earth – and we do already have 20 such formations just on a peninsula – both large and small – but most of them are from the end of the Isaacs and the youngest shield volcano in iceland is the island surfsei and that eruption lasted for three and a half years. So if we are very optimistic and say that the gelting italian eruption would only take 3 more years with this map in mind, we could easily see ourselves in a position that it is a blessing in disguise to see the south coast road close and get rid Of some of the lava to storm to the sea out of harm say, and that is simply because all other options are so much much worse and the latest lavapond outburst showed us very well that we are very close to losing the lower stream over the barriers That you have up there and into this area here called the north higher creek, not higher greeky thats, an easy one, i think, and from there we are looking at the worst case scenario in all directions.

If the lava would to move north, it might end up in a town called the borger, but i covered that town in a recent video that im linking to when it goes to west. We had a blue lagoon and a power plant very important part of the infrastructure on the peninsula and 1000 jobs and then, of course, krintavik the home of over three thousand people. It is official that there are some preparations going on in kerinavik and also by the power plant where they are planning kilometers of barriers and lets say that the eruption would go on for three more years. The question remains: if the lava volume would be enough to reach those places, and would it matter if you could direct it as much as possible into nakhtai where it is accumulating today, not, i would for sure not hold that long. We have all seen how much lava it can spew up and how fast it can happen. All we need is maybe one two weeks of strong activity and off. It goes down to the sea, but i am wondering a bit now. If there is a master plan that i dont know about, everything depends on for how long the eruption will last, of course, if it will go on for decades, no matter what we do it doesnt matter, everything will go under lava there, and since i had this Height model in front of me, i picked up another shield volcano from the same map in the right proportions and when i place it here on top of the celtic volcano, we see this huge chunk of mass or a sample of what the worst case scenario might Look like, but at the end formation like this is very unlikely and lets say that we would get a medium sized shield volcano.

We are still in huge problems. The town, krintarik and important harper, one of the very few harpers by the south coast would be gone. So the longer we can control the flow through nash, high valley and down to the sea the more time it bites us if this is not going to take decades, so this short barrier up there that is controlling the flow down to north nothing. It importance is growing as it looks to me, so i have a feeling that there is some important parts of the discussion that we need to have here in iceland just missing, or will that barrier hold for much longer and isnt it worth it to make every Effort to make sure that it holds salawah back from northern creek for as long as possible and im also a bit worried that if this will move into the bureaucracy machine, we might have a man made disaster on our hands, because that machine is a disaster that We created ourselves as for timing and to keep up to date with what is happening. There might, however, be something in the pipes that i havent heard about and to watch the live stream from la palma. It is almost so well what could await this part of my country or a major property damage, and we have enough with the natural disasters in my country. We dont need man made disasters on top of them. There is absolutely no discussion going on about this barrier.

Up there and its importance, but lets hope that they have it under control. And finally, i want to remind you about this link to the height model, its from the icelandic land survey and the people there. They are for sure doing a great job. This is a fantastic motor where you can see all our volcanic systems, not in 3d, but almost and its just so much information there. You can also add the photo layer on top of it, so this will be very useful for me in future. So you can understand the landscape and im not going to make this any longer today.

What do you think?

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