Volcano, Volcanic eruption, Supervolcano, New Zealand, Lake Taupo, Earthquake, Earth ble:(Sep 24)Taup volcano is about to erupt,after 700 earthquakes hit Lake Taupo in last 24 hour

A super volcano has raised its alert level. After 700. Earthquakes occurred nearby top volcano, which is a super volcano. Located beneath New Zealands largest lake lake taupo experienced a volcanic alert level Val increased from zero to one on September 20th. Level 1 indicates minor volcanic unrest. According to geonet, a geological Hazard agency in New Zealand Lake taupo sits within the giant Caldera of a super volcano on New Zealands North Island about six miles above the magma chamber. The volcano has erupted 25 times in the last 12, 000 years, most recently in ad232. Producing the largest and most powerful eruption on Earth in the last five thousand years, super volcanoes, which also include Yellowstone Long Valley in eastern California and Toba in Indonesia, are volcanoes that erupt with a magnitude 8 or greater on the volcano explosivity index, meaning that eruptive deposits Are spread over 240 cubic miles, foreign to geonet, more than 700 earthquakes have been recorded under Lake taupo in 2022, with an increase in the frequency of these earthquakes. Seen since May at depths between 2.5 and 8 miles below the lake, this marks the first time. Geonet has raised the valve for the top volcano to one. However, there have been 17 previous episodes of similar volcanic unrest over the past 150 years, some of which were more severe than those currently observed. Foreign scale ranges between zero without volcanic unrest and eight, which represents a mega colossal volcanic eruption. None of this episode or the many other episodes that will occur over the last 1 800 years before written records are kept and an interruption.

Geonet said in a statement, the probability of an eruption at taupo remains very low. In one year, earthquakes near Lake taupo are caused by volcanic unrest According to geonet, which is when Magmar, hot water and hot steam of magma forces its way into the ground, causing earthquakes and ground movement. Research published in the New Zealand Journal of geology and geophysics. In February found that the ground beneath Lake taupo had shifted according to the paper, the land at the southern end of the lake sank 5.5 inches, while in the Northeast with the most active ventilation. The ground Rose by about 6.3 inches Music foreign foreign to geonet. The top volcanic unrest could continue for months without a real eruption. However, it can cause landslides, earthquakes, mud lockers, a type of mud, flow or debris flow and subsidence of the ground. Another New Zealand volcano made headlines in 2019 when white island or fakhari suddenly erupted. While a group of tourists were hiking on the island, killing 22 people and injuring 25 others, Music taupo is likely to erupt at some stage over the next few thousand years. So its important for us to Monitor and understand this period of unrest, so we can quickly identify signs that may indicate an impending eruption.

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Volcano, Volcanic eruption, Supervolcano, New Zealand, Lake Taupo, Earthquake, Earth Update; Alert Level Raised for the First Time, Earthquake Swarm

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