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And today Im going to be showing you some new settings in iOS 15 that you need to change on your iPhone right away.. So these are going to be settings that will have an impact on your privacy, your battery life and just overall ease of use throughout iOS 15.. And if you want to see an extensive video specifically on how to save battery life on iOS 15, that video will be linked in the cards and down in the description below, along with my video, where I show over 300 new features in iOS 15.. Alright. So now lets go ahead and get into these settings that you should strongly consider changing immediately.. The first one has to do with a safari and your IP address.. So if we go down and our settings to safari and then scroll down until we see hide IP address, you want to tap on that and make sure that is turned on.. You do not want this off., You want to hide your IP address and you can see right there.. It says your IP address can be used to determine personal information like your location., And this is going to protect you from that.. Now you might also see from trackers and websites., So you want to make sure that thats enabled. Thats only if you have a private relay enabled.. So if you dont have private relay enabled youll only see from trackers, but nonetheless we should have this enabled.

, And now that weve talked about private relay. We may as well go ahead and talk about that next.. So in iOS 15 in iCloud there was a new feature called private relay., And you could see that right, here.. If you tap on that, you may want to consider turning this on.. So it is currently in beta at the time of recording, this. And thats. The only reason I have mine currently disabled, because it is kind of spotty with the connection., But once this is out of beta, I will be having this on pretty much the entire time Im on my device.. So this is going to hide at your IP address and your internet activity, so that websites cannot build a profile for you based on your web activity.. Now this is not a VPN., It only works in safari and it cant hide like the region youre connecting from.. So youre not going to get the same benefits that you do from a VPN, but this is still a very, very great feature to have built in to iOS now.. And when you enable this, you will see that you have a section right here. That shows IP address location.. If you tap on that, you can maintain general location or use country and time zone.. So this is definitely a feature you want to consider. Turning on, especially once it comes out of beta.. So this feature comes with your iCloud plus subscription, which is the same price as what you were already paying for before iOS 15.

. So its going to be free, if you are already paying for storage beforehand and also included in iCloud plus, is the hide my email feature.. So this is another really great privacy feature and iOS 15. Thats going to allow you to use a unique random address that forwards to your actual email address.. So this is going to keep your personal emails private.. So this is great.. If you want it to maybe sign up to a websites newsletter to get a discount or if you just thought your information might get sold to a third party, you definitely wants to have like an alias email set up. And, of course, if you start getting spammed, You can delete that alias email and just create a new one, very easily.. So if you want to just tap on create a new address, youll see that it gives me a random email here.. It just says compact dash, oh five So basically, it just combines random words with numbers and thats what you get for your alias email, address. And now you can also label them.. So if you want to label your address so say you signed up for a specific website and this email is only tied to that one website.. You can maybe put it in there., So maybe its like a target, email or something like that., You could do that., And it could also make a note about it like saying that you signed up for a discount, so you can label them and leave notes.

If you want to. And then when you tap on next, you are all set.. And now, if you go down, you will see the email you just set up and if you tap on it, you can easily deactivate that email right there or change anything that you want to. And then also, if you go down even further, you have the forward To section what Joel lets you change the email that these aliases forward to. Now, the next thing you might want to change has to do with focus modes and notifying others when you are in a focus mode.. So, as you guys know an iOS 15 once you enter a focus mode, this is what well show at the bottom for other people who go to text you and well. Let them know that your notifications have been silenced and you can disable this.. If you go into your settings and go to focus and then go into that focus and then focus status, you could turn it off for everybody, but you might not want it to be off for every single person.. You might only want it to be off. For specific people – and you can do that. So if we go back into our messages once youre on a conversation right here with somebodys top on their contact – and you will see a toggle here called a share, focused status.. So you can disable that for a specific contact and it will no longer show that message.

. So that is definitely a setting. You should consider changing. If you dont want specific people seeing when youre in that focus mode. The next setting you guys, should change its inside of accessibility.. So if we go into our accessibility right here, you want to go down to audio visual and then to background sounds., And this is something Ive talked about it. So many times.. This is one of my favorite features in iOS, 15. And Im kind of surprised that it is not enabled by default.. So what this feature does is it plays some background sound.. So you can see you have different ones right here, like the rain ocean and just different ambient noises that will help you concentrate or go to sleep., And you can also stop sounds when locked. If you want to. And also if you have the hearing control center toggle right here, if you have to press on that, you have a quick little access to background sounds right here, where you could turn it on and off easily and also adjust the volume.. So I would definitely recommend enabling background sounds right here and also adding the hearing toggle to your control center.. If you think youre going to use this at any given point the next setting, you guys should change an iOS 15, its inside of camera.. So if we go into camera right here, you want to go to preserve settings and then you want to make sure that you change your night mode and also live photo.

. So this is one that drove me crazy, especially in night mode.. So this is new and iOS 15., So before on iOS 14, when I would turn night mode off because sometimes its really annoying, when I would turn it off, you know I would take the picture without night mode. And then the next time I went into my Camera nightmare mode turned on and ruined my photo, and I had to go in and turn it off again. And I wished that I was able to preserve the settings, but now in iOS 15 you are able to so. I would definitely recommend enabling the preserved settings toggle right here for night mode and also maybe for live, photo or anything else that you see in here that you want to preserve the settings for.. So, the next time you go into your camera, and one of these is not enabled or disabled. Now. The next thing you guys want to change is the notify when left behind feature.. So this is also brand new and I was 15 and this is going to be very beneficial if you have an air tag and also if you have multiple apple devices.. So if you go into the find my application and then go to your device, you will see under notifications.. It shows notify when left behind.. If you tap on that, you can enable that, and you can see us has received a notification when you leave that product behind.

. This can be helpful when taking this item with you and then down here. You also have notify me, except at where you can add in your home address., Because obviously, if you leave your house without that product, its not lost., So you dont want to get any notification for that.. So this is going to be very beneficial for traveling and just really any other time that you maybe leave something. If youre very forgetful you may want to have this enabled, especially if, like you, have an air tag connected to your keys or something important.. The next setting that you need to change is for those with an apple card, and this is going to help prevent fraudulent transactions.. So if it go into our wallet application here where our apple card is set up and if we tap on the little card icon up in the top right to view our card information, you will see that we have a new toggle in here for advanced fraud. Protection. And you could see it says – to keep your card information safe. Your security code will change periodically., So you definitely want to make sure that is enabled to prevent fraudulent transactions., And you will see next to your security code.. You will now get a new little icon., So that is a must enable feature.. If you have an apple card, the next setting you guys need to change is inside of the mail section.. So if you go to male and then down to privacy protection, you want to make sure that protect mail activity is enabled.

. This is an important one. And you can see it says: male privacy protection works by hiding your IP address and loading remote content privately in the background, even when you dont open the message.. So essentially, this feature not only hides your IP address, but its also going to prevent senders from tracking if you open their email or not.. So now people are not going to be able to see if you open the email or not. Theyre not going to be able to see if you forwarded the email or not.. So basically, this is going to prevent, follow up emails and other spammy tactics used by websites and others who have little hidden pixels in the emails., So strongly strongly suggest turning this on.. If you use mail on your iPhone, another major privacy feature here in iOS 15 that you need to configure is built in two factor authentication.. So if you go to your settings and then down to passwords and then if you tap on the account you could see at the bottom under account options, we have set up verification, code. And if you tap on that, you will see that you can enter a Setup key or scan QR code., So now with iOS 15, you do not need to have a third party application for two factor: authentication which is really really nice to have right here on device.. Now, if we go back into our accessibility settings theres another new feature in here that I want you guys to enable.

And that is per app settings down here at the bottom of accessibility.. If you tap on that, you can have per app settings now, so you can customize apps to only do certain things in that application.. So let me show you guys what I mean., So I have it set up for Amazon right here.. So if you guys dont know, Amazon does not have a dark mode for the application.. I know its 20 21.. They still dont have it.. So you can basically do that with this perhaps settings. You can have smart and invert turned on for Amazon, so that now, when you go into the Amazon application, its in a dark mode.. So, of course, its not a full dark mode, not a real one but thats, just an example of how you could use this.. You could also do it for bold text, larger text and all these different things right here again on a per app basis, which is key., And you could also do something similar with the text size, control, center toggle. So like, for instance, if we go into Twitter Right here and then go down to the text toggle right here and have to press on that, you could change the text size for this application only instead of all throughout iOS, which is also kind of an extension of at this. Perhaps settings feature here an iOS 15 which Im a big fan of., And I definitely think you guys should consider adding in whatever application you wants and configuring it to your liking here.

. The next thing you guys need to change is inside of the weather application.. So if you go into weather and if you tap on these three dots in the bottom rights and then tap on the three dots in the top rights right here and then go to notifications, I would recommend turning on this right here. Under my current location., My location turned that on for weather notifications., So this will notify you when its about to start and stop raining or snowing at your current location., So Im in Florida.. It rains all the time.. This is very accurate, with notifying me when its about to rain. And when its about to stop raining. The next thing you guys need to change is inside of the iCloud section and then inside of iCloud and then iCloud backup. We have a backup over cellular.. So this is available on the iPhone 12 and newer because it uses 5g.. But what this does is it backs up your iCloud data over 5g instead of wifi.. So I would strongly consider turning that off, because thats going to eat through your data and also your battery life.. So I would definitely only do iCloud backups when you are connected to wifi and apple, even warns you themselves.. I say this may cause you to exceed your cellular data plan., So take apples and take my advice.. The next thing you guys might want to do is go into your settings and go to notifications and then go to scheduled summary and add in the applications that you want to add it to your scheduled summary.

. So this, basically, this is what it looks like right here on your notification center.. It shows your evening summary.. This comes in at one specific time per day and it will show you notifications from applications that you deem as not important enough to send you a push notification like an important notification., So you can set this up right. Here.. You can have multiple summaries throughout the day., So for me I only have these three applications, because I dont have a lot of unimportant notifications that I even have enabled.. So I have these as just coming in at 606 PM because I dont want them to come in right when I get them because Im not important enough., So I would schedule this up.. You know a lot of people just say just disabled notifications, if you dont want them., But to me theres. Some notifications that I just want to have on, but I just dont need to know about them right, away.. So that is what the scheduled summary is. For.. Now., The next thing you guys should consider changing is inside of safari. The address bar is going to be something that some people just simply do not like being at the bottom, but thankfully you can change that.. So if you tap on the two, As here in the address bar, you have up top right here, it shows show top address bar and that will revert the address bar back to being up top.

, Like youve, been used to for a while that you could also Change this inside of your safari settings right here., So you can change it from tab bar to a single tab.. You also have the option to change the landscape, tab bar and the tenting. If you want to., So I would just recommend going in here and changing that tab bar to either the top or the bottom.. Whichever is your preference., Although I will say I would give the bottom bar a chance. If you just installed., I was 15 everybodys first instinct, is that they dont like it., Just give it a chance.. It took me about a month before I got used to it, but now I never want to go back. Now. The next thing you guys want to do is go into your settings and go to notifications and then go to announce notifications and make sure this is turned. On. Make sure that announced notifications and when connected to headphones – and you may also see CarPlay right here – make sure those are enabled.. And then you may also want to have reply without confirmation enabled as well.. So this an iOS 15, its no longer announced messages.. So now Siri will not only announce your messages when you get them when you have air pods in, but it will also announce the notifications that you have set up right here. If you want them to.. So for me, Ive, like Chick fil, A enabled, and some of these other applications enabled as well that I would like to hear notifications from like when Im on a bike ride or when I just cannot be looking at my iPhone.

Now. One of the best features in iOS 15 is live text., And this is a feature where, if you hold your camera up to like a sign or up to something with text on it, it can transcribe it in real time., And you could copy that to your Notes or you know, send it in a message whatever you want to do with it., So this feature is really awesome, but some people are not going to like it. And if you dont like it, you could actually turn this off and you can do that by Going into your settings and then going all the way down to the camera and then down to live texts.. So if you turn live text off, it will turn off the live text in the camera. Application. Now youre still going to have it for screenshots. Like you. Could still do it in screenshots and photos that you actually take, and you know save it to your camera roll, but you wont be able to do it live.. You know when you have the camera application pulled up and in real time. The next thing you guys need to change. Its inside of settings and privacy.. If you go all the way down to record app activity, you want to make sure that this is turned on.. So this is new and iOS 15, and you can see right here. It says, save a seven day, summary of when applications, access or data like your location or microphone and see when apps or websites you visit within apps contact domains.

. So you want this to be on and you want to have this data saved.. So as of right now, there is no UI right here that shows when apps access, your data., But in a future iOS 15 release. You will see that right, here. And you want to make sure that this is enabled for when that time, comes. And then the final thing you guys should change. And iOS 15 is also here under the privacy section.. And if you go to location services and then all the way down through system services and then all the way down to significant locations, you want to make sure that is disabled. Thats, basically just going to be following you around and keeping a log of where you Go every single day which will not only eat up your battery life, but its also going to eat up your data so that I would also go ahead and consider disabling most of these systems. Services, because you just simply do not need them.. So things like cell network search compass, calibration device management system customization, we have the product improvement toggles right here, both disabled. You want to disable, probably most of these., And basically all this is doing is again its for your system, services for the location., Its not disabling.. These features like, if you had disabled the home kit right here, its not going to disable home kit. Its only going to disable the location based features of home, kits.

, So thats, why you can disable most of these in here, because most are not going to matter. Like setting time zone unless youre traveling, all the time., You dont need that enabled you know you dont need the compass calibration and things like that.. Nothing in here. You really need enabled. Besides, maybe like find my iPhone. Maybe emergency calls. And thats Wes things that are actually going to matter at the end of the day., So there you have it guys.. Those are about 20 settings that you should be aware of and that you may want to change on your iOS 15 device.. Now, if you guys want to see another episode like this with more settings of change, let me know down in a comment below and also let me know what the thumbs up on this video.. So if you want to see that make sure you subscribe to the channel., So you get notified when that goes up.. And if you want to see all of my other iOS 15 videos, those are all linked to down in the description below, along with the iPhone 13 videos coming very soon.

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