Diablo II, Mercenary [GUIDE] Diablo 2 Resurrected – TRAP ASSASSIN

This is going to be a guide for her gear. Her stats, her skills, her mercenary um kind of talk a little bit about her overall and just kind of show. You guys everything so that, hopefully, by the end of this, you feel very confident in making an assassin so the first thing or making a trapson. The first thing i should do is show you the assassin over here. You can see her starting stats. You can see her stats per effect there. The good life gain per vitality, point and man again per energy point, her life and mana and everything per level and then down in the bottom right are her uh break points for fcr, fhr and fbr. I have a video linked below if you want to learn more about breakpoints, but those are decently important to node for any character. Overall. One important thing to note with the assassin is that laying traps is based on attack speed, not based on faster cast rate. So dont worry about your fcr, for that fcr is going to affect all your other things like your mine blasts and all of that casting, but not for your trap. Laying that is based on iis, which is a very complicated formula. Youll need to use a calculator for that anyways moving forward. This is the final build that i have for the trapson. This is at level 99 completed throughout basically youre going to max max max max thats, going to be your priority.

Maxes. One point wonders for the rest of these really burst to speed. One point fade one point: shadow master or warrior depending what you prefer. You can put one point or you can put more in there if you want to like beef up one of your masters or warriors right there, one of your shadows, um but mind blast cloak of shadows. Great one point wonders um but yeah. This is your damage and then fire blast is also actually decent damage to help. You um have some fire damage later on in the game. If you would like to use that and does boost um down here as well so uh with that being said, lets go ahead and talk about leveling this character. Now this character overall is going to be one of the best leveling characters in the game. Um and one of the best starting characters – this is an s tier starter build one of probably five and thats, because it is so good with crowd control. Its very easy to play. Shes got great safety, great health pool overall, very tanky and can just kill a lot. She has super good damage as well and multiple damage sources. If you factor in the death sentry explosions – and you know the fire blast and all that stuff. So how do i level this character? I go level one two, three four um, then five. If you want the den of evil point – or i guess sorry excuse me level, two three, four five den of evil point and then six, seven, eight, nine ten, i get 5 and burst the speed 11s there and then from 12 on im, just going wake of Fire im literally just spamming everything into wake of fire.

Once i hit this, i then just start spamming. The points into fire blasts to just keep boosting up the damage of wake of fire. Wake of inferno is trash. Dont really use it that much you can use it on like a couple spots, but its really not that great overall fire blast ends up usually being better um. So i go like this, then, when i get somewhere into act, four of nightmare start of act. Four end of act, three of nightmare, i respect and i switch over into lightning traps, so lets say that im level uh 40 by that point ill be able to put 11 points into death century ill, be able to put 17 points into lightning century, and then I make sure i have my five points and bursts of speed. This is just helpful there and then i go one one one, and this is just great. You get the mind blast and cloak of shadows, which are super helpful for all of the safety of the character. You get your burst of speed for for for running. You can get one point and fade for the resist all plus the bonus and the dr. You get from it and then um from there youll just keep maxing these out max out. Lightning sentry max out death, sentry max out charge bolt max out shock web blah blah blah. But if you do want to have a little bit of extra once again damage or a slightly different source instead of maxing out charge, bolt and shock web, you can put these points into fire blast just to help out with a little bit of fire damage, because You can see a level 20 fire blast does 477 to 634 fire damage and you can sit there and cast them pretty quickly, its actually a nice little source.

You can take out. You know lightning, enchanted, immune monsters, uh with fire blast there. While you let lightning sentry and destin death century kind of clean up everything else, um so very good, very solid to play through great in a team great on her own shes, quick in every aspect of the game, ester for sure right there in terms of stats, Uh strength, i want enough for gear dexterity. I want enough for gear everything else in vitality. You dont really need anything and energy on this character. To start out, i, like 25 strength for a belt um by act 5 normal i like 34 strength, so i can wear an ancients, pledge shield and then you know going up. Maybe i end up around 45 to 60 strength overall right there until i get to late game – and i like have to have a little more for the gear that im gon na put on uh. But nothing needs to be out of dexterity and youre. Just gon na do the same sort of stuff where you just you know, jam everything into vitality and just buff your life up as youre going right, um getting into the gear for this character. Lets go ahead and pop over here. Im gon na need some strength. So lets go ahead and get the strength up first, just a little bit, and then we can put on our enigma and that strength should get us everything that well need for everything else, so ill just gear up really quickly for this character.

Now we need a little texture, oh here, ill grab my grab those guys, cta spirit, spirit, um wheres, my hodo. At there it is hodo, uh, shaco and arachnid mesh, and where are my boots? Where are my trucks at? I dont know where i put them all right well put on some water walks. Why not have a little fun right there and well put some trains on and uh volcantos sure, and then we need the maras perfect. So this is going to be a pretty standard. Build for this character that youre going to be aiming for hodo is very nice. Getting a lot of plus to skills on this character is nice, so you really want to aim for that. Shaco is going to be solid just for once again plus skills, getting the life and mana and damage reduce. All of that same sort of thing. Maras enigma gets you that teleport, which is very helpful, um and getting the fcr, is helpful for the teleport as well, which is why we like having like trains and stuff, and then you also get some cold res with it. Uh bk rings or sojs are both good. You can get get added life added mana from those a rack and mesh is nice plus to skills um water wax is fine here i would probably have tracks on so we could actually go grab some really fast, perfect. So theres some tricks and then you know youre going to have your assassin uh torch youre, going to have your annihilus youre, going to have your plus to trap gcs with life and whatever you can get from that, and just all of the charms with life and Res and mana and those sorts of things then, on your offhand, youll have cta and youll have spirit and uh yeah.

This is a like. I say a very standard trap: build um and kind of the like good high damage, build that a lot of people are going to use. Now, if you want to do some magic finding, you can make some adjustments right, so you can swap on some chances. You can swap on some war traps you can swap on a gold wrap. I mean all of these. Things are very easy to swap in and boost up your magic find really quickly, also with charms, of course, and thats, a great way that you can go additionally. Uh lets say that you dont have that or theres some other things. You know im playing through the game. I want to be more budget, you know what should i be uh? What should i be doing with kind of the budget stuff? Well lets. Look at some options right, um, so spirit, sword, fantastic budget item gon na get the plus skills, fcr, vitality, mana. All that stuff super good um. You could use uh a whiz pike. If you wanted that wouldnt be terrible, you could use a bartooks if you wanted get some plus to assassin skills. Just from that i mean thats, not a horrible idea right there um you can do for uh. I mean thatd, probably be like stuff id recommend right. There um early on in the game a leaf staff is amazing, while youre still using the fire skills. This is like super super good and solid for this character.

Highly recommended tear around you can get it from normal countess level. 19. You pop it on boosts your fire skills up and you do tons of damage so thats really solid as well. After this yeah, some people will run griffins but thats for the fcr, not for the percent, lightning, uh and thats, because the percent lightning doesnt affect your traps. Your traps are basically like separate entities, so theyre minions. So if you have a percent damage reduction or anything its not going to apply to your traps, just as a heads up um stealth is always a classic starting armor fast runway, fcr, fhr dexterity, i mean this is just so good right here. Twitch throw gets you! Ias, which early on, can be very helpful for laying the traps um smoke is nice. You get all the resistances there, which is really helpful. Durian shell can be good, you can get, cannot be frozen from it life res. All of that spirit, shroud plus the skills, cannot be frozen, viper match. I would be good on this character. Skills, resistances fcr, all super good uh cannot be frozen from death. Sash could be nice night smoke string of ears, gold, wrap um, but even just like a big belt with life, you can buy it from a vendor. Super nice super easy, uh turns of rings and emmys, plus the life there nagel ring can get you some stuff. Um, you really just be looking for like resistances and stats from these things and then, if you can get something like a raven frost once again, getting cannot be frozen.

Is nice because if youre frozen you slay trap slower, which is a little bit annoying for amulets youre? Definitely still going to want. You know like that mars, but serifs ham is also good. I have etlitch is also good right. Highlords is also good plus to skills. Ias were looking for that sort of stuff right there and thats going to be very helpful for the character just to increase her trap, laying speed kind of as she goes along shield. Wise ancients pledge act 5 classic super solid. If you would prefer to have cannot be frozen, you can get the rhyme shield, it does have a little bit less resistances, but you get cannot be frozen, which can be super helpful and once again, with your laying trap, speed overall, you can run mosers or something. If you find it, you could make a sanctuary. I know this is in a um paladin shield, but you could make a sanctuary and you know whatever shield, if you want. I think i actually have a sanctuary over here. Yep there you go so big, resistances right there that can be super nice um. You know all of thats really good in terms of helmets, uh youre gon na want like a lore helm. This is one of my favorite to get from a nightmare countess. Just super solid, plus skills, energy, light res um, mana per kill, which thats not gon na, actually have any effect, because traps once again are minions.

So if theyre killing you dont get the mana, but the plus one skills is nice. You can just make a big ol resistance, helm whatsoever and thats kind of recommendations for other things, right skills and resist big, resist big, resist, faster vitality, dr skills, vitality, frw plus to skills mf. You know i mean these are all solid options for this character. For sure, in terms of gloves early on, im really liking some nice ias gloves so blood fist sanders iis gloves i shop laying of hands. These are all going to be really nice um and then, if you want to get like the fcr later for when youre trapping around with enigma and stuff, then uh, you know you can kind of move into into uh this, but i like these early, these are Going to be very solid, but chances are also nice frost. Burns can be okay for just some mana magefist could be all right to get that fcr and plus one fire. Skills can be great early on once again, when youre still using fire boots. Wise hisarus boots are great um war traps would be nice, anything like alders. This could be a best slot boot right there for you at the end, fast run, walk life, resistance, faster, run, walk, double resistance, faster, run, walk resistance, fast runway resistance right. This is kind of our like standard sorts of stuff right there, so thats really going to cover a lot of the stuff for the assassin give you some budget items that you can play through.

Additionally, if you just get random stuff like ever dungos or something you know all right sure its got some damage reduced, its got some vitality. Sure, like you know, if you happen to have it, a lot of these things can be very decent in terms of a mercenary uh. I would focus on probably getting a holy freeze mercenary, so this is gon na be from nightmare act. Two, let me go up here, really fast hire a defensive act, 2 mercenary you can either get offensive or defensive. If you want the might or the holy freeze. I kind of like holy freeze on this character a little bit more um but thats personal preference for sure, and then i like to get um for mercy, mercenary gear, fortitude, infinity and andys helm is going to be the top tier because you have that light damage. So youre going to really really want to focus on that with the conviction aura. Obviously, fortitude is just amazing and, and darios is also just amazing right. You get the skills in life and all of that, so this is pretty much like my best setup for it. But what are other setups that you can run? You could have an insight. If you cant afford that infinity, you could run an honor. If you wanted, you could run an obedience. All of those are very cheap, very easy to make and have decent damage additionally treachery. This is great for the assassin as an assassin body armor that you could put on, but also great for your mercenary one of the only uh kind of annoying things is your the fade.

Proc of that can overwrite your burst of speed. So if you want your burst to speed on and you keep getting hit, it could keep procking fade and you have to like recast your burst of speed, just a small thing um, but still an amazing armor for very cheap and so good for the mercenary and Then helmets, crown of thieves tower rushes gays, even like akiras, for the big resistance and stuff just for survivability. But we really like lifesteal helms. Those are going to be really nice for this character um and for the mercenary overall, so thats pretty much this character in. In a nutshell, um in terms of a little bit of the play style, let me set this and set this um. Something that youre going to want to note is the way you set your traps. I like to set four and one so four light centuries. One death century and then let me just like set up hotkeys really fast and then another thing is, you can always again with like the safety. This character can be so safe because you can just sit there and convert all the monsters, knock, all the monsters back and then, once again nothing is attacking you. All these monsters are fighting for me right now, so i can let my mercenary kill them. I can just set my traps down and then just knock everything back and uh its a nice easy way to just murder.

Everything and just do really well. So this is a very strong, very safe character, um highly highly recommended and yeah. I hope you guys get some good play out of it. I hope you guys have some fun and uh enjoy it, because its really just i mean its one of my favorite characters to play through the game with. I think it makes it a super fun experience and yeah thats pretty much it so with that being said, i hope you enjoy this everybody. If you have any thoughts comments, please leave them below uh dont forget to like and subscribe and peace.

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