Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Aspyr, BioWare, Nintendo Switch The KOTOR Remake has a HUGE problem…

There was an article that came out the other day, asking the guys at lucasfilm why it took so long for them to get this thing off the ground. There have been rumors of this game, a remake circling around for years now and finally, its happening. So why did it take them so long? Well, lets find out and also theres a huge problem with the kotor remake a lot of people have been talking about that is going to affect a lot of players once the game releases, something so many people are annoyed about thats not going to change, hey everyone, Its andrew todays video is sponsored by ace defender a free to play rpg with focus on tower defense. You know how, in attack of the clones, the jedi were completely swarmed by the droid army on the jedi being slaughtered. Well, thats kind of how you feel in this game, except unlike the jedi youre, able to actually deal with the hordes of enemies without the need of a clone army useless jedi. This here is the single player campaign. A rebellion in the dragon clan threatens the balance of good and evil. This games story is huge. Currently, there are nearly 2 000 levels with over 40 chapters to play through as part of the turn based rpg and town defense modes. Now each hero you play, as also has their own traits and background story like this dude with two flame swords. It looks like they were forged in the lava lakes of mustafar next to where anakin professed his love for obi wan.

There are also new heroes added every two weeks: lots of stuff to try as for game modes, youve got the expedition solo mode as well as offline pve and online pvp, where you can take your best squad into battle against other players and show them whos boss. If you click the link in the description, when you hit level 10, new players will receive 150k gold, 700 diamonds and several other freebies to level up unlock and hit the ground running, download ace defender now using the link in the description so according to lucasfilm. Why did it take them so long to get this thing off the ground? Well, in this interview, they responded about the kotor remake saying its such a great game, thats a great question again, its a remake of my favorite star wars, game of all time, a lot of peoples, favorite styles, game, a lot of peoples, favorite video game period; its Definitely a part of the legends impression of star wars. I think it took a long time to find the right group aspire to want to do it well, and i think it was just time to share this moment in star wars, history with a new audience. That was lucasfilm vice president james war, giving an interview for star wars, visions. He was also asked about the go tour remake. So what he seems to say is that they hadnt previously made the kotor remake because they wanted to find the right studio and developers to work on the game, even though they were literally partnered with ea and bioware are the guys who originally made this.

I guess theyre busy with other games, but lucasfilm actually said something similar a few months ago back when asked about the new open world ubisoft star wars, game saying open world is something theyd been wanting to do for ages. They know everyone has been wanting. This kind of game, and again they just never felt like they had the right studio working for them to get the job done. Remember eas. Visceral games were previously working on an open world styles game before that was cancelled and the studio was shut down. As a result, so here again theyre coming out and indirectly saying that, due to eas exclusive 10 year deal with the star wars, gaming license lukes film games. Didnt want to make these games yet ea werent the ones to work on an open world styles game or the kotor remake according to lucasfilm games, right isnt that what theyre saying here, but all that said its just like a massive middle finger of the ea isnt. It in some way, i mean its clear they value ea as a partner, but clearly not to make these games, but all that said theres a problem. A lot of people have been talking about regarding the kotor remake that will affect lots of players once the game releases, something so many people are annoyed about thats not going to change. So the big problem, with the kotor remake that im talking about is the playstation exclusivity at launch.

As you probably know, by now the kotor remake is only releasing for the ps5 and possibly also pc. At the same time, to be honest, though, this isnt entirely clear. Some people seem to think the ps5 and pc versions are releasing on the same day at the same time, but the way lucasfilm games have worded. This makes me think the ps5 version will be the first release like a timed exclusive launch right. So can we just get one thing straight? Is the kotor remake a ps5 timed exclusive at launch, or is it releasing at the same time for pc, because i still cant figure it out seriously? How confusing can they make this lucasfilm games? A legendary story? Remade for a new generation of players is coming to playstation 5 and pc okay, great thats, simple. It doesnt tell me when right,, the classic rpg returns as a playstation 5 console exclusive at launch and for pc. What does that mean? Can they make the wording of this thing any more cryptic? Well at least theres one thing we can say for sure it sucks to be an xbox player, which is the main issue here. Did you recently go to the store or online and order an xbox for 750 or, however much they cost? You did well too bad because you wont be able to play the kotor remake whenever it releases, unless you also have a gaming pc, but wait a sec.

You just spent 750 on a new xbox. You probably cant afford a gaming pc unless youre lucky but dude come on. I have no issue with console exclusive games. I get it. You know its money, its a business theyre trying to print money, but its like halo right, halo games have always been on xbox, xbox, exclusive and pc as well, but ive barely ever played halo because ive always owned playstations and im cool with that. On the playstation side of things, weve got games like the uncharted series, god of war. The last of us goes to tsushima, which im also totally cool with, because each of these have always been exclusives and theyre their own series and franchises theyre, not part of a much larger pre existing ip like star wars, which is why so many people have an Issue with the kotor remake being a ps5 exclusive on the console side of things, its a star wars, game, not an original game made for either sony or microsoft, not part of a new universe or a new ip. No, its part of the largest star wars, universe and its a game. People refer to as one of the best video games of all time. So, by making this console specific lucasfilm games are alienating a huge chunk of their star wars. Audience theyre never going to be able to play this unless they own a pc if youre, lucky or if you have an xbox but whats funny about this – is that the original, kotor, 1 and 2 were both xbox exclusives at launch when they launched way back so Theyre, basically flipping this players who owned an xbox back in the day, got to play this.

While, if you were someone like me, a ps2 owner, you missed out, ive never played kotor, and this is why it was never on a playstation console. The original game released for xbox on july 19, 2003 and then for pc on november 19, 2003. So months later timed xbox exclusive at launch, but the difference is back then in the early 2000s it was much much harder to develop games from multiple platforms than it is today. The console hardware and technology was still so new. Back then, game consoles had only really been a thing for a handful of years and the reason kotor was made for xbox and pc was because the developers at bioware were just more familiar with developing for xbox heres, a quote from one of the lead devs back. Then we could do the things we wanted to do on the xbox without as much effort as wed need to do it on the ps2 or gamecube. So it seems, like the decision was pretty clear to develop it for xbox and it paid off. Kotor was one of the first rpg games to release the xbox and became the fastest selling xbox game ever at the time of release, selling 250 000 copies in its first four days. So what im trying to say is back in the day when this thing originally came out. I could understand why it was an xbox exclusive at launch, even though arguably games are harder to make nowadays with the graphic, fidelity and detail that can be created and put into the games.

As far as i know, theyre way easier to develop from multiple consoles and just basically port from one to the other. Therefore, the only reason the kotor remake is a ps5 exclusive is for money. Lucasfilm and disney are clearly being given a massive massive cut of the money accumulated from sales and theyve been bought out by sony, who realized that, having the kotor remake as a ps5 exclusive will likely sell a lot of ps5s. A lot of people are gon na. Go out and buy a ps5 just to play this thing as soon as it releases its one of the best star wars, games of all time, youre, either playing it because you grew up playing it. You want to re experience it with modern, graphics and performance. You need to get a ps5 to do that or youre new to kotor. You love star wars and you want to experience a star wars, rpg for the first time and thats the problem here, its only being developed for specific star wars, audience the ps5 star, wars, audience to begin with and thats the issue, its frustrating its isolating player base And no one wants that. That said, im still excited about the game coming out, but id love to know. Would this prompt you to go and actually buy a ps5 if its only on ps5 as soon as it launches? Are you gon na wait for the pc version and you wish it was gon na be on xbox? Please.

What do you think?

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