Sony PlayStation, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation 4, 2021 NEW PSN SALE LIVE RIGHT NOW + GET 1 MONTH OF PS+ SUPER CHEAP! (PS4 DEALS 2021, PS+ DEAL)

This one very much a smaller sale for a smaller duration of time, its the weekend off for sale but ill. Give you guys a quick look through that also, i want to give you guys a heads up on a playstation plus deal for those of you guys that arent subscribers right now and thats pretty relevant, because theres also a double discount sale going on right now and There is a great deal of the week running as well on the playstation store and a couple of other things. I want to note at the end of this video so well get to all of that into time. First of all, lets actually start with the deal of the week, which is mass effect, the legendary edition 34 off for ‘.59. This is finally starting to drop in price. I guess i should say not really. Finally, i mean the game came out four months ago, so its not been that long, but mass effect, legendary edition is pretty solid. Of course you got all three mass effect games. It should be noted that you know they refined mass effect 1 a little bit. It wasnt uh the complete refinery. I think the game needed his refinery. It worked, i think its a word uh its, not the complete overhaul. I think the game really needed, but uh its definitely better and i played mass effect. 1 uh the pre remake, probably a year and a half two years ago, and i beat it then, and then i cannotice the aging and even now i can but its still definitely playable.

Once you get to mass effect 2, though mass mag 2 is such a tremendous game that, like just for mass effect, 2, i think the legendary edition is worth it, but then yeah mass effect, 3 as well, one of the worst endings of all time. Aside, the game itself is pretty good and mass effect, 1 is still pretty good. Mass effect, 2 is just on another level in my opinion, but to get all three games for ‘.59 uh. I do think that is a pretty good deal and i would check that out if, especially, if youve never played the mass effect games, because i always like harken back to like um ages and things like that. Mass effect 1 came out back in 2007. So if you were a younger chat back then i mean youve, probably a full grown adult now, and maybe a game like mass effect is gon na, be more up your alley these days, but definitely do check it out. ‘.59, i think, is a pretty good buy. All right weekend off for sale, uh, some decent deals available as a part of this sale. Origami 80 offer ‘9 that caught my eye right away. Uh stealth action game, origami 2 just dropped not getting the best reviews in the world, but already got me one for four bucks. I do think is a pretty good buy uh. You know if it looks like something thats interesting to you, go check it out.

Jurassic world evolution is 749.. Garfield cart furious racing 599. That game is such a meme like. I have a lot of friends that are like into that game and just play it for the jokes but uh yeah there. You go six bucks for that. Dollhouse 299 horror game there uh grand kingdom is 85 percent off for 449. A black sod under the skin is a 999 story driven title there. If you do want to check that out cool art style there as well xenon racer is 299.. What else we got flashback 249 uh shape of the world is 2.99 adams ventures. Origins is 149 lone survivor. The directors cut is only a buck. 49 thats, not a bad pick up uh serial cleaner, 299 nero voider is 27. Now a lot of these games are on game pass as well. So that should be uh, something to note, but uh transcripted 159 strikers edge is 299. uh. What else we got yesterday? Origins, 249, boiling bolts, 2’. Subject: 13: 69 cents, yes, youve got games south of a dollar as a part of this sale. Ultratron is 90 offered. 99 cents as well thats a game ive been meaning to check out and actually do a video on, but uh yeah well get to that at some point. Theres also dollhouse the deluxe edition uh stealth inc on ultimate edition 299 thats, pretty good astro breed is on so ask to breed, i should say: uh thats 3.

99 thats, pretty good uh for that thats, a significant discount eighty percent off uh smoking sacrifice ‘9. eight bit. Hordes on sale, uh, yeah, so a lot of games that are a little bit lower, but i thought i would give that a mention as well, since you guys are usually pretty curious. Oh peaky, blinders, uh mastermind is also on sale, 80 off for 4.99. Of course, based on the popular uh television show, this is a game that i dont know if its going to be up everyones alley but uh, it is more of a puzzle, adventure, title and uh some strategy elements in there as well, so bear that in mind Know what youre getting yourself into if you do pick that game up, but a cool presentation and art style in that one as well uh next up! Okay, so want to give you guys a heads up that if you are not a playstation plus subscriber, you can get a month of playstation plus for a dollar now. This is not applicable to people that are already existing subscribers, but if you want to get a month a plus, maybe to take advantage of the double discount sale, if anything on that sale of peaks or interest, that is a pretty good idea. I mean they got red dead, redemption, 2 assassins, creed, valhalla, verizon, zero dawn, complete edition dying, light, platinum edition, resident, evil, raccoon city edition, mafia 2, definitive edition and a bunch of other games on sale as a part of that sale.

So i imagine some people do want to take advantage of it, but if youre not a plus subscriber theres, absolutely no reason to pick anything up in the double discount zone because the double discount sale, the the regular discounts are honestly jokes but uh. The double discount is like the standard discount that you would see during a good sale, so really um the gimmick of that sale, isnt the greatest thing in the world, but yeah for a dollar. You can get playstation plus uh for a month and the plus games, like totally escape my uh, my memory right now, but i remember plus being something uh. People got pretty happy with. Let me actually look that up what were the playstation plus games this month guys? So many things happened that uh? Sometimes i forget these things: okay, overcooked, all you can eat edition, uh, hitman, 2 and then yeah predator hunting ground so yeah a decent month. All things considered: hitman 2. Definitely a good uh, a good offering predator hunting grounds. Multiplayer title overcooked: all you can eat is a playstation 5 title, but remember if you do sign up for plus, you can add that to your library and youll be good to go when that does um. You know when you do get a playstation 5. If you dont have a playstation 5 at this point, so plus for a dollar, definitely a good pickup, so go check that out and go take advantage of the double discount sale.

If that does interest you. Lastly, i want to know two things: real quick. There is a star wars, racer and commando combo pack, coming physically to playstation 4.. The pre order is up now on amazon and its going for 29.99. So republic commando, obviously a game that a lot of people think very, very highly of so uh. If you do want to check that out 29.99 for that ill leave a link to it in the description box below and then also coming off of the nintendo direct yesterday castlevania advance collection is out and its available on the playstation store for 19.99. Obviously, you got castlevania circle of the moon, harmony of dissonance, arya of sorrow and dracula x. This is a great bundle for all that youre getting for 19.99. I think this is a really good pickup, so go check that out. Hopefully this does well enough, so we can get a castlevania ds collection because those games are getting egregiously, expensive, uh order of ecclesia in particular. I remember looking at that and it was like close to 100 or something like that and come on bro like no ones paying that much money for a nintendo ds game. I mean i actually have the physical copy so im a little happy about that, but uh yeah id like those games to be accessible to everyone, because the ds castlevania games are excellent. Youve got a dawn of sorrow, youve got portrait of ruin and then, of course, you have order of ecclesia, but uh yeah.

This bundle quite good for four titles and the castlevania games on gba were pretty solid, as well so nice to see a collection being available readily to everyone at a relatively good price as well thats gon na do it for me again. The weekend offer sale running right now on the playstation store, go check that out, if youre, not a plus subscriber you get a month for a dollar star wars, razer and commando combo is available for pre order. Mass effect, legendary edition circling back to that thats. ‘. 59 and then castlevania advanced collection out right now, thats gon na do it for me sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank you for watching and goodbye, hey guys. We hope you enjoyed the video and, if you did make sure, to hit the subscribe button and if youre already subscribed, do us a favor and hit the bell icon.

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