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Ive done a playstation plus leaks video for a while now because generally pretty unreliable and normally its just some guy on reddit saying what he wants. The ps plus games to be and making something up, but when a reasonably reliable leak comes out, i want to talk about it. Over the weekend we had a tweet from wario 64.. He is a well known leaker in the gaming community. He has linked a bunch of games and services, and things like this, so i would say, with a degree of reliability that this is probably the playstation plus lineup, and a lot of the big outlets are covering it out for the month as well. Lets talk about what the games are that have leaked lets talk about why we should care about them if they are real, and if this is a good month or not, this isnt, a full, conclusive video well, do that when the actual playstation plus games are now. This can be a bit of a, but this can be kind of at least the startings of that conversation. Remember. All of this is leak. Rumor dont take any of it completely seriously until we actually have an official announcement from sony. That is when we all know officially what the games are. This is just tbc for this stage, but we do have some kind of semi official imagery, so i would expect it to be legit. I guess the first game on the ps4 is mortal kombat x.

This is a fighting game in the mortal kombat franchise. Mortal kombat x stands for 10, so 10, basically its strange on this one because it is actually already free for playstation plus users who have a ps5 with the playstation plush playstation plus instant games collection. So it is a little bit unusual that were getting this one. The other ps4 game is one that i dont think you guys are going to be super happy about, and that is pga tour. 2K21. I know its a little bit of a weird choice for a playstation plus game, so pga tour, 2k, 21, its obviously last years, pga game. But i think the pga 2k series of games have been like something that uh they they had on hold for a while and theyve recently come back in in the last 12 or 18 or a couple of years. I think so. Thats, the two ps4 games, more combat x or mortal kombat 10 and pga tour 2k. 21.. The ps5 game is the newly unreleased game uh, how little, which is basically, this 50v 50 online multiplayer game uh that has been teased and trailers have been shown for this. One for quite a few months now, but this is a ps5 exclusive, so you wont actually get this for free if you have a ps4, so three games, mortal kombat x, pga, tour 2k, 21 and how let loose are the potentially three games for playstation plus so Lets talk a little bit about each of them uh and if we should care or not lets start with mortal kombat x uh.

Basically, you know, like i said, a fighting game, um classic mortal kombat fighting game here, but, like i mentioned at the top, it is unusual that were getting this one given. It is already free for ps5, ps, plus users, so im not really sure what the dynamic of that means exactly because it basically means if you have a ps5 youre, getting one less game, although i suppose technically, if you have a ps4 every month, youre technically even Won this game because you cant play the ps5 game, so i dont know if theres like a balance there um, it does feel to me a little bit like theyre, scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one, if its real its highly unusual, that that would Be one of the free titles just like i said, given it is already kind of in their subscription service for free, which makes me wonder whether or not there is a revamp or something coming from playstation plus thats. Probably my prediction is that maybe at the end of the year or the start of the next financial year for sony, there might be some sort of a proper re jig to playstation, plus maybe incorporating some sort of ps now thing. If they have been able to release that into different markets, thats, probably where i would see it going, but thats just a wild prediction at this point, its just an unusual title. For me, it makes sense because its online, but then it doesnt make sense because its already free its just weird, hey guys anything josh here, just wanted to cut it in for a second.

I just realized, as i was editing this, i didnt mention anywhere in this video that mortal kombat x actually has an unattainable, platinum trophy and i figured its kind of relevant to you guys as an audience. So i just want to include that in here uh the servers for mortal kombat x have been really fiddly for the last 18 or 12 months, or so i would say, with some game modes not being available and things like that. So if youre a trophy hunter, who has a 100 profile, you should be aware of that before you go for this platinum trophy. So i wanted to mention that for you as well, i also made a trophy roadmap for mortal kombat x last year when it was free as part of the playstation plus collection. So you can check that out on the channel um somewhere, possibly in the description down below or somewhere else on the channel. If you are interested in the trophy guide for that game, its a tough platinum, trophy though so be warned all right back to josh from i dont know a day or two ago. Pga tour again is another one that its an incredibly mainstream title for everybody because its about golf, but it is a sports game which is a niche as well in the games industry. So, im not really sure why and its not like its an mba or a fifa, or something like that which are a lot more popular, its just a its a golf sports game, which is, i think, a pretty disappointing one.

Realistically, we had something similar a few months back with the tennis world tour game or the tennis. I cant remember what it was called now. I forgot to even add that to my cart honestly, so i dont even own it, but that game was. You know it was pretty rough. I think this is gon na be a better game than that. But you know the reception to a sports game like the tennis game was pretty negative. I would say for most people um so theres that, but let me know in the comments down below what you think of these two games, the other one hell lit loose, i think, is very interesting. I think this is actually a pretty solid game to include in the lineup given its not out yet we dont know a huge amount about it, but it is touted to be this massive online, 50v, 50 sort of first person multiplayer game. I think it does have a lot of potential to be something quite cool and coming to playstation plus, given its heavy reliance on an online community. I think is the best way to release a game like this, so i think this actually makes a lot of sense as a playstation plus title. Hopefully its gon na be better than some of the multiplayer big multiplayer games that theyve been releasing in the last couple of months. There have been a few months of kind of pretty average, i would say multiplayer titles, so the community dies pretty damn quickly or it doesnt even exist to begin with, because it just doesnt take off.

I think this game has potential. It does look cool and im. Definitely keen to check this one out if it is free and it is one of the playstation plus games if its not dont know. If i will, because i dont think theyre gon na be enough people buying it, but who knows um. Those are the three games. Let me know what you guys think of these leaks in the comments down below, if you think that this is somewhat reliable or not and uh, and we can have a bit of a conversation about it when the games are officially revealed, i will do a separate Video about that well talk about them together and maybe ill put some more thoughts around mortal kombat together, so we can kind of have a bit more of a discussion about that as well. But, like i said, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below. If you like this lineup, if you dont like this lineup, i would say its a pretty weak lineup. Personally, i think its an average lineup for playstation plus, i dont think its a a particularly strong lineup, i think its arguably one of the weakest lineups in 2021. Although we had some pretty bad ones, we had some really good ones earlier in the year, which is why its kind of so shocking that it has gone downhill so much in the last couple of months its you know, we had the heights of a man eater And days gone and control as our free games for a couple of months there, which are really awesome.

You know arguably big aaa and double a games so to go from those to to, i mean technically, i guess 2k and mortal kombat are aaa games, but two kind of i would say more b grade triple a quality games. If you want to call them that it does feel a little bit strange, which is why i feel like there is a region coming for playstation plus, but look who knows at this stage we yeah, we dont, know ill, do an update later in the week when It comes out, i think, probably towards the end of this week, and we can have a bit more of a discussion about it there and ill take some of the peoples comments from the comment section down below, and we will put it into that video as well, Especially if people are happy or disappointed about this, if im missing something, let me know in the comments down below if there is some more leaks, let me know in the comments down below and we can talk about it there. I will see you guys on the next one bye for now patreons for september. I want to give you a warm warm thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Each and every one of you for keeping all the lights on here at platinum. Trophy hq by supporting me, either via patreon or by a channel membership below youll, see your names over here next to me, if you are a patreon or a channel member, thank you each and every one of you.

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