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The cool thing about it is when you hit 100 000 subscribers, you get a plaque from youtube. Lets see that thing that is pretty nice ive never had a chance to see one in person. Most people havent had a chance to see what a person to me. This is something that most youtubers do not accomplish, so it is something to be very, you know proud of. Anyway, i want to say: congratulations. Man ive had a lot of fun, making some videos with you and – and we always have a great time so anyway, if you havent, already followed steve, go follow him theres, going to be a link in the description below protected, dad pranks on youtube, cool peace, peace. All right guys welcome back to front seat, driver theres, a video that i promised everybody several months ago – never happened, but it is happening today, im here with steve from protected dad pranks and we are going to do a full walk around of his car when he Bought it and im going to leave a link to the video where he first got this car, but man it is a base model, c7 stingray, hes done 31. Various upgrades and modifications this car. It is a knockout, but im gon na go through it with him and im gon na. Let him tell you about every single modification, hes done so lets get started with that right now, before we begin, i want to answer one question: why i didnt get a z06 in the first place.

Well, this is a 2019 and when my wife surprised me with it, was middle of the production year, so finding certain models was very hard and my number one thing i had to have was a red manual. It didnt matter. If its a z06 automatic, i had to have that red manual, so my wife knew that so she got me the red manual and actually we live in dallas fort worth and theyre literally i checked after uh. She showed me this car there wasnt a red manual anywhere for like 500 miles, so that was the reason why i got it number two: why not make the car yourself like make it his own? Like i love the fact that i drive a car. I pull up and people can see that my car is my car, not another z06 and another z06. In fact, i just ordered a c8, and you know what i ordered: a base model red with black leather interior. No bells no whistles, because im gon na do to that car. What i did to this car so to begin the very first mod i did was the same thing. I would do to every single car, no matter if it was a corvette, and that is tint. The windows, my windows, are tinted 5 in the rear and 15 on the front and they used to be 18 on the front, but it was just too bright in this texas sun.

So i went to 15., so theres only one performance, mod ive done to the engine, and that was installing the afe power cold air intake. What i love about the afv power cold air intake is that it does give extra performance. But i love to hear that sucking sound when you put on the gas pedal and people often ask me: how do you keep your engine so clean? Well, the one thing i use is hyper dressing for meguiars. This stuff is phenomenal when it comes to the entire car in general, theres. Two things i did. I installed this gm stinger stripe and then, after about a month of driving, i started knowing little bitty nicks on the front, so i knew i had to have this car expelled. So i went to cody kiter a new image detail in fort worth texas and he did a full front clip of expel and then you ceramic coated, this entire car. And when you look at this car, this car is shiny, as it is its over two and a half years old yeah, and it looks like it just came out of the showroom now, while were on the subject of protection, one of the best things you can Do to protect your car and the cars that are behind. You is installing these rock guards and theyre available from Yes, and if you remember, we did a video a while back, where my car threw rocks all over steves.

So you also want to maybe consider getting the rear rock guard, because these tires do stick outside of the wheel well a bit and they can throw rocks on the guys behind you. And if you go out with your friends a lot driving, you definitely dont want to be scuffing up their car because you dont have protection for them. One of the biggest changes that i saw come on this car is when i changed these stock silver wheels to these black z06 style wheels. They made a major difference and in fact heres the heres something i didnt uh tell anybody before i actually was going to do chrome out this whole car, but when i started hanging out with the vet community, i realized chrome is pretty outdated compared to whats going On now, so i blacked out the wheels the next thing you know, im blacking out everything yep and these wheels actually came from corvette world. Yes, corvette world hooked me up now when were looking at the front of the car theres a lot of mods and all these mods are available at The very first thing is these black side: marker lights, then the stage 3 front splitter, and then i replace all the chrome badging with black carbon flash badging all the way around the car, not to mention i actually removed the little stingray off the side of the Car and thats, not because i dont want it to look like a stingray, so i just feel like its a cleaner look, yes absolutely cleaner, and then we installed the stage 3 front splitter, along with the video i just put out earlier.

There is actually scrape armor under this car and the number one mod on this entire car that i get talked about no matter. What, if i show up at a car, show everybody wants to talk about this one mod and thats, the 5 1 grill available at and to my knowledge, im the only one in this area for sure that has it, because i havent seen anybody, but this Just made it such uh, an aggressive, looking front end, not to mention look at how much air gets into this car now yeah, because the other one looked like uh. Somebody had a uh. What do you call it now braces 15 year old, retainer retainer exactly it? Has that look of a retainer? I was never a fan so going down the side of the car. I installed the acs composite stage, 2 rockers and then this mod, which i know is jasons favorite. Yes, its the upper quarter panel vent and thats available at acs composite and then this mod, the most insane mod that weve ever did is do a z06 style vent. Scoop – and these are functional theres, a video that we just finished and itll be linked down in the description of the day that jason and i went had these done – where we cut an entire hole inside this car and mind you. These are functional, theres, actually, 06 vent, uh ductwork that goes in and helps cool down these brakes because i was not going to have that auto zone.

You know kind of stick on stuff and get roasted by somebody on on youtube. Absolutely not, and i will say, like you said this part right here, definitely one of my favorites one of the things that i just i never really liked about the standard base. Stingray is just this being flat it just it stands out it doesnt, look like it should be there, but with this little cover to help direct the air in, i think it makes such a huge difference now were at the rear of the car. I installed a stage two spoiler from acs composite and i also like i said before: heres the replacement badging black carbon uh, flash versus the chrome one and then installed: gm factory, white 06, uh tail lights, yeah and then the one thing that gm has messed up From the start is having these rear diffuser fins, these are available at and if you have a c7 corvette, you absolutely have to have one of these, because that missing uh gap just looks terrible. I agree 100, my favorite mod honestly from acs. Yes and then we have the also from acs. We have rear fascia extensions, which ill be honest with you on your car. I thought made a huge difference because it it really widens the back end of a stingray, which i think it needs yes and then, while were back here, this is the number one mod that i think made the biggest difference.

This is a corsa extreme and it is fantastic. Mine didnt have the uh. What is the mpp mpl? I didnt have that. So this made a huge difference and jason will tell you. It is loud as hell very much very loud and it gets a lot of attention. Yes, it does now when we get to the interior, i dont know if youve noticed it, but the c7 corvette. I changed out the interior rear cargo lights, as well as a license plate light with white leds. These are more of a yellow tone and they just look terrible. The white leds on the license plate made a major difference and, while were back here, you can kind of start to see im going to take the roof off a minute. But this is the rear of the acs composite rear waterfall, and it just makes it look. So aggressive looking when you have the top off so steve is taking the roof off of his corvette, and this is the way steve likes to do it. We do it a little bit different. He leaves his door open and just pops out ill show you how i do mine in a different video, but this thing weighs about 12 pounds so really its good for anybody to be able to remove so heres the acs composite waterfall from the front view, has A matching uh carbon flash emblem and then right here, if you notice one mod, i did i removed the emergency air bag and to do that, i just i just used a uh, a hair dryer along with a little bit of goo gone and just slowly peeled.

It off because i cant stand that thats standing there thats a mod. I need to do to my car fast. I was looking at that the other day yeah were gon na, have to do that. Yeah thatd be a good video amen, a couple of performance mods that has really made a difference in this car is first, i changed out the uh, the stock shifter with the mgw shifter and its a short shifter, and that made a huge difference. Yeah i mean – and you also can see that i changed out – that stingray badge with a core corvette racing badge. But here you go heres one huge difference. I got ta get a shout out to my sponsor pedal commander and if you dont have a pedal commander and your c7 corvette, you need to get one, you would be shocked to how big a difference this makes this made a huge difference. I swapped out the original oem dash with a carbon fiber dash. This is straight up from the factory. Gm also has the matching uh steering wheel, insert along with the uh red matching uh steering wheel, uh power. Shifters are rev maps pitch switches here in the manual and the last thing i did in here i put a blend mount for my uh radar detector. That was a big difference to get all his course out of the way rocking the uh unit in r7, and that thing has never let me down so the last thing that steve did that we hadnt actually talked about was he did the proclip phone mount in Here, which i know he loves, and i really need to utilize, getting something like that very soon, because im, tired of holding my phone or trying to find it when im driving around all right, guys thats going to do it for todays video 31 mods to steves Car – that is a lot so anyway, that car looks amazing.

Every time i see it, it might be cleaner than some of the dinner plates. I eat off of at home um, but anyway, it looks great again. Go follow him protective, dad, pranks! Congratulations to him again! One more time: 100. 000 subscribers anyway.

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