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Okay. So today i wanted to do a video on kind of a review and showing the different options of the c8 from a guy. Thats had two z06 c7s a couple c6s c5s. I think i kind of have a good perspective and feel of the differences in the cars were gon na, go for a drive and ill kind of do some talking and reviewing and showing you guys. My personal opinion take it with a grain of salt of what i think of the c8 compared to the c7z, the c7 stingray. So one of the similarities between this and the t7 is how convenient and easy the top is to come off and how light it is so its gorgeous outside today well take the top off and go for a cruise one of the disadvantages to this. Over a c7 is the c7. You could put your golf clubs or luggage in there put the top in this its either luggage or top you dont, get both options ill. Show you that, so how are you taking the top off? What do you do? Uh, just quick two latches here, one latch back here top weighs three pounds. It just goes in like a glove just like that. Now you have no room for luggage unless you use the use the frunk, so its golf clubs are top c7. You could have your golf clubs and the top they also say these are good for two sets of golf clubs.

I disagree. My one set of golf clubs, which is not a big set, takes up the entire back, but it definitely gives it a more exotic. Look now from this point of view, one other thing i wanted to mention was the sun visors in the c7s, when they fold up – maybe its just me but like they always stuck out and it kind of looked funny like ears the ca they did a really Good job tucking them flush when the top is still off, so it works out really nice, but one of the things i really like about this car is just the drivability, but its got this really cool option on the front of it. Where i can push this button – and i this comes with a 3l and you can see exactly what the front of the car is doing like with the camera um. I dont know if the c7 actually had that, because i had a 2l. This is a 3l. So anyway, this is a really cool option that came with the c8. My wifes 20 20 blazer actually has it, but the c7 did not have it and its a rear facing camera. So, instead of just the rear view, mirror you can flip the switch and then you get a full camera view behind you, which actually comes in really handy and tight parking spots. Music whats happening so the cool thing about one of the options you can get with the c8 and it comes with a lot of exotic cars is when youre hitting a big, steep approach like this.

You can lift the front of the car two inches, which is a make or break that one of the mistakes i made with my last c7 uh z06 was, i put the z1 front bumper on it, and then i lowered the car, which actually took a lot Of drivability out of the car i could not get in and out of a lot of parking lots. This thing does remarkable with that two inch: lift speed, bumps steep approaches ive yet to have a problem. I have a thousand kilometers on the car, which is 600 miles. I think another really cool feature that these have in the c7. You have to flip through your options, to change things up on these. You can have your stored code or modes, and you can just hit the z mode on your steering wheel. It changes all of the dash configuration, and this is how i have mine stored for z mode opens the exhaust shifting engine brake feel and everything like that. All off the push of a button, so you can still have all of your regular drive modes uh with the dial indicator. So if you just turn it, you know, itll go to your sport mode, and this is how i have my sport mode set. And then you can go to your track mode, which is a different animal and its very aggressive, very rough riding its loud, but its a pile of fun to drive your favorite mode, oh track mode.

Of course, yeah yeah. You can actually auto set um your lift location, so mines already lifting because ive saved previously this bump up in front of us no problem getting over the obstacle. I just go over it and then, when we get to the other side, car automatically, lower and uh, there goes right there automatically lowered back to regular driving that, in my personal opinion, would be about this car with a 0 to 60 of 2.7 seconds um. I think it would take down my stage. Two lingam filter c7 and, like an example would be, is just how fast the ships are here like so im, actually going to walk you guys through this with the gm app. I think its cute when people think you can buy these cars for 60 000 us. Obviously the pricing im going to do today is in canadian dollars because im canadian, with the demand. In my personal opinion, this is one of the most sought after cars of our time. It is a two year wait, depending on the dealer, a year to two year, wait right now to get one of these cars and thats, almost unheard of so yes, the base model on this car is 60 000. Us if you could find one for msrp. Good luck, so one of the first options i added to mine is i added the 3l interior and in us dollars youre already at 72, 000 us or 90 90 000, canadian, quick math.

Some of the color options you know are premium uh extra, yellows, blues oranges and stuff, or a thousand to 500 us stripes on the cars cost money. I custom vinyl wrapped my roof. I got a really good deal on it, but still a couple thousand dollars to do that. Right, canadian, interior, wise. I did some of the yellow, stitching, yellow seat belts, yellow brake calipers, some of that standard, some of its not with the 3l interior. This is not a z51 car, probably think im crazy, hear me out. I was putting a high wing spoiler on anyways doesnt come with the z51. I was changing the wheels anyways i dont care about the z51 tires. I did not get the z51 brakes with it and thats kind of, in my opinion, the only thing i lost on because i changed everything else. Anyways engine appearance package is the carbon fiber package. In here, Music thats, the carbon fiber up there thats a thousand degrees u.s for that package. The roadside safety of the matters thats in the front and the front uh it was 175 u.s, probably not a make or break. I do not have the wrap on the hood, so we can skip that these wheels are not a gm option wheel. These are the boson wheels. I have uh 19 or 20s and 21s on them. Instead of the standard 1920s. These were eight thousand dollars. Canadian. For these wheels and tires, so we got adds up so for me getting the z51 with the tires didnt make a difference.

Magna ride suspension is inside. I can change the stiffness of the suspension thats. What these wires are here was a two thousand dollars us three thousand dollars canadian option front: lift memory um, where i can lift the front of the car two thousand dollars: u.s three thousand dollars: canadian uh, yellow brake calipers, eleven hundred dollars, u.s the red engine cover On there five hundred dollars, you call it six hundred dollars u.s thousand dollars. Canadian for an engine cover competition bucket seats were only a 500 option which, in my opinion, is a lot of value, because, if you were to buy those seats after youd, be thousands same as the steering wheel was a 600 option, its probably a 2 000 steering Wheel, so its money really well spent yellow stitch interior 1500 u.s, like it adds up carbon fiber interior pieces 1500 u.s it has the gm performance exhaust on it. I thought that was 2000 us. I must have skipped over that one. The gm carbon fiber ground effects for 5 000. canadian for that, so it all adds up all in all youre north of 100 grand real fast us for a car. You can get a base model car at 1l by all means its just a very basic corvette. Music, if you have an iphone that apple carplay, auto connects you dont have to plug it in and for me, a big pet peeve, because im impatient the bluetooth connects as soon as you start.

The car, like within seconds you have a third apple car, plays wireless. Its wireless, like you, dont, have to plug it in and but the bluetooth also connects within seconds of starting the car, not 30 seconds like one and a half seconds thats my personal opinion on the car. Take it with a grain of salt. I love the exotic. Look um, i would take it over a c706 any day of the week, no its not standard. Yes, gm move the engine to the back, but you know what its very exotic its very fun to drive. I love the lightning fast shifts and i wouldnt change a thing about the car and im super excited to see what they announced for the z06 but dollars the donuts. My opinion ive had three z06s like more. If you count the c6 and c5 – and i will take this any day of the week over those so super comfortable in here lots of space – you know im 61 ive got tons of room even with the roof on. I have lots of room. I guess one of the pet peeves of having a mid engine car and i love exotic cars and you would never get away from this is i have clutter and on my seat, all the time and a passenger comes to get in the car, while my c7 Or c6 or c5 i could just take whats on the seat, throw it in the back and deal with it later, not an option anymore.

Now i have to actually clean up after myself and my wifes not here to do it for me. So i have to take everything out of here and usually put it in the front, and then i forget about it, but overall its definitely more comfortable than a c7 for sure drives better its much better behaved, but can be more aggressive when you want it to Be doesnt have that really low end torque in different rpm bands, but out of the hole im, i havent raced a c7 z, but i think it would take it like even mine, with the lingenfelter kit on it im pretty sure this would take it down on A 0 to 60., not a 6d plus but a 0 to 60., to give a shout out to gm right about now for my airbag light that came on at 900 kilometers anyway. Setting that aside, im just gon na get rid of that code because i havent made it back to the dealer yet to deal with it. I love the shift controls in it. Its very exotic. It actually looks very similar to like a huracan, so its just nice. You just flip it youre in drive the car in sport, mode or tour mode drives very tame, very calm, very its much simpler to drive than a z06 im, almost 40. So for me im all about the automatic, like you know, if i have a bottle of water here or starbucks, because im feeling a little extra white ill have a starbucks but its uh definitely nice.

That way.

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