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In a brand new way and its a beautiful illustration of how ambient computing can improve customers lives in a way that traditional consumer electronics just cant, even in homes as electrified as mine, there are still lots of things. My home cant do because my devices are stationary. This robot changes all of that with live view and the app you can send it to check on specific rooms, things people even pets with the periscope cam. I can also expand my field of view technically building this periscope was incredibly hard, but its so helpful if youre away from home and won a few things a little higher up like checking to see if the stove was left on. When you combine the robot with ring, protect pro you get so much more now, when youre away, you can use it to proactively patrol your home, investigate activity and send you notifications, when it detects something unusual. All the while you have the option to save these videos to your ring account. Astro is part of our day. One additions program, which is designed to bring our most ambitious ideas to life astro will be available for an introductory price of 999. Starting today, you can sign up to request an invite and we plan to start granting invitations and shipping the device a little later this year. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in today and stay well. Last year we unveiled oes home cam, an autonomous indoor flying camera and weve seen a lot of excitement from our customers.

Let me tell you its taken. A lot of hard engineering turns out. Learning to fly is pretty tough, but its certainly been worth it. One of the benefits of my role is that i get to be customer number one on a lot of our prototypes and i have to tell you the first time i saw the point of view footage from oes home cam flying through my house, my head exploded. I now know how that emoji really feels if a picture is worth a thousand words always home cam might be worth a thousand cameras with this device. You no longer need to have a camera installed everywhere, since it can basically fly anywhere inside and give you the view you need when you need it. For example, when youre away you can just press a button, itll fly a pre planned route and show you whats going on. It can also be set to do routes based on a triggered event like flying to a ring door alarm sensor when its tripped in a way mode and like all of our products and services privacy is foundational. The camera lens is covered when its in the dock and it only films when its in motion today were opening up the invite list for always home cam. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this device, i would sign up quick. We couldnt be more thrilled to work with amazon and to announce an entirely new kind of voice.

Assistant called hey disney, its built on amazons alexa technology. Now, whether youre at home or youre, in one of our walt disney world resort hotels, youll, soon be able to use an echo device to interact with your favorite pixar, disney or star wars, characters at disney parks, experiences and products. Technology is part of our magic seamlessly. Integrating the physical, digital and virtual worlds to help our guests navigate our properties and our platforms to immerse themselves into our stories to connect with those that they love and share their unforgettable experiences with the world. Ultimately, helping us provide a better guest experience. Well were so excited about that hey disney has been designed to make the alexa experience even more magical with jokes, interactive, trivia, greetings, soundscapes and so much more. There are even some special surprises built in for fans to discover and, in addition to familiar characters from stories. You know and love, we also have created a new persona, the disney magical companion, to be your tour guide through all the content and features, and it all starts by saying, hey disney. In fact, hey disney will work alongside alexa and were rolling out amazon echo devices with access to complimentary, hey disney across all of our walt disney world resort. Hotel rooms with access to both hey disney and alexa guests can make their stay easier. They can make it more meaningful and more fun just by using their voice. You may ask hey disney what time does the park open? Where can i get italian food? When is the next bus to epcot for my hotel or even request, more towels or blankets to your room? Hey disney will even play personalized messages through your stay from some of your favorite disney characters, and i love the disney experience.

Doesnt end when you leave the park, if you purchase, hey disney youll, be able to access it alongside alexa on many of our echo devices and to bring a little bit more fun to your in home. Alexa experience were announcing the availability of a new mickey inspired stand for echo show 5.. Let me introduce you to the new amazon: smart thermostat, a smart energy star, certified thermostat that works with alexa. This device gives customers a simple way to keep their homes comfortable and, most importantly, energy efficient. Introducing echo show 15 the new digital heart of your home, bringing all of the things that make your household tick into one place. It can be wall mounted or placed on a stand in portrait or landscape. Whatever works best for your space, the devices large 15.6 inch screen makes it possible to quickly see all of the information thats most important to you and your family. In addition to the rotating home content that customers are familiar with on echo show today we are introducing a brand new user interface with alexa widgets that make it easy to customize the display with information thats always up to date, echo show 15 makes accessing a shared Family calendar really simple: any family member can add events to the calendar and everyone can see it in one aggregated view. I personally love the sticky notes. You can just ask alexa to leave a little note of encouragement or tell your family when youll be home for dinner.

Echo show 15 will be available for 249 later this year and it will receive the climate pledge friendly badge on im, so thrilled to introduce amazon, glow, glow reimagines. The way kids can connect with remote, family and friends. Our goal here was simple, create a device that can go beyond just enabling a video call and do it with kids top of mind. We took projection audio sensing and video technologies to create an experience like no other, an immersive experience that makes kids and their loved one feel like theyre, playing together side by side, while kids are having fun with amazon. Glows 19 inch touch sensitive, projected area, remote, family and friends use their own tablet to interact in a shared virtual space in real time through the free amazon glow app and the 8 inch lcd display is designed. So the kids can see their loved one. The whole time, starting today, you can request an invite to purchase amazon glow for the early access price of 2 49. well begin. Sending glow to invited customers next month were expanding the halo family with halo view. Halo vue introduces a vibrant, amoled color display that provides at a glance. Access to halo health, metrics, live workout, tracking and more. It offers up to seven days of battery life, so you can wear it all week. It has a swim proof, design and comes in three sport. Band. Colors were also offering a variety of additional sports fabric, metal and leather band options.

We want halo to be the best value health membership, and that includes our hardware. Halo view will be just 79 and it comes with a full year of halo membership included. Halo view will be available in time for the holidays. Our goal is to continually add new features, benefits and value for halo members today were also adding halo fitness. An all new service, with hundreds of studio quality workouts to help members move more and move better classes, are led by industry experts and integrated with halo hardware. So you can view real time. Individual metrics such as your live heart rate and heart rate intensity zone. As you work out, halo, fitness will be rolling out to all halo members starting later this year. Halo nutrition introduces personalized tools to help you eat better and build healthy eating habits that you can sustain a meal. Planner allows you to easily plan out a week of healthy eating, pulling from over 500 delicious recipes from partners like ww life, some and whole foods market. You can save time with pre curated weekly menus and the halo grocery list connects with your alexa shopping list so that you can have all your grocery needs in one place. Halo nutrition will be rolling out early next year, meet ring alarm pro a ring alarm base station with an eero wi fi 6 router built in, and this combination has unlocked so much more ring. Alarm pro has alarms to help protect against break ins.

Motion detectors to alert you when something unexpected is on your property and fast and reliable wi fi connectivity and with a ring pro subscription. You get professional monitoring, advanced protection against online threats to help keep devices safe with euro secure and 24 7 internet backup, allowing all the devices that matter to you most, including security cameras, laptops and yes, even that xbox stay connected. Ring virtual security guard. A new subscription service where a customer can choose to have a professional security company visually, monitor their ring cameras, so you can go to sleep or relax a little extra on vacation. Knowing your home has an extra set of professional eyes on it. Ring virtual security guard brings the peace of mind of having an on site security guard at an affordable price. With this service you choose, which of your cameras are monitored. If one detects motion, when your ring alarm is armed, a security, professional quickly checks the live, feed and can respond to any unwanted activity. Lets say someone is looking through the window at your small business or home. They can speak to the person via two way. Talk and take the appropriate action like dispatching emergency services based on your preferences, blink video doorbell is designed for every home. You can install it wired or wire free. It comes packed with features like long, lasting battery life, hd, video night vision, motion, detection, two way, audio and alerts integrated with alexa blink video doorbell will be available, starting at just 49.

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