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5 edition Dungeons, Dragons, sourcebook, titled, Libris Mortis, The book of Undead? They do address this question and I have explained it so many times. I came up with a pretty good metaphor, so here goes. Imagine a bath tub full of warm water. Slowly, cooling down the water itself will be mostly motionless unless it gets disturbed, say you put your hand in it and swirl it around …. You have energy to do this because you eat plants and meat and make chemical reactions to break down material and produce heat, and such I dont need to explain all that to you. You know what being alive is like., So you are intaking stored energy and liberating it. It bleeds off into the background heat of the bathwater, and eventually, if you go away again, the water becomes still and much later will go cold.. a very very long time later. The water will evaporate as well and the bath will be dry and empty, but before that lets say someone pulls the plug out of the bath and the water starts to drain out of it. … this doesnt add to the heat in the bath its taking away. Both heat and the water itself, but it is also creating motion and action in that water. That …, my friends, is negative. Energy.. In order to be an undead creature, a being needs to first have been alive, and now it needs to be some sort of a conduit, a drain pipe that is consuming the energy of the universe away.

In DD. We say this is the negative energy plane, but it could also be the very end of time where the universe has experienced, what we call Heat Death. All the stars have burnt out. They have drifted so far apart. Even atoms are so few and far between that, its very rare for them to even encounter one another, any more.., perhaps even they can wear out. Who knows, the important thing is its a hungry, hungry void and every undead creature is a drain pipe that connects that void to the material plane and all its light. Heat and life. Negative energy can absolutely power motion and action, and it certainly can do it in a reverse way. Without needing food sunlight water oxygen. It is just the direct action of entropy. Undead beings that drain vitality, cant store it if they need it, they need it constantly its the destruction of it that gives them their power. Every undead creature, drains away the life and heat and material of the DD Multiverse. By its very existence, if they are not doing that, they are not actually undead. For example, a deceased elf that is kept seemingly alive by the energy from powerful nature entities is still draining that energy away, even if the motives are good, the consequence is still inherently destructive.. There are a few ways the connection to the negative energy plane can be formed. It might be a conduit left behind by a god like Ygorl, who exists as a god who is moving backwards through time.

Somehow It could be powerful magical artifacts that create disruptions in space and time it could be the natural consequence of cosmic physics, wormholes and so on. In Dungeons Dragons. These conduits have been around for an extremely long time. Perhaps they have always been there from the very beginning.. I will now quote a small part of page seven from Libris Mortis.. Evil acts can resonate in multiple dimensions, opening cracks in reality and letting the blight creep in. A sufficiently heinous act may attract the attention of malicious spirits, bodiless and seeking to house themselves in flesh, especially recently vacated vessels.. Such spirits are often little more than nodes of unquenchable hunger wishing only to feed.. These comprise many of the mindless undead.. Sometimes these evil influences also manage to reinvigorate the decaying memories of the bodys former host.. Thus, some semblance of the original personality and memories remain, though the newly awakened being is invariably twisted by the inhabiting spirit, resulting in an evil twisted and intelligent creature.. However, this being is not truly inhabited by the spirit of the original creature, which has left to seek its ultimate destiny in the Outer Planes.. This amalgamation is something entirely new. Other times atrocious deeds call dark, reanimating spirits into the fleshy form of the newly deceased, leaving the original spirit intact.. This might happen if the person was already evil or was tempted to evil in life.. This is very much the case with the Mohrg, the undead monster.

We are about to learn about today. Hello. By the way my name is AJ Pickett. I make videos about Roleplaying games thanks for joining me. I hope you are enjoying yourself plenty more to talk about today, so grab yourself, a tasty beverage. We are about to get deeply nerdy. Appearing in 3.5 editions core monster manual. The Mohrg is the result of a truly evil person spontaneously rising from the grave to continue. The sadistic murders they relentlessly performed in life only now they do it to feed their continued existence.. Unlike some intelligent undead that merely use the remnants of a person after their soul has departed their body. The Mohrg actually is the original soul of a person willfully residing in a horrific physical form.. I will be talking about their appearance, game statistics for 5th edition the spontaneous appearance of them, and also a way that they can be created with very powerful necromantic magic… Also of interest, because it demonstrates a way that the limitations on magic on the world of Toril can be bypassed, essentially a method to avoid the attention of the gods and unleash despicable terror.. According to the FBI, a serial killer is someone who commits at least three murders over more than a month with an emotional cooling off period in between., Their premeditated murders are driven by abnormal psychological gratification. This is not just sexual gratification. It can also be motivated by anger, thrill seeking financial gain and attention seeking.

. In the case of individuals who become Mohrgs, they may also be mass murderers or spree killers. There is a lot of overlap between these classifications really.. What they typically are not are contract killers. So, for example, an individual who seduces and marries a wealthy person, then murders them and takes all their money. Moving on to the next victim is not a contract killer. The wealth is a motive, but so is the act of murder itself.. In the case of a spree killer, there is just a lack of a cooling off period between the murders. Their motivations are largely the same.. Now I am not going to go into all the things that serial killers may do to their victims. We get enough of those horror stories in the media as it is. So all I need to tell you is that the Mohrg is very likely given the opportunity to do those same things to the victim. If they can …, if they cant, then the default killing method of the mohrg is simply represented in the stat block for the monster in the game.. But oh my word: can they be so so much worse? And please forgive me, but I am going to talk about that in this video as well. The revenant, the wight, the lich and the mohrg are all intelligent undead they retain their soul. The wight, I think, has the most similarity in game. Mechanics. The lich is far more powerful because they are just pouring energy through them into the negative energy plane.

They are generators of a lot of negative power. The mohrg is somewhere between the wight and the lich in its connection to the negative plane. This results in a really quite revolting, characteristic, physical, trait common to all mohrgs., When such killers are brought to justice and publicly executed for their heinous crimes or they otherwise meet a grim end to their life. The body begins to decompose as per usual. It might be almost completely rotted down to infested bones and scraps of flesh. It may be a corpse that was found and dug up by a necromancer or fished out of a sewer water soaked, ditch on the side of the road outside the city. The state of the body has nothing to do with what happens next. As the soul of the mohrg clings to the material plane lingering near the corpse in the border ethereal plane fighting with every bit of its will. To avoid the horrible fate the afterlife has in store for it. Some crack born of its atrocities in life exists within that corpse, and it latches on to it desperately slowly it accumulates more and more negative power. Those pausing near the grave may be able to feel it. A coldness in the air animals will shy away from there. It has a disturbing vibe. As the negative energy grows. It feeds what wizards call entropic animancy into the corpse the internal organs. The vicera begins to slowly swell and takes on an unnatural vitality.

. Although some mohrgs appearances may vary with respect to other details, nearly all specimens can be described as humanoid skeletons with grotesque purple, loops of intestine growing within their torsos and winding up and out of their mouths, like twisting clawed tongues. Occupying the space where the digestive system, Once resided these innards, occasionally writhe and pulse with a hunger for nearby life, but otherwise serve no function.. A mohrg may look as though some oddly shaped purple creature has animated a skeleton as a means of locomotion, but the mohrgs limbs and organs are all integral to its unlife.. Mohrgs do not begin their undeath in the forms they come to possess.. At the time of its initial animation, a mohrg has whatever flesh remains on its corpse, which continues to rot and disintegrate, from its skeletal frame as time passes. As negative energy suffuses, the mohrg its entrails, which regenerate if theyve been removed, become a bloated purple mass stretching Up inside its body and extending out through its jaw. Over time as the once living flesh falls away, the mohrg is left as nothing but a skeleton wrapped in twining and swollen purple tendrils.. This glistening flesh is as ravenously and endlessly hungry as the negative force which animates it and any contact it makes with. The body of a living creature will immediately cause a shock of drained heat and vitality.. The Mohrg gains nothing from this draining. It merely flows through it and into the endless void.

For the Mohrg. Its existence is nothing but hunger for death and decay. It is only by feeding the void within it that it maintains the flow of negative force which animates and gives it the semblance of life. The longer it takes to kill something else, the longer all it can feel is the hunger for days weeks, months years centuries unless destroyed. Potentially it is doomed to this torment forever. Its only brief reprieve is acts of murder were for a split second. The conduit within it is being fed. Facing off against one of these things, its easy to mistake them for just another zombie or skeleton, but they do move at 30 feet per round and there is clearly something absolutely cranking. These things. The 5th edition Mohrg is medium sized with an armor class of 16, totally immune to poison, exhaustion or being frightened resistant to necrotic, bludgeoning, piercing and slashing from non magical attacks that arent silvered 60 foot, darkvision passive perception of 13 and having 14d8 28 or between 42 And 140, with an average of 91 hit points, they have a strength of 21. Dexterity is 19, constitution is 14 and their mental stats are the same as an average living person.. Let that 19 Dexterity sink in for a moment. This applies to the stealth. Checks ranged attack, rolls and lock picking skills of the Mohrg. It retains most of its memories from when it was alive so its quite possible. The Mohrg could have class levels as a rogue or something else.

. Imagine watching a group of zombies moving and then they stop. One of them steps forward bends down and easily disables a trap … that is fairly spooky.. They are 4 to active perception and 7 to stealth. Checks. Mohrgs prefer the cover of darkness and making ambush attacks. They dont suffer any penalties for being exposed to bright, sunlight. Though. In combat they attempt to ambush and lash out with their tongue, also slamming with their fists and attempting to gran a victim.. The tongue is 6 to hit a single target within 5 feet of the Mohrg inflicting 1d4 5 piercing damage, and the target must succeed. On a DC 14 Constitution save throw or be paralyzed for five rounds.. The victim can repeat the save at the end of each of its turns. On a successful save the effect ends, but this does not convey any immunity to further paralysis from this or any other Mohrg.. The mohrg also makes two slam attacks each round 8 to hit one adjacent target, which will take 2d8 5 bludgeoning damage, plus an extra 2d8 necrotic damage.. The slam attacks can be against two different targets.. If the Mohrg manages to kill a humanoid, its victims body will rise as a zombie under the control of the Mohrg within the next 24 hours, and the Mohrg can control up to twelve of these zombies at any one. Time. Mohrg spawned zombies, have the distinctive trait of being faster on foot than other zombies.

Moving at 30 feet per round, rather than the usual 20 feet.. Mohrg are known to gather in groups of up to four, with a small force of zombies travelling with them. They are clever, driven and extremely dangerous.. Unlike the soul of a Bodak, Mohrg can be returned to life using resurrection, magic of sufficient power. They remember what it was like to be alive and they want to live again. Being undead is a very, very unpleasant existence. A mohrg can never feel breath in its lungs. It can never taste food or wine again, nor can they ever sleep. Their body feels barely any sensation, and yet their soul feels terrible pain, but it is not physical pain. Because they retain their memory. They will most likely mimic the same sorts of patterns of behaviour, particularly if they were serial killers in life, something that authorities who had to catch and execute them will keep a wary lookout for if there was no means or opportunity to ensure the corpse would not Rise again by use of sanctifying, clerical rituals and burial in holy ground., Often simply dismembering or beheading, the body will do just fine., But it pays to be cautious. Once a Mohrg is within hunting reach of a population, it will infiltrate, kill some victims and then establish A grim little lair somewhere, then it will drag back victims, turning them to zombies, which the mohrg will order to go out and bring back more victims to its harvest.

, A village whose people keep vanishing only to reappear days later, as mindless walking dead can be a Far more compelling setting for part of your campaign than a simple cave filled with undead enemies.. Likewise, the killing off of the poor of a dock district or the sudden disappearance of beggars from the street near a palace might indicate that a once wealthy or noble mortal has been transformed into a mohrg and is cleaning his city of the two legged vermin.. Whatever the case its important to remember that mohrgs are smart and should be played accordingly in combatthey know when to stand their ground and when to run and do their best to strike when their enemies are weakest., Mohrgs will literally pile zombies onto the player characters they Dont care about zombies at all, they are just tools.. Zombies are completely mindless if the Mohrg decides to terrorise a family by sending their zombified children to stand outside their home, tearing each others skin and flesh off until little, but shambling skeletons remain just to draw out the screaming parents, … thats, exactly what they will do.. They are very, very evil. In the Pathfinder RPG, there are some variant Mohrgs that are modified based on the way those evil killers were executed or the environment in which they died.. One of the worst is the Mohrg mother, a woman who died while pregnant and rose again an unborn undead infant clings to the exposed entrails. For some reason, this empowers this particularly rare abomination to transform one of its victims into another Mohrg.

Instead of into a simple zombie, which has the potential to turn into a complete nightmare, if this woman was a serial killer of other pregnant women, while she was alive., Frost Mohrgs die by freezing desert Mohrgs die by exposure to arid conditions and extreme heat. Typically, by being buried up to the neck in sand, they have an appearance that reflects desiccation and heat or cold. The desert mohrg can raise its victims as burning skeletons rather than zombies. The blackened frostbitten Mohrgs inflict additional supernatural cold with all their attacks, but are otherwise normal.. Finally, the fleshwalker Mohrg is one who was killed via poison and had their body preserved magically with a gentle repose spell they rise again, looking quite fresh. Only up close. Can you tell they are dead as they dont breathe and smell a bit like rotting meat. When they attack, though, that revolting nightmare of a tongue disgorges out of their mouth, revealing the truth of what they are.? It is noted that those who have studied the mohrg in some detail have seen that mohrg can feel some sort of rush when one of their victims rises again. As an undead monster the mohrgs speech quickens, it becomes recklessly aggressive as though under the influence of some sort of narcotic for a short while.. Now it is technically possible to deliberately create a mohrg aside from the methods of execution. That might just happen to spawn a mohrg anyway. The Create Undead spell can accomplish it, however, its not possible to do this on the planet Toril due to the limitations on magic over level, 9 .

.., but …. There are many ways to momentarily step off the planet. For long enough to cast the spell somewhere else, be it a parallel dimension such as the feywild or shadowfell out in the orbit of wildspace or through a planar portal linked to another plane of existence.. There is nothing stopping a very powerful spell caster from using a legendary spell over level 9 and some combination of portal magic to have it affect the planet. Toril … as much as that will undoubtedly royally piss off the goddess of magic. She probably wont bother getting involved if the result is just the creation of a Mohrg as horrible, as that is its not as dramatic as causing a volcano to erupt in the middle of a city, even if, eventually, the mohrg could kill. Just as many people. Speaking of Toril, you can be unfortunate enough to encounter lone wandering Mohrg is the regions of Channath Vale, Dambrath and Veldorn, as well as almost anywhere in the Underdark.. Thanks for joining me in this exploration of the vile Mohrg, I pity your players, but do tell them. I say Hi., meanwhile hit the like and subscribe and notification bell.

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