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So before starting, please, like this video and subscribe to this channel for future updates over the past decade. Historically, low interest rates have made it difficult for income oriented investors to produce stable cash flow for their retirements because of their competitive yields. Favorable tax treatment for dividends and potential to increase payments over time dividend paying companies have grown increasingly attractive to income investors, while fixed interest rates from bond investments lose buying power over time due to inflation, dividend growth. Stocks purchasing power is better preserved, since businesses prefer to increase dividend payments every year, number 10 national fuel gas. The national fuel gas company is a diversified energy, firm exploration and production, pipeline and storage gathering and utility are the companies for segments in california and the appalachian area of the united states, the exploration and production sector searches for develops and produces natural gas and oil. It has proven developed and undeveloped reserves of 22 100 000 barrels of oil and 3 million 325 085 million cubic feet of natural gas. As of september 30th, 2020, the pipeline in storage division owns and manages 31 underground natural gas storage fields and offers interstate natural gas, transportation and storage services via an integrated gas pipeline system in pennsylvania and new york. This division also owns and runs the empire pipeline which distributes natural gas for national fuel gas distribution corporation, as well as other utilities, industrial firms and power producers in new york state in the appalachian area.

The gathering segment constructs owns and manages natural gas processing in pipeline gathering facilities, as well as providing gathering services to seneca resources. Company llc in buffalo niagara falls in jamestown new york in erie and sharon pennsylvania. The utility sector sells natural gas or offers natural gas transportation services to about 747 000 consumers in western and central new york, as well as northern pennsylvania. The business sells gas to industrial, wholesale commercial public authority and residential clients. The business also held about ninety five thousand acres of forest land and controlled roughly two thousand 2 500 acres of wood cutting rights. As of september 30th, 2020 national fuel gas company is based in williamsville new york and was established in 1902. Number nine ugi ugi corporation is a holding corporation that deals with energy distribution, storage, transportation and marketing. It is divided into the following sections: amerigas propane, ugi, international midstream and marketing and ugi utilities are among the companies that make up ugi utilities. The propane distribution operation of amerigas partners, lp, is included in the amerigas propane section in the united kingdom, as well as central northern and eastern europe. The ugi international sector operates a liquefied petroleum gas distribution, business, the energy services llc and its subsidiaries operations, as well as the heating ventilation, air conditioning refrigeration and electrical contracting companies in the mid atlantic area are included in the midstream and marketing division. The natural gas distribution utility business is handled by ugi utilities, both directly and via its fully owned subsidiaries, ugi pen, natural gas, inc and ugi central pen, gas incorporated the business was established on june 1 1982 and is based in king of prussia, pennsylvania number eight sempra Energy sempra energy is an energy service holding company that develops and operates energy infrastructure, as well as provides electric and gas services.

San diego gas and electric company sdgne southern california, gas company, socalgas, sempra, texas utilities, sempra mexico and sempra lng – are the companys segments. Electric and natural gas services are provided by sdgne. Socalgas is a natural gas distribution, transmission and storage company that owns and operates natural gas distribution, transmission and storage networks, the equity method, interests and encore holdings in cherryland holdings make up the sempra texas utilities. Division. Ianovas operational businesses are included in the sempra mexico division. The sempra lng division is responsible for the development of natural gas storage and pipeline infrastructure. The business was established on october 11 1996 and is based in san diego california. Number seven northwest natural through its subsidiaries northwest natural holding co, operates in the local distribution of gas and water. It serves residential, commercial and industrial clients in oregon and southwest washington with natural gas. The business is based in portland oregon number, six leonard leonard one of the biggest home builders in the united states is enjoying a good year, thus far with a total return of 21.6. Despite the fact that the housing market saw its sixth consecutive, quarterly drop in home starts in the first quarter of 2019 april provided much needed respite in april, housing starts increased by 6.2 percent to 854 000 units with increases in the midwest northeast and west early. In the year the weather was not kind to home. Builders and leonard was no exception. In lennars, q1 2019 news release executive, chairman, stuart miller, stated we continued to experience choppiness in the marketplace throughout our first quarter.

However, throughout the quarter, mortgage interest rates fell and eventually fell and house prices slowed, allowing the new home market to write itself. It was able to self correct. Will it, however, be enough to keep leonards stock rising in a statement mortgage bankers, association, chief economist, mike fratt and tony stated, the combination of lowering mortgage rates with the spring purchasing season is encouraging greater home demand and activity. Moreover, the decrease in average loan size indicates that builders are shifting production to lower priced houses, which continue to have the tightest inventory and the fastest home price growth. Despite missing analyst sales and profits expectations in the first quarter, leonard managed to boost earnings by 76 to 240 million dollar, while increasing revenues by 30 percent to 3.9 billion dollars. Youve got a formula for success when you combine a robust job market, increasing earnings and cheaper mortgages. Number five altria group altria group inc is a holding corporation that is involved in the production and selling of cigarettes in the united states. It is divided into three segments smoked products smoked, free products and wine. The smokable products sector included cigarettes produced and sold by pm usa, as well as machine made big cigars and pipe tobacco made and marketed by middleton. The sector of smokeless goods is produced and marketed by or on behalf of usstc and pmusa. The wine sector produces washington state wines, mainly shuttle ste, michelle and columbia, crest, as well as owning or distributing wineries in other wine areas.

The business was established in nineteen nineteen and is based in richmond virginia number. Four wp carey, wp carey inc is a wreath that invests in real estate. Real estate ownership and investment management are the two segments through which it works. Commercial real estate properties are owned and invested in by the real estate ownership sector. The investment management sector organizes and negotiates real estate investment, trust investments and debt placement agreements, as well as managing real estate investment trust portfolios. William, pope carey established the business in 1973 and it is based in new york, new york number three phillip morris international philip morris international inc is a holding company that owns philip morris international incorporated. It is involved in the production and distribution of cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine containing goods, european union, eastern europe, middle east and africa, south and southeast asia, east asia and australia and latin america and canada are the geographical divisions in which it operates. Philip morris established the business in 1847 and it is based in new york. New york number two verizon communications, verizon communications incorporated is a holding company that provides individuals, companies and government agencies with communications, information and entertainment, goods and services. It is divided into two segments: verizon consumer group, consumer and verizon business group, business, consumer oriented wireless and wire line. Communication services and products are provided by the consumer sector. The business segment provides wireless and wireline communication services and products, as well as video and data services.

Corporate networking solutions, security and managed network services, local and long distance voice, services and network access in order to deliver various internet of things, iot services and products. The business was established in 1983 and is based in new york. New york number one, the coca cola, the coca cola. Co is the non alcoholic beverage company which engages in the manufacture, market and sale of non alcoholic beverages which include sparkling soft drinks, water, enhanced water and sports drinks, juice, dairy and plant based beverages, tea and coffee and energy drinks. Its brands include coca cola, diet, coke coca cola, zero fonta, sprite, minute maid, georgia, powerade del valle, schwepps aquarius, minute, maid, pulpy, dasani, simply glasso, vitamin water, bon aqua, gold, peak fused, tea, glaso, smart water and ice do it operates through the following segments: europe, middle east And africa, latin america, north america, asia, pacific, bottling investments and global ventures. The company was founded by asa griggs candler in 1886 and is headquartered in atlanta georgia.

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