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I did a review of the desview t2 teleprompter and at that point there was a lot of positive things that i took out of that, but also there was where there were definitely some negatives, at least from my application that i highlighted as a part of that Review now foundationally, we have some of the same strengths at work in the t3 that we had in the t2. However, there are some key areas where they have improved. First, the basics. The basics are, is that this is a teleprompter type device that is designed not to be an all in one unit where you need to feed a you know some kind of video feed into it for the teleprompting, but rather it leverages existing devices that you already Have that may be a phone or a tablet and through that process? This allows you to have a much cheaper assembly here that you know allows you to leverage the technology that you already have and to use it for a new purpose. This unique design allows you to film right through as im doing right now. Ive got the t3 mounted and im actually filming through my teleprompter to the to my face right now and it utilizes a unique kind of glass called a splitter glass that functions kind of like a two way mirror in that from one side it is a mirrored Reflection that you cant see through, but from the other side, it is transparent allowing the camera to film through it and to capture your face, and so it really does work, and it is thus very much more affordable than a dedicated teleprompter unit.

Some of the limitations that i encountered with the t2, however, that i highlighted was number one above all, is that i found that by it was limited to using either a phone or a small tablet up to about an eight inch tablet. And in my case, i didnt have something like an ipad mini. I had a 9.7 inch ipad pro, which is what im still using at this point, and so i couldnt use my tablet, which means i was stuck using my phone and for myself. I found that i just couldnt get a big enough image to actually for the teleprompter to be useful to me unless i were wearing glasses, which i never do on camera. I have a very slight um prescription that so i almost never wear the glasses, but it was just. I just couldnt quite get the text long enough or large enough to be useful at the kind of distance that i typically film at and so, as a byproduct of that i i found it limiting. I also found the app to be you know, somewhat glitchy or and not just glitchy, but limiting in its scope, and even though it does come with a a bluetooth remote here where you can control the teleprompting, i just didnt find it to be a great application. The good news is is that, as i release that review and i began to hear from some of you about third party solutions as it came to apps that you have used, i found that that worked well for me, and so here around i tried one of The a few of the apps that you recommended and i found something that works more with a voice prompting that really does to me solve.

You know some of those purposes so today im not going to necessarily cover all the things that i covered as a part of the t2 review. I recommend that you check that out. If you want to kind of understand the process and how it all works, but im instead going to highlight whats, been improved, moving to the t3 and and thus why i think it is a better option for more people than what was the t2. So the first and most major upgrade is that we now have improved hardware that allows you to use up to an 11 inch ipad or tablet, which makes a dramatic difference in my application for increasing that reading distance and allowing me to get text. That is large enough that i can comfortably use it at my typical filming distances, and so that makes it much more useful as a part of this redesign to where they have a you know a little bit more real estate in the actual reflective surface. It also opened up to where you can use wider angle lenses. In this case, you can use up to a 24 millimeter lens on a full frame camera without any kind of mechanical vignette. So, prior to this, with the t2, you were limited to basically about 40 millimeters if you were shooting with a phone being reflected. But if you used a tablet on the t2, you basically needed to use around a 50 millimeter lens to avoid any kind of mechanical vignetting.

So in this case you have far more flexibility as to the focal length of the lens that you can use. Theres also been an upgrade to the actual splitter glass that i mentioned, and that now we have a multi coated, splendor glass, that has 26 different coated layers, and so that has a couple of benefits number one. It increases the clarity of the screen itself and its reflectiveness. It also increases the hardness, which means that its going to be less prone to scratching or damage. So, as always, i recommend that you utilize this cover that comes with it at all times it slides down more easily and it covers that up to protect it during transit or storage. I also uh just on that note. I noted that when it came to sliding this cover on and off or in actually mounting a lens – and this is the kind of plug that comes instead of if youre not using a lens and youre just putting this to kind of plug in the back, i Found that that was a really tight tolerance on the t2, at least the one that i tested, and so in this case, moving to the t3, i found that it everything just kind of worked a little bit better in terms of that application, and so some improvement To maybe the hardware tolerances, mechanical tolerances and so everything just kind of works a little bit better, but i will say, as an ongoing negative, i did find the instructions included instructions for assembly clear as mud as they say, and so um its thats still an area That needs some help and so its really not a complicated assembly process, but its kind of trial and error, because the instructions are really not all that that clear another advantage here is that, while market forces have caused the t2 to drop further in price, the t3 Is actually being introduced at a price point of 119 us dollars, and so it is obviously its improved in a number of ways and thats, actually a cheaper starting price than what the t2 was.

So our advantage here is that you know youre getting more. For you know at least an introductory price for less money, though the t2, if you dont, need the larger screen, or these improvements can be had for even cheaper. At this point, theyve also added room for a little bit more accessorizing along the top of the actual teleprompter. There are now two cold shoe ports that are there that will allow you to plug in various things, maybe a microphone or something like that to uh to further augment. You could even probably mount a a monitor there. If you wanted to kind of simultaneously read off a screen and then also have a a monitor of your actual video capture, i mean obviously theres options that you can put there, but they are kind of further accessorizing what you can do with it. As far as the hardware goes, everything here is plastic, and so i dont want to oversell the build quality. Nothing seems you know particularly heavy duty. However, i havent had any problems with anything breaking, nor have i had any kind of anecdotal reports from people over the last year that my review of the t2 has been out. I havent heard any complaints from other people on that note as well and as with the t2 in the box, you do get a lot of things, including a lot of different, basically step up adapters that are designed to allow you to um.

You know whatever lens size, you have, you can thread onto the filter threads and then you can get that up to this kind of standardized circular diameter that allows the actual unit to slip down onto the lens and to be mounted in that fashion. And so they go all the way down to, i believe the smallest is 49 millimeters and then work all the way up to 82 millimeters. With most you know, common filter options covered there in between so thats. Certainly a useful thing. There is a secondary adapter here that is included. That would actually allow you, if your your primary filming im using a you, know an expensive, mirrorless camera right now. But if you know, maybe you dont go that far and you actually want to use a. Maybe you want to use your tablet for your um teleprompting, you know words on it and then you want to film with your phone and so youve got a secondary adapter. That will actually allow you to mount that up behind and you can film with your phone uh through the teleprompter, so options there includes a cleaning cloth for cleaning and then obviously this this bluetooth, remote, which again it works fine. It is really really kind of cheaply made and so its not going to feel very quality in your hand, but it gets the job done and so allows you to either use a thumb. Stick to kind of control. Your speed and underwear different buttons for accessing different things as a part of it.

I have found that – and i will say this as an increased negative on this review relative to the t2 – is that before i was using the uh, the desview teleprompting app, which is a free app by the way. But i was using it with a phone and so its actually designed as a phone app. I discovered in this case that it is not actually properly scaled up to an ipad sized app, and so you have to do that kind of just scaling in the ipad, which means that youre, it doesnt really fill the screen appropriately, and neither does it really give You appropriate resolution, and so the app has a very low rating and its certainly, i think, the weak point of this package overall, and so i would recommend that you explore maybe some other options for actually displaying what you need to do, and they also give you Some more flexibility, often in terms of importing whatever it is, that you need to present but those negatives aside. This is a package that already felt like the t2 worked quite well, and you can see that it did, for example, on amazon. The ratings are really really quite high, around 4.7 or 4.8. I believe out of 5 stars, and so generally people have been quite pleased with the t2, and i really think that the t3 helps to solve some of the problems that existed with the t2 and remains a really strong value and so its not a perfect system.

Not everything here is, you know, high end or perfectly executed. The app definitely needs some work, and so you may have some additional expense in purchasing a more professional presenting app. But at the end of the day, i dont know of a cheaper or better solution to get a teleprompter on a budget, and so certainly, if thats, what youre looking for for something thats, you know lightweight and portable. This certainly is a great option for you. If you look in the description down below you can find my linkage there to going out to purchase one and, of course also the you know. Typical kind of links to follow me on social media become a patron purchase, merchandise sign up for my newsletter and, of course, if you havent already, please click that subscribe button right here on youtube and, of course ring that bell.

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