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Here you go if youve been looking for one of these, you know what it is not a lot of these out. There 226 were made 2009 z06 and when i say 226 of them, thats, including the zr1s and 09, also due to the fact that this car is atomic orange rare color, a lot of good things going for this car first of all, 3lz package so nicely equipped. Two owner car, adult owned and driven miles confirmed clean carfax. No accidents indicated a little over 44 000 miles, i believe, is on it and well taken care of just take a look at this nose cone. There is a little bit of kind of curb rasher scuff. I guess if you will on that very very lower portion, but when you look at any area where the paint is, it is not full of nicks chips, scratches anything like that. I did notice two little spots and i dont even know if i can get them to show up, but there is also some touch up paint that is going with this car, where theyve just been real small dabs touched up now. Of course, i cant get the video or pictures to do this card justice. There. You go theres the true atomic orange when i get up on top of it, its going to wash it out theres the true look and color of this car that 505 horse 7 liter 427 ls7. Underneath the hood paired up with the six speed manual transmission wow.

Now remember, you can check out the still pictures at clicking the link down below this video in the description is going to take you right there and, of course you can call us 507. 386 17261, if youre interested in one of these youre. Looking for an atomic orange z06 give us a call, dont expect this one to last long. As you can see the huge breaks up front drilled, rotors chrome wheels same in the back drilled, rotors, obviously chromed wheels. This particular interior would be the ebony and light linen leather interior course. This car has electronic dual climate control heads up display. You have your navigation system cd player very nicely equipped again that 3lz package remember, we do consider trades financing is available. Of course, we can assist with transportation, and this vehicle may be eligible for an extended service contract consult with your sales associate when you call in or email fyi. The side windows are tinted. You can see that in the still pictures, its a colorado car. I left this on due to the fact thats, where the delivering dealer was im sure it is two sided tape and would come off if you wanted to take it off. I left it on. I dont mind it on there. Let the next owner of this car decide what theyd like to do with it, but thats where the car came from and again this car stayed in colorado, its entire life before coming to us and those still pictures look at the underside of this car and im Going to open the hood up and show you the hood liner too, this thing is clean check out the underside picks at uniqueclassiccars.

com clicking the link down below this video in the description is going to take you right there and what a beautiful color they didnt make. This color a lot of years and again rare in a z06 or zr1, only 226 of them made thats 4.6 of all corvettes built, not gon na pass yourself going down the highway in this one or any of your any of your local shows. Cruising rollins corvette shows all right lets go look at the interior, this car. Hopefully i got the key fob in my pockets. I get in all right, both stereo system. Of course, power windows, power, locks, memory, seating power mirrors lets take a look at the condition of the seats. Look at this theres barely hardly a wrinkle where that leather has folded same over here in the bolster. The linen color leather is not discolored. Where are you going to find one, this clean all right lets get this fired up a second now mention navigation, so you do have your screen. Dual climate control heated seats. Take a look at the dash, not discolored sun, baked anything like that. Obviously this car was stored inside heads up display. I dont know if you can see that or not there. You go as in working order, theres your exact miles. I think i said 44. 000, sorry, 45, 352. Of course drivers. Information center on this side, literally a race car folks, all right best thing about this – that clean carfax and i dont see any modifications on it.

Nice subtle rumble something else. I want to show you its kind of cool on this car and i would have done the same thing. I guess if i bought it new imagine getting to be the one that went to the corvette museum and picked it up at bowling green for the corvette museum delivery sticker still on there fun would have that been best part. Is you have the opportunity to own? Hey did you know that this car qualifies for an extended warranty, its just like the one you get at your new car dealership, except it covers your classic. Car instead covers all the major components like engine transmission drivetrain, and you can get coverage up to 10 years. Repairs arent cheap. These extended warranties are a no brainer contact us for a quote on this car today. Look at this headliner thats, reminiscent of the underside of this car too. I mean it is just clean until this thing has not been driven in climate weather. Again came out of colorado. Look at this engine bait, thats, seven liter ls7, 427, 505 horse. Look at that! You think i sound excited about this car. I am its a beauty, no doubt about that love to have it my own garage there. We are 2009 z06. An atomic orange 45 000 miles clean, carfax, no accidents indicated one of 226, z06 and zr1s produced in this color 3lz package. Wow give us a call 507, 386 1726 on the link down below this.

Video in the description is going to take you right there and remember: we do consider trades financing is available.

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