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I kind of introduced you to the car, told you how i bought it. Why i bought it and when i bought it, but since then what i did is ive had it detailed, i had it ceramic coated and detailed so um. You probably cant, really see it in the shop right now, but it made a world of difference when you really look at it um. There was a lot of swirl marks stuff like that in the original paint, and he buffed them all out before he ceramic coated. It but um yeah car is good. Ive been taking it out quite a bit: ive had it up to just a little under 150 miles, an hour um but again yeah. You know you kind of want to be careful uh when, when youre at that speed, you know if something a deer forbid. A deer came out in front of you. There probably wouldnt, be much left of this car. The other thing is cops got to do it. Where theres no cops around, that would be a automatic revocation of your license, but anyways so theres, the car um. I i did one day i did take it out and we pulled the the roof off and its cool with the roof off of it. But it is kind of a two man job i mean you would be able to take that off and put it back on again by yourself, but it would be a little awkward, its not heavy the weight isnt, the factor of it its getting it balancing it And getting it in and off of the car without marring, something or damaging the paint, its its kind of a precision, two person job.

So me and my grandson, we took it off, put it in the back theres brackets in the back that it kind of actually clips into um there is. There is something else. I i got a bunch of uh odd things with my not odd, but extra things with the um the car. Some of them are like scoops that go in. If you take it on the track to cool the brakes, it provides better airflow down into the brake cooling systems. Things like that theres a couple of boxes, but in those boxes were these two things that these are the brackets there and in here are the brackets. The top fits into so when you put this down it kind of covers the top, and in case the sun is shining. The sun doesnt reflect off of it up into the rear view, mirror and stuff, but in kind of protects. The the inside. Those covers kind of protect the inside from people being able to see in there you you can. In other words, you could put like some. If you had something like a computer bag or something in there, it kind of protects it from eyes eyes on through the window, but anyways there. It is theres a couple of things i might be doing to it, but again its starting to get towards fall and the car will probably be taken off the road pretty soon. So if i do do a couple of things to it, itll probably happen over the winter time or later and what im talking about is they make cold air intakes for this? But ive talked to some people that own corvettes and they say really the the air intake on the stock air intake is sufficient.

They do make larger air intake filters or air filters for that stock intake and ill probably get one of them. The other thing that i might change is the throttle body on it. Now you have to be kind of careful with changing the throttle body. If you go to a larger size, you might have to reprogram the computer, but they make a ported stock and i think its 90, its either 90 or 92 millimeter throttle body on it. That just takes out some restrictions on the air flow thats in the stock unit, so its kind of a ported unit and i think theyve upgraded the the electronics of the throttle body itself, theres kind of a little hesitation in starting out in first gear. If you like, start out normally im, not saying start out under throttle, im saying start out normally like. If you stop at a red light and just like you are in city, traffic, youve got to kind of bring the rpms up and apparently that new throttle body. Electronics, the ported throttle body with the new electronics does away with that issue, or so its been said on some by some people that own them, but anyways um. I will take it outside so that you can see the uh coating and how he took out the swirl marks better. It was raining last night, sunny out now but ill take it out and give it to you. I just kind of wanted to give you a little update on it.

Okay, im, not sure where this segment is going to go in the shop update, video, but ive, really kind of messed the ball on making some videos its probably been over a month. Since i made the last shop update, ive got the truck in here, got it up on the lift and im just changing the oil. I changed the oil and i i did, as some of you know, from a previous shop update quite a while ago. I had issues with the rear and fluid overheating, and i had put that banks uh cover on it and put some different gear oil in it. Um that cover banks cover is air cooled, in other words its got like scoops on the bottom of. It draws the air up into those ribs, but thats. What i did was, i just took a buffer and buffed off those uh that lettering, because it had become very tarnished. The thing was dirty too im going to wash a truck after this, but i just want to show you that the other thing that i did do and its sitting outside and it might be a little dirty. But i had the z06 um yeah ceramic coated. Music. Again, theres a friend of mine down the street here that details cars and i had a ceramic coated now again, its probably a little dirty, but it was i swear by this when i wash it it uh, just kind of the dirt rinses right off with the With the uh water again its a little dirty as you can see, theres some water spots there um it was – i actually got caught out in the rain a little bit but yeah there is a saga of the car.

So let me explain: ive had it just like a month, i think itll be a month actually tomorrow and Music. Some of you might want to know Music yeah. I did take it out and ive had it up to just a little over 150 um wheels are dirty but um Music, so its my understanding that general motors chevrolet claims the car will do 198., Music, road and track. I think i saw it on the internet. Road and track say that they took a production, car, no modifications or changes to it and on pump fuel headed up to 210 214 somewhere in that vicinity. You probably go on the internet and check it out, but Music at some point in time. I want to see if i can get the car up to 200. Music, but its starting to get towards fall, Music and im, probably going to be putting it up for the wintertime Music when the weather starts getting bad. I dont want to take it out and i dont even take it out in the rain. I mean i got caught out one day and it started raining like. I was left to shop in this kind of broken clouds in the sun, but the sun was shining and got about 30 miles south of here and ran into a rainstorm but anyways theres. The vet were looking in um, the wheel well of the passenger side of the ram cummins engine, its a ram 3500 cummins engine.

If some of you dont know this, the only way to access the oil filter is through this opening in the wheel. Well and you have to unscrew that oil filter and let it drop down and then, when you pick it up, you actually have to turn it sideways and to get it out and as logically, its filled with oil. If you didnt hear that i said logically, its filled with oil, so what i did is i bought this thing, its an oil plug. So i drop it down screw this thing in and you can lift it out sideways and it blocks the oil from going out, and i put it on the new filter going in because i partially fill the oil filters going in put them in put it set. It in there its got to go in sideways again and then it can drop down and you can pick it back up. You just drop it down. Unscrew, this out of the oil filter, pick the oil filter up and screw it into the oil adapter on the engine, but i i dont know if any of you knew that, but heres a little tip, you can get these things. I think you can get them at napa.

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