z 06, Corvette Z06, General Motors Top 5 Reasons to buy a Corvette C5 Z06

Unfortunately, my gopro is dead, so were gon na have to do this on my iphone, which sucks, but it is what it is. So. The first thing i want to talk about when talking about the c5 z06 is the performance now like i said this is a c506 uh. Specifically, this one is 2002, now 2002 to 2004 have 405 horsepower out of the box. That comes to about, i think uh. 350 wheel, somewhere in that range now, the 2001 has a little bit less horsepower because the camshaft is different, the tunes a little different but um like i said this. One has four or five 405 horsepower now full bolt on tune: youre, making ‘0 wheel and thats about 470 crank and thats. You could beat about 90 of whats on the street now mind. You youre, in a car that has ‘0 wheel, horsepower that only weighs 3 100 pounds. When i tell you this thing, rips, it rips its only a 2002, and i can beat a lot of cars, especially with turbo technology. Its kind of crazy. The handling on this car is ridiculous as well. The only thing i do have to say is you do get wheel, hop from the rear which it sucks so but theres an easy remedy: anti wheel, hop race which im gon na buy um pretty soon for this car. I havent done any mods. I got it full bolts on soon already so thats how thats how ive kept it.

Also, i want to mention the big brakes on this car immaculate when youre ripping down the canyons and you stomp on the brakes or youre ripping down whatever back roads or the track or whatever it may be, the drag strip. This thing stops and it stops well. Ive never had an issue with brake fade or anything like that and its never not stopped when i wanted it to um. The second reason you should buy this car is reliability. When i tell you, i put a decent beating on this car, i put a decent beating on this car and ive seen people track their cars. Ive seen people take this car to the drag strip and when i tell you, take it to the drag strip, take it to the track and drive it home, its no joke. This car can really handle this. Car can really really take a beating and it just it just takes it. I mean let me pop the hood for you guys, so you can see that that beautiful ls6, oh five, seven old trusty but um yeah, this car can take a beating and i ive never heard anybody talk about um. It not started or anything like that. Uh really beyond not starting, i mean um having issues with anything really with this car. Besides the springs and the heads, i know those go, and i know the harmonic balancers, because the cars are so old. I mean this is 2002.

Like i said, the seal in there goes bad, so you got. You should go with the one piece which im gon na do, but beyond little stuff like that and ebcm, they ended up because people dont really drive this car. A lot of corvette owners dont really drive their cars. For example, this car has less than 50 000 miles on it. They have a relay that goes bad just from people not driving it. So beyond that, beyond those little things like, i said, the springs not really a big deal. The hormonal balancer not really a big deal in ebc m. You can get a sent off and fix for 200 um, the early c5s. You got to be careful because they those get pricey just because just because the technology is different and its older and a lot of people dont really deal with it, so that gets pricey. But this car specifically, i know ive heard people send their cars out for uh – are setting their ebc mount for 200 and if you dont know what ebcm is its an electronic braking module um, but this car is fantastic now. The third reason you should buy this car is what im going to call mod ability. This car responds very, very, very well to modifications, and now what i mean by that is lets say you go cam head set up, uh. Really. The the main thing you have to change is the clutch thats it you dont have to worry about axles.

You dont have to worry about the trends you dont have to worry about the brakes, not being big enough. I mean you could see the the brake vents in the front here and the brake vent back here. One of the signature features of the frc or the c5 z06 um is the brake ducts, but the everything responds very well go. Cam head set up, go supercharger setup, go cam, heads and supercharger setup ive, seen this car on a stock, uh transmission, um and stock. Everything else running 700 wheel. Now, when you get into that 800 wheel, all right really anything over 600 wheel, it gets kind of iffy um im, really not trying to push that power on this car and after 600 wheel, you really should change the axles. You really should get the trans build just to be safe, just to keep that reliability, but i mean this car responds very, very, very, very well to modifications and mind you, like, i said its only 3 100 pounds so 800 wheel and something thats 3100 pounds 600 Wheel and some thats 31 pounds it rips, i mean ive, seen people cam head setups on these beat like 99.9 of street cars, so its really a great car, and that is going to lead into my third point, which is price. Now the prices of these cars is it its insane its insane now lets say for um. I know the the nismo 350 370z, whatever um in comparison to this car will be it.

You get, i think, full bolt on tune youre only looking at 300 wheel and they weigh a little bit more and they respond well to modifications too. I know a lot of people boost their zs, but i heard they dont become. I heard they become a little less reliable and then you have to change a few things, which is you know whatever, but this car is between im gon na, say right now, with the crazy carmar gate between 18 and 25 grand thats a steal. I personally purchased this one, like i said, a full bolt on tune 47 800 miles. I think that was what it was. It was in the 47 thousand 42 000 and its clean. I mean theres, not really theres, no cosmetic damage. I mean a little like when i say a little bit of road rash on the front. I dont even know if its going to pick up on camera, but i mean thats a steal, like i said, ‘0 wheel and something that the weighs 3 100 pounds. The transmission feels great the car. It responds very well picks up very well, like no body roll, its it its a badass car for the money. So talking about the responsiveness talking about the the breaks and all that that is going to transition me into my fourth reason, and that is the style of this car. Oh, my god, this car is badass in my opinion. Now i like to see c5 or c606 personally uh better than the c5, but still i still think the frc is a badass looking car.

So i definitely uh accidentally said uh one number twice um, but yeah. So those are the top five reasons for buying two. Well, top five reasons to buy c506. I mean you really cant go wrong with this car and trust me once you own one, youll never go back. So thanks for watching guys leave us leave a thumbs up and subscribe comment. Do all that good stuff.

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