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I want to get into the spirit of things, and my recent poll showed that most of you on console are going to be starting from scratch. So i will too now if youve played terraria before it might seem like the starting process remains unchanged, but journeys end brings quite a few new mechanics that will affect how you should create your first base im going to be talking about them. While i get going with this new construction and dont worry as youll, soon see, theyre, not unpleasant or difficult. If you find this video helpful, please be sure to subscribe to this channel to support the creation of more videos in the future and thanks as always to all who are already subscribers now, a lot of the attention with the journeys end update is on things like Journey mode, master mode, the new npcs, etc. Those are all important and fun changes and they might be easier to show in a quick promotional video, but its actually the npc happiness system and the pylon network that you should be thinking about when setting up your first base, because those are the new mechanics that Will dictate the changes you need to be making this time around? So how do the new pylon network and npc happiness systems affect my miserable wooden npc prisons? You might ask well in a nutshell, with journeys end. Each npc has a list of other npcs that they either like or dislike, and similarly each npc also has preferences for biomes they like some, but they dislike others npcs generally also dont, like crowded bases with too many people.

Can you see where this is going? Thats right youre not going to want one single monolithic megabase at the spawn point anymore. Your npcs are more like us fussy about this, and that now at first this might seem like a hassle but its actually a really clever improvement and one thats not hard at all to deal with. Other people have already figured out how to game this new system. Happy npcs sell pylons, which are placeable items that link other pylons as a sort of teleportation network, and so with this journeys end change, you can have bases, spread all across the map and theyre going to be linked by these new pylons. Your days of having to wire teleporters halfway across the map for quick trips to the ocean or to the dungeon are over. As long as you plan your buildings to make happy npcs youll find that moving around your world map has actually never been easier. Happy npcs. Also sell items for cheaper, they buy your items for more gold and even have perks like reforging items for less gold, which is highly desirable. As you already know, if youve ever tried to reforge one of the end game items its very expensive, but the most important feature of the happiness system is that youll need to have a very happy npc in a particular settlement. In order to purchase your biome specific pylon, so bear that in mind again the system has been figured out.

Dont worry about it, ill talk about it later and once the pylon for your particular biome has been placed the npcs at that location. Dont have to remain happy, so you can move them around as you see fit once the pylon is down, but youll really need to bother them up initially to get that precious biome specific pylon planted in the ground, with the happiness changes youre going to end up More than likely with settlements in the starting forest, the desert, biome the snow, biome, the jungle, biome, the ocean, biome, the caverns and possibly more like the glowing, mushroom biome and the hollow one benefit to all of this is that your npcs in these settlements will provide A sanctuary against monster spawns so its not just your home base that will provide some much needed, shelter against monsters. This new system opens up the map not just in having more structures scattered throughout, but i would say psychologically as well just having those bases everywhere. So with the changes in journeys, in that i just mentioned, does this mean you should build a small base at the starting spawn point? Absolutely not a lot of the same issues you faced before will still need to be addressed when you build youll, still need lots of storage journeys and adds even more items, and there are already thousands to begin with. Youll still need space to fight when pesky event and invasion enemies. Teleport inside of your base, youll need room for all of your crafting stations and youre still going to be seeing a lot of this first base, so at least make it pleasant to look at if youve ever explored the terraria, subreddit or seen.

Fancy builds on youtube or twitter. Youll know that the materials and safety needed to craft these elaborate buildings simply arent available when youre starting out. So what i would suggest is to use basic materials at first but give it healthy dimensions. Dont build those small square huts. Try to plan for the future when you build with the idea that youll be replacing the basic ingredients of wooden stone materials as time and materials permit. One awesome change in journeys end is the block swap mechanic. It used to be extremely laborious to go back and restyle your previous work, because youd have to destroy the old stuff before adding in the new, but thats, not the case anymore, simply place the new materials directly over the old and theyll be swapped out. So if youve got a wooden wall, just replace it stone block floor, replace it, it saves so much time and its an amazing addition to the games, mechanics when it comes to polishing your starter homes. It encourages improving your constructions later on, but you can probably see why you would still run into problems if you create too small of a starter base. What gives us a fancy base if its just a tiny box right so build that first base to a decent size, good footprint and large rooms? Youll. Thank yourself later. You might be wondering just how many npcs you should be housing in your initial settlement. Well, thats, where everyones play style will diverge.

The guide and the merchant are still going to be. Your first arrival so definitely make room for those two where you go beyond that is up to you but ill. Give you my advice. Personally, i would recommend building out some space for more than those two – not 10, more npcs, of course, but room for a handful to get your little community of npcs going its one thing to replace the design of the spawn point base over time. But do you really want to have to do that for all of your future settlements, probably not, which means youll want rooms at home base, even if theyre, just temporary ones, for a few extra npcs. While you gather the items you want for that next base and if you dont have that extra housing available, the npcs wont decide to show up. If you go ahead and put some spots into your first base, you wont have to wait for those arrivals once your next settlement is built. Dont worry. Those extra rooms at home base can always be turned into storage, crafting or just decorative rooms, which method do you prefer a mad dash over to the next base as soon as possible or building up a bit at the home base? First also consider that earlier on, you wont have the same maneuverability that youll have later on down the line packing up and traveling out to a build site and say the snow biome is going to be a bit of an undertaking early on.

So why not go ahead and reap the benefits of those extra npcs right away, while you gather materials and their happiness really wont, be much of a factor quite yet, and once theyre in your first settlement, its incredibly easy to reassign them to a new settlement. A few clicks and its done one idea is: you can always just build cheap wooden boxes for those overflow npcs that you know are going to be resettled soon. Itll make demolition easier in the future and ugly fema housing will also encourage you not to procrastinate building that next base. Just dont fall into the trap of putting off the inevitable work of getting those other settlements set up the more extra npcs you settle in your first location, the more challenging it will be to repurpose their rooms once theyre relocated. I know i havent been specific as to who goes where im gon na include links to the terraria wikis npc happiness guide and to the pylon guide in the description below, so that youll all have a reference to go off of itll. Be way easier to study. The wiki than have me telling you the possible combinations of npcs in each biome, just remember that, in order for an npc to sell a pylon, theyre going to need to be at 85 percent happiness or better, which is pretty steep. But this is a guide as advertised, so im posting this image from a wiki entry to show you examples of who you can place where in order to get the pylon as a purchasable item, there are other combinations available as well.

So if you dont have the npcs shown above check out the happiness guide linked in the description below to figure out an arrangement that will work with your current npcs, i always enjoyed building my big bases in terraria, but these journeys and changes opened up the map. The changes encourage using varied and exotic materials to suit each biome. Take a look at this old base to just see how cumbersome a massive npc settlement could become impressive in its scale. I suppose, but a little clunky looking dont, you think. Maybe you could even call it a monstrosity having played many hours with this bass back in the day, it was very much a patchwork affair and navigating through the bass. Wasnt particularly easy could have been better and certainly whenever an event, an enemy teleported into my base. It was a real pain to get over to them, to fight them, so many doors and walls and floors, not an ideal arrangement. Now lets compare that last base to even just a modest biome specific build from one of my newer worlds: the biome appropriate materials and themes. I think make for a much superior construction, its hard to beat a cozy cabin with a fireplace and chimney in the snow. Biome and its obviously way easier to navigate through these npc rooms, while it was nice to have all of my npcs and stuff at my fingertips in a single base with the new pylon and happiness system, its really not that difficult to get from point.

A to point b, if i need to and honestly so much more of the map feels alive now its a very clever change. They made to the mechanics of the game. As i said earlier so thats all you really need to know how to get started. Building under the journeys end rule set, so good luck, building your bases, fellow terrarians, youll find it is a worthwhile effort, and i encourage you to make that effort and, if youre still more of the tiny box, npc dungeon kind of player.

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