Terraria, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation, Video game console Can you crossplay on Terraria 1.4 Console Edition?

So today is finally the day. Terraria 1.4 journeys end is now available on both the playstation and the xbox as a free update. So, as you all know, i play the pc version, but i did want to hop onto the console version to answer some very simple questions. Ive been getting a lot recently. First off, i did notice that theyve not changed the logo for the game and this isnt an enhanced playstation 5 version of terraria. We never had any kind of confirmation about that, but we know now that its the ps4 version thats actually running this little intro screen is the same, but i will say it boots up a lot quicker than it used to, and i imagine this is due to The enhanced speeds of the ssd with the playstation 5, but i was really hoping for a ps5 version. I really wanted to see them actually add in 4k support, because we know that the ui sliders are there, but this is just what it is. Its version build 753.. One thing i will say is: i am so happy that console edition now has keyboard and mouse support. The only thing is, i dont have a spare keyboard in mouse, so im still playing with a controller. But my first big question is: can you actually play cross platform with this version of the game, because we know that mobile edition will allow cross platform if youre rocking a terraria 1.

4.0.5 server? Will they allow you to do that on the playstation? I really want to know so what were looking for here is the option to enter an ip address, which would mean youd be able to connect to a server, and then it wouldnt really matter what platform you were playing on so long as the server software matches. The version you have, since there is no option to enter an ip address, cross compatibility has not been added just yet, which is a real shame, but they did say it is something that theyre hoping to implement in the future. I just really believed that this would be the version to do so. Ah, you can see here that theyve added a little area to uh to bind all the the settings for a keyboard. Thats, really cool thats, really awesome like i think that part is, is great. So lets take a little look at how quickly it can generate a world now im pretty curious about this because, like i say this isnt an enhanced ps5 edition uh, but we do know that you know just based on other ps4 games. A lot of them do load faster on the playstation 5, just because you know its its better hardware, that its working off of but itd be interesting to see if thats, actually, the case, ive made quite a few worlds. On the ps4 edition and ill say that that game is, is quite slow, its slow for me because im so used to to the pc edition.

So this will be interesting. Id say about now its its pretty much on par with pc like unless it starts to lag behind in a minute. It all looks and feels the same. I do want to see what they did with the mini map. I want to see if they went for the mobile style or they went for a traditional pc style mini map where its the the squared off edges, because mobile uses um a rectangle doesnt it like a smaller rectangle, the firm county of houses, all right. Ah, they go wow. It looks a lot like pc edition. It looks a lot a lot like pc edition. I wonder: does it have any vibrations nah? Okay, could you imagine hd rumble all right? I wan na i wan na feel an adaptive trigger when i stomp on the stomp on the moonlord yeah. You know what it feels like terraria feels like terraria, and i think that is i mean its all. You can ask for really uh. How does inventory work? Ah, so its been its been slightly altered, this looks quite cool, so you got settings emotes and quick access to the bestiary. It all looks pretty much the same its. It is slightly different than than mobile, which makes sense because youre not using a touchscreen controls thats. What that game is designed for, but i did think it would, it would almost be a mirror, but apparently not. Obviously, this has been in uh development for a lot longer and theyve clearly have to to make some tweaks to make it run on a console thats.

Why its taken so long but yeah? This is cool. I wonder. Is there like quick access to? Ah yeah there is yeah its cool, its cool, its nice got some slightly different sprites, actually like these um. These sprites on the right for um. The tools sorting and quick stack are different to make them a little bit larger. Oh thats, weird that the hammer in the the bottom left as well is different and it is laid out a little bit different, so im curious to see what what people actually make of that you know. Um. The console uis had a redesign a couple of times now you know when it launched it was this grid based thing. That was a lot like um mobile games at the time, and then we got the 1.3 version where it was kind of like a mirror copy of pc, and then now we have, you know kind of a hybrid kind of an in between yeah. This is its pretty interesting. Ah so they have two options for the mini map: small or large, so lets see the small version. Ah yeah thats uh thats like mobile thats. I imagine good if you wan na maybe increase the performance. So this is pretty interesting. Uh up to jump has moved over from the mobile version and it seems like its its more catered towards the mobile version with that being like swipe, for example, so you could do that its nice.

I, like it im a big fan of pushing up to jump. To be honest, i got kind of used to it more on the mobile side, so i dont know if i would uh use it for console, but it is there, so i cant find it, but i would have loved to have an option to display the the Fps, the game is running at because to me, and it might just be because its running through a recording software, it doesnt look as smooth as i would have hoped for, and i think that really does come down to the fact that this is still catered towards. The ps4 version, rather than being upgraded for uh the next gen, but ultimately you know that makes a lot of sense. Next, gen consoles are still very fresh. A lot of people still dont have their their hands on them, but you know for someone like me that i i dont actually have my my ps4 setup anymore. You know it would have been nice to to see a small tweak in that regard uh, but you know its running its working and honestly, like after all this weight. What more could you ask for? You can see that theyve still got uh fancy water effects, so, as you can see, as i ripple around it looks good um and the lighting looks good as well, so its its not been. You know, theyve not had to compromise. In that sense, i dont know why ive gone into todays video kind of acting like a digital foundry uh, but these things really interest me.

Obviously i play a lot of terraria, so im always uh curious at how this stuff is all set up and stuff. I wonder if this is a a secret house, possibly let me see. Oh, i was hoping for a for a finch staff that would have been sick. That would have been so good its a nice looking house, though, to be honest man, i love 1.4 im legitimately. So jealous of everyone that gets to experience it for the first time they kept the tutorial no way. Ah, look at this. I thought they would have got rid of this. You start with andrew the guide. This is cool, so i wonder how the tutorial world even works cannot see any prompts about it. Uh andrew hello, hello, im, andrew your guy to get started. The most important thing you need is shelter. Okay, thanks tell you what, if you need a guide to get started with terraria, i actually have one i released one a couple of days ago that should get you on the right path, so i will say after a couple of minutes, i pretty much have the The answer to all of my questions super excited that this is now on console. I cant wait for everybody to enjoy it, try out the keyboard and mouse if you have one spare, because its such a better terrari experience ill, say im really happy with the new ui. I think its a good stepping point.

You know its a little bit better than the last console ui. I think people are going to really like that. I am a little bit upset that crossplay is not in this version, since it was in mobile but hey. What can you do, and i would love to see a ps5 patch in the future, but for now its running its smooth, its everything you could want really all right guys. Thank you. So much for watching have a great day and enjoy 1.

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