Terraria, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation, Video game console Console 1.4 Update News! September News! Road to Parity Begins!

We are going to be taking a look at the state of the game which has just been released for september, and this is coming from terraria themselves over on the terraria forums and as for always, it starts with them. Saying hello to us and basically greeting us into autumn, and they also go on to talk about xbox and playstation. Getting the journeys end update and how theyre still working on getting the switch up, because, obviously, on the 30th of september, theyre hoping to be able to release journeys end for both xbox and playstation, however, it wont be coming to switch. I know this is upsetting a lot of people who play the switch version, but it is still coming pc news, so they go on to show a picture of the steam deck and how it is working with terraria. They also mentioned that there are some incompatibilities, which is why, sooner or later, theyre going to be releasing a hotfix for the terraria pc version, where theyre going to be able to add a few customizations to make the game a little easier. When this eventually launches they then go on to talk about team mod loader and how they mentioned previously in the previous state of the game, how it was in alpha – and it is still out there. So if you guys are playing the team, mod, loader and youre. Finding any bugs remember to report those so that they can be fixed now it is time for the console news which im pretty sure a lot of you have been waiting for.

This is consulting the xbox playstation and switch versions. They said greetings terrarians one week ago. We revealed the launch date for journeys end on playstation xbox, leaving us one week out from this amazing update being in your hands in case you missed it. Terraria journeys end is coming to playstation and xbox on september 30th. The team is eagerly anticipating the launch and we hope that each and every one of you enjoy the fruits of our labor over the past several months. We have really enjoyed working on this update and thank you as always, for entrusting us with the opportunity. It is not a responsibility that we take lightly. Of course the team will be on a faller and standby for any bugs or issues that arise at launch so be sure to use the bug report process that we will share in the launch day post. If you encounter any issues, thats all the news for the xbox and playstation versions, the update is coming out on september 30th, which is literally six days away. Um also nintendo switch is going to be getting the update, but not this week that will be coming sometime in the future. They do go on to show some more about that, so lets get into that. The team is continuing to chip away at the extra work needed to bring journeys end to nintendo switch. What all does that entail? Mostly? It has to deal with the specific features and scenarios that the switch presents.

Things such as the ui differences, the docked versus undocked, etc. Further performance, optimizations touch controls optimizations, including the hybrid control styles, dictated by the switch all of the specific platform required, stuff, etc, and they literally could go on. But there are loads of things, but just for you guys who are mass players of the switch, and you want the switch version of terraria. They have released a photo of split screen, so that is pretty awesome thats, confirming that they finally got split screen to work over on the nintendo switch and thats. Quite a small screen to be getting split screen on so thats amazing that theyve managed to do that. On the docs mode and theyve also managed to do that on the undocked mode. So congratulations to terraria for doing that. They do go on to say we do not have a precise update or timing to give you just yet give us a bit longer to be sure that things continue to stay on track and on schedule, and we certainly do not want to give you any timing. Estimates that we are not confident to hit that said as of today, everything is very much going well and remains on time. Whatever date theyve chosen, it looks like theyre on target. I can understand why they want to do that. They want to make sure the update is strong before just giving out, because you dont want a buggy update, thats going to corrupt your worlds, or anything like that.

So i can appreciate that they want to go through and check it twice so now. Moving on to mobile news, where doctor studios have gone ahead and said hello, everyone hang in there our mobile friends, your time in the spotlight will come again soon enough. As you will see above, we are getting even closer to that console release after which well be entering the era of parity, where we are going to be pushing for a world where all terrarians are on the same version. We have also been made aware of some issues impacting some players in regards to android 11., so thats it for the news this month. I will be back for the next state of the game and also make sure to check out my lets play video, which ive just released anyways guys. Thank you.

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