Terraria, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation, Video game console ERRARIA JOURNEYS END Xbox/Ps4 Update Guide! Most Important New Features!

Zen finally makes its appearance on xbox and playstation. It wont be appearing on switch, not yet not for another few months, but once it does hopefully in the future. Well, get one last update that adds cross play across all platforms, but journeys end is here on xbox and playstation today. So here are some things. You absolutely need to know about the new game modes about the world and about how you can really have a lot of fun in journey mode. I love terraria. It was one of the first games covered on my youtube channel six years ago and im desperate to get it back into it. So hopefully you guys are gon na, like this video youll enjoy the content and thats gon na encourage me to make even more terraria guides and lots of new stuff for you, showing your best top tips, whether or not youre experienced player new or coming back to The game im going to explain the most important features of journeys end so straight off character creation. There is a brand new mode to choose your character. You can include journey mode. This pretty much starts with extra equipment. You can, of course, keep the classic characters where you drop your money on death or the media, one where you drop your items on death or, of course, if youre really really tough hardcore, where you die completely enough to restart. Do note, though, that journey mode characters can only play on journey worlds, so once youve decided what character you want, then of course there are two brand new game modes.

Now youve got journey mode and then youve got master mode. Previously expert was the additional extra hard world thats, taking it up even higher, with even more difficult bosses creatures and even more unique items that you can only get when you play master mode. The two new bosses that have also been added can only be unlocked by defeating or playing in master mode 2.. Queen slime is going to be a hard mode counterpart to king slime, shes, an optional boss that you had to summon using a jettison crystal in the halo shes, going to be pretty tough to summon at first something else unique about this brand new boss is that You can summon as many as you want at once, if you think youre up to the tasks defeating them all, this will increase your chances of getting some of the drops. The empress of light is a different matter, though. This is an end game. Only boss again found in the hallow biome you need to summon her by killing a prismatic lacewing at night, after defeating plantera, so its definitely end game. Now some of these items and features are meaning nothing to you. Dont worry, im pretty much the same. Ive never got to this type of end game gear, ive, not even defeated plantera. Yet i just figured it was important to let you guys know what to expect in the hard master mode and whether or not its going to be worth, maybe going through.

Obviously, theres a lot more new items, new resources and events that can happen as well as exclusive pets that you can unlock in the master mode. Now, maybe you do want to just play target and get used to things again. Havent played for a while, or you are brand new to the game. You can actually choose to change your world to master mode or expert or classic. When you start out and journey. This is the only chance that youll be able to switch your worlds. Difficulty all three other modes lock to that mode. When you play and start a new world, so dont be worrying. If you want to start things easy in journey mode, you can always increase the difficulty and then the creatures and items that were usually rare will actually start spawning in or youll have a chance to unlock the other. Two options are pretty much always been there. Small, medium and large, and you can choose between corruption and crimson or go random. There is a siege, though, that may actually have both of the biomes in it 516 2020. The release date of journeys end on pc. You can see it makes the intro screen go. Absolutely nuts and pretty much you are going to have both biomes, the crimson and the corruption inside. So in journey mode. You can see you start off with all of these items. You get a whole iron sword set a finch staff. You can pretty much stick your finch onto enemies wherever you want it to go, torches, rope and, of course, the magic mirror which will teleport you back to the start point you also get a grappling hook too.

When you go into menus, everything looks pretty much more or less the same as it was before, although there may be some subtle changes. What you should be looking out for, though, is this little bunny sign. This opens up all the god mode and power options. So absolutely the best feature of the brand new journey mode, of course, is the duplication and research menu open up the research menu, finding an item and then popping it inside. You can then research, it different items may need more items to actually research it, but usually tools and weapons will only be one of a kind, but things like gel rocks and other stuff. You may need 199, 200 or even 400, sometimes once youve researched it. It will appear in the duplication menu, so this takes away the grind. You still have to play the game. Legit, almost for the first few days, once you get enough resources to go ahead and duplicate them, you can have unlimited resource and suppliers. Now got 999 led bars. Same thing, goes for all the weapons and all the tools you can spawn in whatever you want. Whenever you want so, although its not a full creative mode, its the closest they seem to want to be able to do and does mean that were going to have less worries about grinding for resources again, if youre a builder. But, of course, like i said you are gon na – have to at least find some of these items.

First, you can literally research anything statues, pieces of food, even pets, so i just got myself a ladybug put inside the research im. Gon na need five of them. So that i can unlock as many critters as i want whenever i want. So if you really want to spawn a thousand ladybugs in the game, you can go ahead and do so, although there does appear to be a limit, its not letting me place any more than 400 or 300. So last thing to note as well is that you can even go ahead and duplicate money. So as soon as you get a trader come and pretty much visit, you find a way to sell as much stuff that youve already maybe duplicated and youll quickly be able to unlock all the money. Youll need to buy stuff from traders in the future. In the time menu you can freeze time, so it literally will not go daytime or night time. You can see the background isnt moving either and then, when we click it off, everything goes back to normal. So if you just want to chill out – and you maybe know that a boss fight is about to come, you can always freeze time get prepared just in case before an event starts properly. You can also change the time of day dawn noon and dusk and, of course, midnight, and you can even speed up time. This is really super useful if you want to get more blood, moons or solar, eclipses youll know its frustrating waiting for one of these to happen.

Sometimes so go ahead and increase the quickness of time passing just make sure you havent got time frozen on. So you can see how quickly its going through tonight and daytime now. This means pretty much youll be able to have a lot more of them. Events happen as long as you dont mind. It continuously going this dark, even if it just means its a great way for you to speed up time when its night time, if you dont like it its also a great way, also to go ahead and farm lots of stars, and there we go its daytime. Already you notice ive got the party girl. This is also part of having that seed. Shell appear instead of the usual guide, theres a bunch of new critters being added to the game as well as pets, 15 new critters, so youd be able to make even more food and more fish bait or house them and collect them all for the worlds biggest And best zootopia, pretty much you can put them in cages or display cabinets theyve, also added some new pets as well. A lot of them are exclusively baby versions of bosses that youll fight theyve, also added some brand new light pets too. If you click on the weather menu, you may think this is a bit silly, just being able to control how windy or rainy it is. But there are two new mini events when its a windy day or a rainy day opening the wind controller you can switch to wind.

So it goes from one direction to the other, but either way increasing the wind in either direction, west or east. That means youre going to get a chance of getting the windy day event so again, its another great way to get one of them mini events to happen. The same goes for the rain modifier. You can go from clear skies to just drizzle or to a full monsoon. If you want to keep it like that forever, then just simply make sure you, wind change, disabled and rain change disabled. So now weve got the wettest windiest storm going on in terraria history. Again, you do get a special mob or mini event that can appear in the rainy mode, youll notice, theres lot more ladybugs spawning in the windy days. Mode youll also find a bunch more slimes with flying balloons. After that weve got the personal power menu. Pretty much. You can make yourself invincible clicking this on means, youve got god mode and you wont take any damage. No creatures will be able to hurt you or take any full damage. Another great feature is the increased placement range youll notice. My cursor here can go off the screen up top go all the way around. That means i can literally place anything i want almost within that range, so its really good for builders, its definitely a good mode to play. If you do love just creating a building. However, if you dont want that turned on, you want the core experience, you can turn it off and youre back to just having the small range.

So one of the things that has kind of frustrated me in the past playing terraria is waiting for the drops enemies. Can drop special weapons and items, but sometimes you could be literally playing for months before you actually get something that you want. Well, dont worry, you can increase the enemy spawn rate from now on. This means pretty much you can set up better traps and youll get more chance of more mob spawning. So hopefully youll get the items that you want. You can increase it up to 10 times the usual amount, so this is great, especially during events. Equally, if you just want a peaceful experience – and you definitely want to make sure youre building in peace, then turn it off once its disabled and youve got rid of any creatures within the screen game, they wont actually appear again. So if you just want a real peaceful experience, mining crafting and basically doing a lot of building then make sure you turn that off. You can also turn off the infection spread. If you dont know, when you defeat the wall flesh, you will be able to unlock a brand new difficulty. This is the mode that, where youll get most of the items and where to aria, really begins alongside that, though, you do start having a corruption that will slowly take over the whole of the landscape. It spreads and pretty much makes everything, look, purple and horrible or crimson and red.

If youre in that biome there are ways to stop it and back in the day, youd have to build huge snow barriers to stop it getting towards your base or your biome. But now in journey mode you can just go ahead and turn it off. So in the power mode settings you can see, we can actually change the difficulty from all three game modes. We can have it as the classic experience, expert mode or master mode. So changing these gives you the option to unlock the weapons and take on the mini events and bosses within each of them difficulties. So its a great addition, if youre playing terror for the first time or havent, played it in a while in journey mode, you can make it a bit tougher. You just got ta resist some of the other cheats. If you want the game to not be, as maybe too easy with todays update, there should be a bunch of new achievements and trophies to earn on pc. They added 15 brand new achievements revolving around killing. Some of the new creatures, like the empress of light and, of course, the slime queen and while i wont list it all here, just know there will be some new challenges for you to work towards another new feature of the journeys. End update is, of course, emotes. These are great for playing multiplayer, where youre not maybe talking to others, and you do use some of these remotes with npcs.

To start conversations, youll see the remote window inside your menu screen. You can play rock paper scissors, you can talk about the weather or even take a look at all the emotes that you can get with all the npcs and it kind of gives you a clue of who you should be looking for and of course, theyve now Got the beast 3.: this is really useful as its going to give you the drop rates of their items that they have or their spawn chances youll find out a bunch of information about where and how they spawn what biomes and, as you defeat more of them Creatures, youll also unlock new info about how much gold, how much loot they drop and what their weaknesses and attacks are so ive killed enough. Slimes here that i can see its health is 14. im gon na need to carry on killing a bunch more of these. Before i unlock the last two traits of info 522 are available in the b3 good luck, unlocking every single one npcs have changed. Also, they now have happiness, you can click on an npc and it will tell you pretty much where it wants to live. So my traveling merchant likes the forest and a good view. Attracts customers basically likes a room of his own. Making enough npcs means that youll unlock pylons, which you can then use to teleport all around different towns that youre going to build still a bit.

Limiting, though, with these pylons, they have to be made or used in the biomes that they represent or created so basically, theyve got locks, theres, different biomes, but effectively youre meant to encourage building different outposts with different npcs rather than having them all in just one single Place that said, you can have the npcs all in one spot, but they wont necessarily sell you items at a better price and thats. Why you want to keep them happy and just rattling off a quick few other changes. You can now change blocks without actually having to get rid of the old ones. Theres, a bunch of new biomes and lots of variants for your minecarts 22 new ones have been added too more new customization options too something brand new biomes include the oasis, desert, biome and theres new npcs, like finding the golfer. Who will give you the chance to buy and set up your own golf courses? Youll find him in underground desert biomes. You can also create your own mini graveyard, biome now to face off against a new boss as a bunch, more smaller macro, little biomes that have been added as well like flower patches, stone, patches, all veins and mosaic microbiomes theres a lot more to go through and Cover up theres, hundreds new items, loads new enemies, but this is just the starters guide to get you prepared for the update. Let me know how youre enjoying it once it drops and as soon as it does drop ill be live streaming.

Obviously, if youve seen this then ill probably live streamed already. I will do some more guides but, like i said, i need to see the love so do leave a like make sure to subscribe for the best in survival games.

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