Honda Civic Type R, 2022 *OFFICIAL* Here's the 2023 Honda Civic Type R !

Okay, we have a new civic type r over at the honda media page next gen civic type r is ready for nurburgring testing. Well, they dont have a lot to say about it. Well, read it in a little bit, but lets go over the images because thats really all we have today and thats. Okay, all right now im just coming fresh off of the civic sedan review and then ill be going to the civic hatchback uh first drive here in a little bit so theres a lot of civic stuff going on on the channel and im excited to bring you This type r looks like we have brembo brakes up front now. The overall styling design looks really similar, of course, to the civic, hatchback uh and well flip around to the this image in a little bit. But the headlights look look the same, but really only the difference that i can see behind this crazy camo is we have a mesh pattern? Grill now were all its also going to have a a variant of the mesh pattern grille on the upcoming hatchback, but this is much more fence like much more porous there are, i mean it looks like chicken fence down here its uh. Just like a mesh pattern. You, obviously you can see the inner cooler down here for the turbocharged engine and well talk about powertrains here at the end, because we dont know whats exactly going to be in there, but we we can probably take a stab at it and then the bottom.

We have some, i dont know fairly aggressive side skirts a little fin at the back and then speaking of the back lets just get to to the business back here. Look at the triple exhaust thats kind of sticking around it looks great. I love i love. I just think its a staple of the civic type r at this point uh so it looks, looks excellent. You can see the diffuser here at the bottom, really aggressive how it rakes down – maybe some slits in the bumper here, but it could just be reflectors its kind of hard to tell and then the hatchback heres, the windshield wiper doesnt. Look that posh here on on the hatchback. It looks kind of like a sore thumb sticking out, but the wing. How can you not? I mean thats. Obviously, the first thing that you see is the massive wing on the new civic type r. It looks like itll pop right up with the hatch, so, as you raise the hatch, the spoiler will go up with it and thats about it. I mean we do have a little gill here. It looks like it looks smaller. I just look at the image of the the previous type r and it looked like it takes up more of the fender here. Well, the gill and the new one looks pretty minuscule in comparison, so i dont expect it to be as radical looking as the 10th generation, civic based type r, but its still going to be really good.

Looking and i dont know, i i think the the outgoing civic type r just had a little bit too much plastic and black plastic on the front, so im hoping uh the front end here, isnt as over styled as the outgoing civic type r. But what do you guys think are you excited well go over powertrains a little bit, but lets see uh what honda has to say about it in the press release not much development of the best performing honda, civic type r ever continues the whole new civic type. R will be introduced in 2022., so there you go. I mean thats kind of a surprise. I was i was thinking, maybe 2023, because we just havent really heard anything uh. So the rest is just kind of like talking about honda about their their current situation and their. You know identity, but yeah 2022 holy cow stay tuned for the channel. I will be able to bring you guys hands on driving impressions whenever it is uh. You know available in 2022, but lets get into the spreadsheet, so im actually bringing up the integra spreadsheet. I expect the integra and the civic, of course, to be based off of each other. Well, more so the integra based off the civic and uh. You know people are saying well if the civic hatchback is going to have a six speed manual. Why cant the integra and, i think, thats a valid point. I think thats.

What a lot of people would like to see on a new integra anyways were talking about type r. Today, not type s type s is going to be. The integra type. R is obviously the civic. Now i think its going to be the same inline four turbo, that we have with 306 horsepower 295 pound feet of torque with a six speed manual. I dont think its going to be all wheel drive. Yet i think if you want the all wheel, drive sort of performance from the civic youll have to go the integra and thats going to be available in a hybrid, and there has been rumors swirling around that theyre going to take this inline four turbo with 306 Horsepower hybridize it put two electric motors in the rear, so you have real real torque vectoring in the on the rear axle, but i dont think thats going to be this generation. I think that will be next generation and at that point in time i dont know if its going to be more so based off this one and a half liter or two liter, it would be hard to say but yeah im expecting it to be the exact Same powertrain, as we had before manual only front wheel, drive only around 300 horsepower, which is not a bad thing, because the new civic is top to bottom, a better car, a better driving car than the outgoing civic. And this should be the type s im hoping for anyways, the hybrid or the super e super handling.

All wheel drive real torque vectoring in the rear, possibly, but it could have an electric motor in the front and one in the rear. Just give it a little bit more power around 250 horsepower here, all wheel drive six speed manual fingers crossed, but they could put a dct in it of some sort, whether its a 10 speed or 8 speed dct or they could just put the new 10 speed Automatic sport transmission that we see in the new and the new tlx type s and the mdx type s and no theyre not going to put the 3 liter single turbo v6 in either of those civic based vehicles, its just too big of an engine. But anyways im gon na end it there. That was a surprise for me. Hopefully you guys are excited its just its the suns not up and im facing the window. It gives you an idea, its its still seven oclock in the morning, and i still need to drive the tundra today. So uh yeah ill see you guys on the channel for future honda, civic updates, hatchback si type, r, integra, etc and, of course, uh. You guys. Obviously know im here for the tundra, anyways ill end.

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Honda Civic Type R, 2022 新型シビックタイプR アメリカホンダ発表