Honda Civic Type R, 2022 Sedan Review | It's (almost) Perfect

5 liter turbo in the top low line. Touring trim. Honda claims – this is the most fun to drive civic ever today were going to find out, starting with the exterior design of the new civic. It is a huge departure from the 10th generation civic, which was a little bit origami. It was a little bit anime, which a lot of people like and a lot of people still like that 10th generation design better than this 11th generation. With this new generation of civic honda, says its euro, inspired, which to me, sounds like a lot less busy and more clean a little bit more minimalist in terms of the design and the lines of the vehicle, and i think it looks a lot better than the 10Th generation – i was never really a big fan of the last generation design styling. It was a little too over the top for me and this new longer wheelbase wider track, civic with more windows and much more light coming in. I think it looks a lot better from the outside and on the inside holy smokes. This is what im talking about now. Honda says they kind of went back to the basics of the civic, which is uh a kind of a basic car and the interior. Here, even though this is the top of the line touring, this has a very basic and elegant simple, easy to use design it all starts to with, for me, with this honeycomb uh vent design.

That goes all the way across the dash and its actual metal. Its not plastic, and the feeling of all the switch gear in here is superb how how these things glide around and it clicks in the middle to let you know, youre back to the home, with with the vents, is great im, a big sucker for good feeling. Vents and this civic is right right at the top, with how good the vents feel the climate control is all rotary dials, which is perfect. For me, none of this touch capacitive malarkey, going on its old school rotary, dial, simple to use, and we do have little digital gauges between the dials to tell you, the temperature, also little digital gauges inside the middle uh. To let you know your fan speed now. This cherry model has heated seats, its got leather seats which are pretty comfortable theres, no, interestingly enough, theres, no lumbar control on this top of the line which comes in around 30k, but thats fine with me, because i find the seats pretty darn comfortable. Despite that, now we actually have a real shifter in here. Unlike a lot of other honda models, it doesnt have the push buttons to get you out of park, etc, and the shifter is high quality, its a nice leather wrapped at the top and its tilted. Just a little bit towards the driver to make it feel more driver centric. We actually have drive modes here in the civic, which i mean thats every every car nowadays pretty much has drive mode.

So thats not really a surprise and i feel, like i have a ton of room in here. It feels not like a compact sedan. I know its bigger than all the previous civics, but on the interior it feels really really spacious up front and in the back sitting behind my seat, which is set up for six feet, one. I still had about two inches of room between my knee and the back of the leather seat and its not like a plastic cladded black seat, uh its its nice leather, wrapped on the back. So i love that its comfortable all the way around. In the back. You have a couple charging ports, but no vents for the passengers back there. You have around 14 cubic feet of trunk space. The seats do fold down 60 40 split, so it does provide a good amount of functionality for those out there who want to load it up coming to the stop sign onto the brakes hard – and i adore the brakes in here. Theres also a stop start feature. The engine just shut off and its not that intrusive. It helps you save a little bit on gas mileage, speaking of which im getting between 32 and 33 miles per gallon is thats, where this vehicle is kind of rated, but you can actually get better fuel economy than that ive been driving, mostly city and driving with A lot of idling in between waiting to pick my kids up doing photo shoots with a car etc, but the brakes are out of this world.

Honda in my testing has always had pretty darn good brakes right up there at the top. In my experience with with a really solid brake, feel its very progressive and strong and im going to get in the brakes hard again and right now, oh gosh, its its its an absolute perfect brake feel and yes, lets. Go to the next thing, which is steering this civic steers like a dream, so the braking is excellent. The steering is excellent. I love the leather wrapped steering wheel in here. My hands are so happy being on it so make sure i dont know what this corolla is doing. I really this is not that theyre in the bike lane, so i dont know what to do. They got over my goodness anyways yeah. The steering wheel is great. The steering predictability, it just feels super uh, communicative its really easy to communicate with the vehicle as youre. Turning in it does exactly what you wanted to do wanted to do. With this front wheel, drive setup, i dont think i can follow that corolla much longer. So what were going to do is well flip it into sport mode to unleash the full 180 horsepower 177 pound feet of torque and its just mash a pedal. A little wheel. Spin theres 45 like it is slow, but i was spinning the wheels why. Why would that happen? Well, it has 177 pound feet of torque available at 1700 rpm and in my daily driving i rarely and im going to go back into normal mode.

Ive had enough fun my daily driving, i rarely get above 2000 rpm. Its got tractor like um torque out of this one and a half liter turbo. They revised the turbo. They revised uh the cvt as well, so its a little bit more fuel efficient, a little bit more responsive. It has more power across all rpms compared to the outgoing civic and yeah. Now that im at a stop light im going to put it back into sport, it immediately takes it out of the stop start function as a result and green light and hammer that theres 40., its really slow, and this is the premium engine in the civic. Now its going to not only is it more powerful its going to be able to get you a little bit better fuel economy compared to the naturally aspirated 2 liter, which to me the naturally aspirated 2 liter is going to drive a lot different. Like i said, the torque on the turbo is available at such a low rpm. You rarely ever need to rub this thing out to keep up with traffic, but when you take out the turbo and you you go to a naturally aspirated engine like the base model, as well as the sport, have that naturally aspirated uh non turbo engine, so im Sure it likes to rev a lot more theres, an eco mode in here, which i dont recommend driving, because you pretty much have to floor. The gas pedal to get anywhere.

So, in my experience, normal is by far the way to go, and that was the shortest green light. Ever now, this touring is loaded up pretty well. Now i mentioned: doesnt have lumbar seats. It doesnt have like a heads up display, doesnt have ventilated, seats, does have heated seats, um, it has parking, sensors front and rear for the first time ever in a civic. Also, you have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay in this top of the line which comes with this nine inch touchscreen, which is really responsive. I i dont play with the touchscreen much uh. It has wireless android auto, which works most of the time. I have an older android phone, so i dont know if its the phones issue or hondas own setup, but but its very snappy its easy to get around. And what else could you want out of a touchscreen its easy to get to also theres a little ledge here you can just set your fingers on and stabilize your hand while youre touching the icon. So i like that honda sensing is pretty good here: thats their safety, suite blind spot, monitor, of course, on this model, as well as radar cruise control on the lane. Departure alert and lane assist is actually pretty good in here. It also has traffic jam assist for the first time ever and theres, also like a low low speed emergency braking which im not going to test out but itll stop the car, whether youre going forward or reversing uh in low speed situations.

If the car thinks theyre going to hit something all right, lets flip it into sport mode and get around this chevy express creeper van and hit the throttle, go hard, theres 50 miles an hour, its its quick. It takes a little bit for the cvt and the turbo to like be in harmony together from a stop, but it gets up to speed once once theyre on the same page and its pretty pretty quick and now that were up to speed whats the uh, the Sound like in here what is the road noise? Well, its definitely the quietest, civic ever that doesnt mean its that quiet of a vehicle it feels very solid and planted while youre driving it handles the bumps pretty well for a compact budget minded car. I know this touring trim is not the most budget minded, but it as i go over some crosswalks there. You do feel it a little bit but im saying like the longer wheelbase helps out. They have way more um structural adhesive. The vehicles way more rigid and it also has a lot more noise dampening materials at the bottom of the vehicle im just going to get in the brakes hard because they make me so happy. Uh, yes, its its literally like between the brakes and the steering in this vehicle like i cannot wait to test drive the vehicle with a manual transmission thats, going to be so much fun because the cvt is kind of its, not bad by any means.

The cvt is not bad, it gets the job done and it makes for a very efficient vehicle, but its not very sporty or responsive, but i cannot wait to test this vehicle this platform, the steering is so good. The brakes are so good. The interior is a great experience in the new hatchback, with a six speed manual, whether its the two liter, naturally aspirated, the one and a half turbo. Both of them are going to be fun and then also the new civic si coming out. Hopefully, before the end of the year, at least having it announced before the end of the year, that is going to be an absolute hoot and then, whenever the civic type r comes out based on this 11 generation, civic should be produced here in the united states. Because the civic hatchback is produced here in the united states for the first time ever so the road noise isnt is probably the most noticeable. You know compared to a couple other vehicles, ive tested in this segment. I feel like it does better with wind noise compared to the corolla, especially uh, and its way more fun to drive than the corolla its more fun to drive than the hyundai elantra that i tested when i was still in nebraska in the snow but yeah. The steering in here is a plus. The brakes are a plus. The handling, as a result is really good. I mean theres nothing. I really cant find anything that i dont like about this new civic and thats, really hard for me to say, because im, a very picky person just ask my wife im a very picky person, and i find things that are easy to complain about.

So the fact that i cant really find anything i mean no rear vents and for the passengers in the back, you know my daughter was complaining. She was pretty warm, i guess thats a complaint, but other than that. I really have no no major complaints about this vehicle. Yes, the materials could be a bit a bit better, but for this class its, where i kind of expect and this mesh pattern – you know, vent grill in the front – is just awesome. Thats, the star of the show for this interior, the door materials are, are average for the class. I mean its not going to blow anyones minds, but unless you want to get the corolla hybrid for efficiency, i would get this every single time and unless you wanted the the more uh pleasing interior in some ways of the hyundai elantra, its definitely more tech savvy. Even though i have the 10 inch mid on this touring model and the base models come or the lesser models, i should say come with a 7 inch. Digital mid, theyre cool, but theyre definitely a step above in the hyundai elantra. So but this vehicle, i would get hands down unless i needed the efficiency of the the corolla hybrid. This is by far the most fun ive had in a vehicle this class for a while, the steerings perfect, my hands are happy on it. The brakings, perfect cvt is kind of a downer, but man.

I never have to read this thing past two 2000 rpm in daily traffic, and that makes for a really really efficient and smooth experience. You never have to wind out the cvt uh, which doesnt like no cvt really likes to be wound out. You know what i mean: im gon na end it there. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video, if not still throw me a like button for the honda civic. This 11th gen, this 2022 is really really good, and i cannot wait to drive the hatchback which is going to be in about a week. So definitely stay tuned as ill be able to share my driving impressions with the manual transmissions and definitely stay tuned for civic. Si based off of this 11th generation. I will be bringing that to you guys as well sometime this year, but anyways im gon na end.

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