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Uh, these tools have become so important for communication, so people around the world are flummoxed tonight good evening, francis and good evening to all your promox viewers, because everyone thought its their own phone thats gone wrong because no matter where they turn they cant connect, whether its Facebook, whether its whatsapp facebook, messenger instagram and even the high tech, early adopter types who use virtual reality if they on oculus vr, which is owned by facebook, theyve also gone down. So anything owned by facebook right now is down and has been since about 5 30 or just after 5 30. In fact, we started measuring or seeing reports of outages from 537 to be precise, because a minute before that there was nothing after that. Suddenly it was going crazy with people complaining people asking whats, wrong, etc, and of course, facebook is silent in all of this yeah. So so you are looking at twitter, presumably to to see the complaints, um or outlets like that, where people can talk about whats happening with facebook, theres, actually a sector which tells you if a particular site is down. So if you cant reach the site, you go to down detector and you type it in and down. Detector will tell you if there are other complaints and almost instantaneously. There were thousands of complaints from around the world for any of those services, but particularly in in particular, facebook and whatsapp, and instagram saw huge spiking, complaints and thats.

Why we can time it almost precisely wow so thats when south africa was affected, but the whole world. The bbc is reporting is being affected. Youre saying there has not been a statement yet at all from facebook ive, yet to see an explanation from facebook or any kind of explanation, and often what theyll say is that eventually theyll say theyre aware of the problem and they are investigating and they let us Know once they know what the issue is, and that is usually almost presented to the world, to their customers and to the media as being an adequate explanation and, of course it isnt its not telling people uh what went wrong or why um it went wrong. So were still waiting for word from them were still waiting for them to even tweet, although i dont think theyll tweet thats going to be very embarrassing that twitter is up and all of their services are done, but but presumably i mean they could do the the Old fashioned way and just speak to media outlets around the world, who then report um online would would that be the best way, youd think, but right now, facebook has a very fractious relationship with the media. After last weeks, revelations in the wall street journal about how they had known about the effect of instagram, in particular, on teenagers mental health and they had intending to launch a service for kids called instagram for kids. And after that backlash, they cancelled the launch of instagram.

For kids, so right now they are running shy of the media, so this couldnt have come to worst time for them. So so this is a potentially um another potential, huge pr nightmare for facebook. Do you think that that people will be outraged? I mean i mean this is just staggering: the the the scale of it or will we all just be relieved that we can get online again and forget about it. No, the outrage is palpable, especially if you look at comment on other social networks in particular twitter, and there has been a campaign for a while for people to quit. Facebook and now its picked up tremendous momentum as a result of this outage ill. Just give you some numbers to give you a sense of how big this is for south africans. In our recent study called the south african social media landscape that we conducted with a company called onico. We found that of south africans aged between 16 and 64, who use the internet uh, something like a 94 are using whatsapp just over 93 and something like 84 are using. Facebook instagram comes in at around 70 of that uh audience and facebook messenger not far behind that, and what that tells you is that the vast majority of internet using south africans are heavily dependent on these facebook properties for their communication, for family connections updates and news, Especially in these times of the cobra 19 pandemic, people depend heavily on facebook for family news, for example, yeah, so its across all of these platforms and uh.

It takes facebook months to install trust whenever they have even smaller outages than this one wow, and i mean this points to the huge issue that there are so many benefits to the world being so interconnected. But there have been warnings that that means something can go wrong and then were all down at the same time. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, weve run out of time arthur goldstock uh, but just confirmation, if you think your whatsapp is not working, no uh. In fact, the bbc reporting that there is a global outage, uh facebook, whatsapp instagram all affected all owned by facebook.

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Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Social media wn in global outage