Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Social media wn in global outage

Facebook says its aware: some people are having trouble accessing the platforms, but hasnt said whats behind the problem. Well, lets speak to ian share about this hes. The editor at large. At the consumer, tech site, cnet and hes joining us from maryland in the u.s very good to have you with us tell us about what this all is about. I mean facebook says some users, but this looks like a global outage. How widespread is it well its hard to tell? I will say that when were talking about facebook more than half the worlds online population is using it every month, so you know a few users can be a lot of users, but this is. This is a signif look. These these outages happen from time to time right. Sometimes they are the result of bad behavior, hacks or something other times its someone who pushed the wrong button, and this time it seems like it may have been not a bad thing. It may have been someone pushed the wrong button or some computer is misconfigured and thatll get fixed at some point, but this has been going on for over an hour now, which is long yeah. It is long and look. These things tend to be unusual because facebook in particular, really prides itself on working really well, you know, over the last id say five ten years weve seen google apple, facebook, amazon, all of them have been relatively stable before that it was pretty.

It was pretty normal for the internet to kind of go in and out and some websites not to work. You can look up. The twitter fail whale if you remember that period of internet history, so you know this stuff did happen, but it is unusual more so now and so yeah having it out for an hour is definitely uh noteworthy, and this is coming in a day after a whistleblower Revealed that the company facebook prioritized profit over public good, and we know that political pressure has been building on the company were not speculating, of course here whether theres a link between that and whats happening today. But im wondering you know with all this bad publicity right now for facebook and this political pressure can can the company withstand all this bad pressure and bad publicity? What do they have to do to change things around yeah i mean look. I think that they are under a really a lot of pressure from all over the place right, not just their critics and people like me in silicon valley, but also youve got the regulators in washington all over the world and look its very clear that facebook needs To really reckon with what they have done, both in terms of actually allowing bad behavior to continue happening on their platform and how they havent been honest and forthright with you and me, and everybody else about how bad the situation is and that that is a really Big problem, how bad is the situation? I mean its very clear that uh that harassment and uh the spread of disinformation undermining democracy.

All these things have been happening on a wider scale than facebook has told us about. We dont have access to any data that actually tells us all. We have are little slivers of information right, so it is a big big problem and the company has shown internally that they know that right thats. What the whistleblower, of course, revealed uh in um in reports that we we read about yesterday, you know when you see all this in you wonder, of course, if you know one company, facebook owning multiple major online platforms is a good idea. What can regulators do about this yeah? I mean look theres been efforts inside of washington to talk about whether or not facebook should be forced to be broken up. You may remember that, 20 years ago, that conversation was happening around microsoft and the way that turned out was that, even though microsoft was found to be a monopoly, all the government did was slap it on the wrist and allow it to continue being microsoft. So i dont know exactly how far the us governments going to be willing to go here, but i am curious to see whether this appetite for reigning in the tech industry will be any different from what it was a couple of decades ago. Thank you. So much for talking to us about this ian share from cnet joining us there from maryland. Thank you for your time.

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