Instagram, WhatsApp, Social media How To Make Your Instagram Facebook And WhatsApp Work.. **MUST WATCH**

We met the most dangerous pranks 6k tv, no response dont be angry at full light. Give thanks set up the camera. Steer from a distance is that the monster today, um 6k tv, eva best, friends, click the like button. We got the best done, make sure you subscribe, get the next one. You find the security rears your right hand, 6k dng, religion, prove youre wrong. Make a sanctuary. Big up 6k whats up youtube supporters. Then i will click. This video fast people like a video guys subscribe click the bell to our 6k tv, the panasel, but people today we dont know whats the problem with ig whats up on facebook. They are not working, but today im here to make you guys know how to make it pop up, and this is not no lie, my child with my phone and it come up. Someone uno actually said no message summer. Oh no, a child here to give you guys a little update or to make it work. Is it me first and firstly, firstly, guys if you use a android phone, i want you guys and people if it work. Please comment: it comment under the bottom of the video say it work, but firstly i want you guys to take all the battery out of here all right guys for five minutes. Yes about five minutes then i put in but the battery turn on the phone, its gon na turn on the phone youre gon na put your phone in the error played mode yeah.

Should i put the phone in an aeroplane mode? This is for other android users. Yeah i got ta, take it all the airplane mode. Now, if you have a internet yaga in tonight, you got ta turn on a wi fi just turn on a wi fi. Two time turn tab. Lock it up turn off, lock it off two times: iphone user them. Now, youre gon na reset your phone uh on your reset, the phone youre gon na press, the esr youre going to device youre gon na press reset youre gon na reset your device. Yes, it means, i said i do that the phone number lock up then turn on, but you cant take it about your iphone. So what you have to do, yall gon na put your phone from the charge. Are you gon na put your phone up on the charger yeah? I got ta turn it on its gon na turn it on yeah i put that phone in airplane mode yeah. I got ta turn on the screamer card, its gon na turn on the screamer card. Yeah go where i go: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah turn on the screamer. You have a screaming card at your screen for five minutes. Is it missing ill? Do that i got ta swipe up and swipe up notifications, whats up messenger, puppy, ig message: everything just a puppy, theres, a people; yes man, so guys.

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