Guys. Okay, here is the latest news. Yes, and it was trending on Twitter. Yes, because today was 11.00. Yes, Starting from Facebook, Instagram and Also WhatsApp error, guess Wow did you think it was just me this afternoon an error came, I found out in the browser where we found out and it turned out to be all errors today, starting at 11.00, starting from WhatsApp on Instagram then Facebook – this is all error. Ok Lets open Facebook. First, OK, so this cant load, the news on the homepage and you cant even watch the video, even though its 4G gas and well turn on the WiFi.. Try this the WiFi is also good guys. There are no distractions playing games., Its good to watch YouTube. Just ask. But if you open Facebook you ca nt gas, you can do it yourself. Yes, you cant gas.. Why is there Kesha and we also open Instagram? Well Instagram cant, guess re Just fresh refresh. I cant reload the Dutch news. Yes, the writing is like that gas error whats wrong with gas, then waptap also cant, yes, Im sending a picture message, its snatched. Yes, this is spending hours its a clock, even though the WiFi is good ice. Three and Im. Looking for it, I know on the internet and starting from for those of you who are looking for the latest information in WA. There are errors, starting from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which, if the telegram is great, I have this telegram.

There is no error. Yes, this telegram is not an error if the telegram is the best, but if Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are social media, There are three errors I know guys. I thought it was only my WhatsApp that had the error. Turns out all of them: cant open, WhatsApp, yeah, but theres an error when sending messages or viewing stories.. Yes, friends. check it out. Reno Picsay already got this from tekno60 coverage here, starting from 23.00 point six. Yes, that means 11.06 on thousands of laps People who enter from users, yes from their backs, starting from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp yes., Not only Indonesia. It turns out that Southeast Asian gas also reported that it came in because it came from various countries.. Yes, WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram have errors. Yes. users who reported Facebook problems, while WhatsApp was down itself. There were around 54000 Andes for us gram and Facebook Messenger. There were around 1691 and 2984 reports that came in yes, when we tried to send texts or photos via WhatsApp. Nothing could be sent while V on Instagram was also a feat in Even Instagram BCA cant even write with gotrie feat.. Until this news went up its still, not known for certain What makes these social media buns owned by Facebook and also Instagram and WhatsApp dont know yet gas. I also found out about this.

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