Asteroid, NASA, Double Asteroid Redirection Test, Earth Musk EXPLAINS How DART Mission FAILS To Defend Earth!

On September 26 2022 a spaceship was successfully crashed into the asteroid dimorphous as part of the double asteroid, redirection test or Dart Mission. Using the kinetic impactor technology, NASAs double asteroid redirection assess mission was created to test the effectiveness of this form of asteroid deflection for planetary defense. Nasa claims at darts hit the tiny asteroid dimorphous in an attempt to slightly alter the orbital speed of the moonlit. Dimorphos does not represent a threat to Earth, but the ambitious Mission simulates the actions NASA scientists would take in the event that an asteroid was heading in our Direction. It happened at 7, 14 in the evening of September 26, 2022. But what if NASAs Dart spacecraft misses the asteroid and what, if theres a bigger asteroid to come, Elon Musk, explains why NASAs Dart Mission will fail to defend the Earth, hello, everyone and welcome back to Elon Musk Evolution where we bring you the most recent news about Elon Musk and his multi billion dollar comp, but before we begin make sure you subscribe to our Channel and click the Bell icon, so you dont miss out on any of our amazing videos and lets get started at 10. 20. In the evening, the dart mission was launched using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch will take place at a local time in November 23, 2021 from space launch complex 4 at the California and Vandenberg space Force Base. The mission serves as an example of the extensive amount of international cooperation required for such a challenging task, though the dart mission is overseen by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics, laboratory scientists and Engineers from all across the world have learned to team together to contribute Dart Co investigator Ellen Howell, toldspace.

com weve worked really closely with our European colleagues and colleagues all over the world Hals the senior research scientist at the University of Arizona, lunar and planetary laboratory, although Dart is a test, she added a comparable degree of global cooperation would be crucial In the events of a real effect, although the threat from asteroid strikes is minimal, its still a concern and we should be ready for it. The devastating impacts and impacts can have on life on Earth easily seen by studying prior impact. Events such as the enormous chick show Lube asteroid impact that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. According to NASA scientists, there is a small but present possibility of a catastrophic asteroid Collision on Earth, with a width of up to 500 feet, the largest asteroids that potentially threatened the Earth have been discovered by NASA and roughly 40 percent of cases, and the agency is Constantly searching the skies for others, the near earth object surveyor a brand new Space Telescope, Sentinel being developed by NASA, is intended to find potentially dangerous asteroids around the solar system up until 2026. That mission might fly. The initial face of planetary defense involves early detection of near earth. Asteroids. There are more than nineteen thousand newly detected near earth asteroids as of the beginning of 2019, according to NASA, with about 30 new ones being discovered every week, didimos, which in Greek means twin, is the name of the binary asteroid system that Dart was designed to track.

The system consists of the Moon dimorphous, which is 525 feet in diameter, and the near ear Earth asteroid didimos, which is about 0.48 miles across darts, intentionally hit the moonlit dimorphous at a speed of 4.1 miles per hour. That is a staggering 14 760 miles per hour. Nancy Chabot, a planetary scientist from the JHU APL, discussed the mission plan with how it works, assist a publication of targeting a small asteroid in space at a fast rate of speed. When that asteroid has never been photographed by a spacecraft before as one of the missions key technological hurdles according to shabo, we know from previous asteroids that have been investigated, that they have a range of forms, internal structures, surface features and strengths, and these traits will influence. How much the asteroid dimorphous is deflected in its orbit around didimos. The impact speed should affect the moonlights orbital speed by a little percentage, which should be sufficient to change its orbital period by several minutes. In order to determine whether the mission was successful. Nasa says that the shift in dimorphosis orbit around titimos will be monitored and analyzed by telescopes on Earth. Spacecraft Dart was simple. The main vehicle which had a box form had dimensions of about 3.9 by 4.3 by 4.3 feet or about the size of a refrigerator. According to the JHU APL, when fully extended each of the two substantial solar arrays was 27.9 feet in length. Only one instrument that did the most reconnaissance and asteroid camera for optical navigation was on board the dart spacecraft.

It turns out that you dont need to bring anything with you if your main objective is to collide with an asteroid. The rollout solar, arrays or Rosa were deployed by the dart spacecraft after it was launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 to provide it with electricity throughout its tryptoditamos. According to NASA, the Rosa arrays were put through their Faces by scientists on the International Space Station in June 2017 and were found to be capable of supplying the necessary power to support darts electric propulsion system. The dart spacecraft also utilized the Next Generation fuel efficient, NASA, evolutional, Xenon, Thruster, commercial or next C solar electric propulsion system as part of its in space propulsion. The jhuapl claims that Dart was directed to its Target dimorphous by highly developed autonomous navigation software. Fighting a Target that is 6 million miles from Earth and 525 feet in diameter is no small task in order to send the dart spacecraft to the smaller body. Dimorphos. The navigation software was created to recognize and discriminate between ditamos and dimorphous, an onboard high resolution. Camera called Draco assisted in guiding the dark Mission as it approached its Target and took measurements of the asteroid, including the size and shape of dimorphous based on the Lorry camera. From NASAs New Horizons Mission, Draco was developed on September 26th at 7, 14 PM Eastern Time Dart hit dimorphous successfully and what the American space agency has dubbed the first planetary defense test. Ever at the JHU APL Dart Mission Control Center as the spacecraft rushed towards its demise, there was a mixture of Serenity and eagerness.

Despite the on target Collision, Engineers didnt need a test any of the 21 possible backup plans they had set up in case the crash. Didnt go as planned because everything went according to plan. A large portion of darts final four hours was automated, with the navigation system of the spacecraft, locking onto dimorphos and the penultimates hour of its approach. Every second up to the moment of the spacecraft colliding with the asteroid, darts main camera sent a picture to Earth stunning details of didimos and dimorphous were revealed in photographs taken by the spacecraft during the closing minutes of Dart. There was nothing like the moonlit. It was discovered by Dart to be an unfamiliar New World, an egg shaped asteroid with Rocky topography, the Hera mission as a post impact inquiry being planned by the European Space Agency. The data most binary system will be reached by the spacecraft in December 2026. According to the mission website, and the spacecraft is scheduled to launch October 2024., two cubesats will join the esa Harris spacecraft in orbit. They all survey didimos and dimorphous together, taking close attention to the crater left by darts impact with dimorphos according to the jhuapl. Another goal of the hero mission is to figure out the exact mass of dimorphus, despite the fact that Dart and Hera are two separate missions with autonomous designs and operations working together, they will improve our knowledge of planetary defense technology. A worldwide partnership called Ada, which is asteroid, impact and deflection assessments includes team members from both missions.

According to Chabot, Dart is only a small portion of a wider planetary defense plane that is coordinated by NASAs planetary defense coordination office. But how will we know if Dart worked, Elon Musk asked well according to musk because of the fundamental physical rules of conservation of energy and momentum. Darts impact on dimorphous was certain to alter the asteroids trajectory. Newtons law of motion will have been proven false if its orbit around didimos doesnt shift at all following the hit Newton will still hold true after Dart. If dimorphosis is solid and dart only creates a small crater, the transformation will proceed according to the rules of a physics, 101 problem, two things sitting and sticking together, the asteroids angular momentum will be diminished by Dart, which is traveling in the opposite direction as dimorphous as A result itll approach, didimos and accelerate musk explained, and that will end todays episode, hey. We thank you so much for watching and we certainly hope you enjoyed our video.

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