Ford Motor Company, mach, Ford Mustang Mach 1, 2022 ACH 1 V8 DUAL EXHAUST w/ RESONATOR DELETE!

Look at that. Its really digital gauge, ditto drill everything wow its beautiful its got. The lighted up mock one right there, its really beautiful car. Let you guys hear on what it sounds like before: Music 115 thats without the thats, fully stocked right now so were going to put an x pipe that he purchased its a bolt on kit were going to put it up for him dont. You guys hear that theres a mach 1.. This is what it looks like before: theres the factory converters there and theres a 20 21. So you guys know what it looks like theres, a factor resonator were taking off there theres the factory mufflers right there and right there, and then its got this protective shield for all the extra stuff thats on there, as you guys can see right there really nice For arrow its got that perforated bumper rear bumper, its got a wing here, it is right there, so you guys saw it before we. Let you see it before. This is what it looks like after still got factory converters there and there then theres the x pipe to replace the resonator its a bolt on right there right there. You use the factory uh clamps on the front, and then you add these clamps in the back right. There right there true flow x pipe and then the mufflers are still the same and they got valves in them were gon na open them were gon na put it in track mode for you guys, so you guys can hear to see the valves in there.

I dont know if you can yeah right there on each side. Massive five inch tips, just a beautiful car, all the way around mach one its got about 485 horsepower hes putting in track mode ill. Let you guys hear it: Music, Music wow got ta back it up: Music, Music, so much better Music one there. She is hope you guys like it sexy. These are all factory. Add ons on the map. One thats, so sexy mustang Music hes only got 300 miles. 20, 21.. Music.

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