Ford Motor Company, mach, Ford Mustang Mach 1, 2022 Everything We Know About The 2022 Ford #Mustang So Far

So lets go ahead and get to it. 2022 is gon na be a fun year for the mustang and were really excited because theres three new packages available for the 2022 model year, as well as some color updates as well so lets kick it off with some package updates. First and foremost, the ecoboost stealth edition were really excited about this one because mostly those tail lights will get to it. But you do have some unique black painted wheels, as well as some black accent badges throughout the car, its very similar to the black accent package. But what sets this apart is the spoiler you get with this ecoboost health package and the clear euro style. Tail lights really excited about those because theyre here in the us, its funny. You know you talk to guys in europe that have mustangs. They all want the red tail lights and they even get red vinyl tint to put on their tail lights, to look like the us models and everyone in the u.s wants to clear tail lights, its kind of funny but anyways its awesome to see those clear taillights On a model available in the us, just like the ice white edition mustang as well speaking of the ice white edition mustang, this came out a month or two ago for the 2022 model year has a matching mock e with a similar package as well. Really does look good. It reminds me of the triple white fox bodies back in the day, but if youre a fan of white, then ice white edition mustang is for you moving on to the california special now this is kind of a big deal.

The california special has been around since the 60s. They brought it back in 2008 during the s197 era. They had it for the coyote s197s and then obviously for the s550s as well, but its always been an appearance package and now, for the first time ever, you can get the performance package paired with the california special. So for those of you that, like that california, special styling, the comfort you get from a california special, but you kind of want all the performance benefits of a performance package mustang now you can finally get it. One thing to point out is that the california special slash performance package – one does come with that performance, spoiler, that you do get with the pp1 cars and its kind of cool to see that on the california special. And if you have a fastback, you get that spoiler. If you have a convertible as usual, you get the spoiler delete. Now, if you look closely at the california special, you can see that the front grille was at least from what we can see pulled from the 2019 and 2020 bullet in addition to the wheels as well now in the california special you get a graphite kind of Gunmetal finish on those wheels ford needed to find something that fit those six piston brembos up front, because the california special wheels from the previous s550, probably didnt, fit those brembos, but all in all its a really good looking package – and i wouldnt complain about the whole Part spin thing: everyone said that about the 2021 mach 1 and we saw how awesome that car is out of the box.

If you havent check the card in the top right hand corner, because we have a ton of content on the 2021 mach 1 and how impressive it is at the drag strip on the dyno and at the track. If youre looking to turn the volume knob up to 11, we have the 2021 steeda mach 1 as well. Moving on the colors. Now we dont really have much new information on a lot of those rumored colors from our previous video on the 2022 mustang colors. But we do have some more details on whats available with the ecoboost stealth package, as well as the gt california special package. The ecoboost stealth package will have atlas blue carbonized, gray, dark matter and shadow black atlas. Blue is what they used in a lot of these promotional photos and videos about the package and honestly, its a little bit more muted than um, kona, blue or uh. Maybe lightning blue. But i really like it because uh its blue im, a big fan of blue mustangs and california, especially you – can get a ton of different colors available for this atlas: blue carbonized gray, cyber orange dark matter, grabber blue metallic, so pump for that iconic, silver, rapid red Shadow black and oxford white were really pumped to see cyber orange on the 2022 mustang, and the reason for that being is this: cyber orange this orange color punches you in the face they put this color on the maki gt and rightfully so.

It is a very loud color for a quiet car, but all in all its a really good, looking color, whether its daylight or night dawn dusk. I love cyber orange and grabber blue metallic, its a classic color and the fact that youre adding that metallic flake into the grabber blue color for the mustang, its really gon na pop, and it looks good at all times of the day. All in all that about wraps things up now, unfortunately, we dont have all the information about the 2022 mustang, but please stay tuned, make sure you subscribe like comment all that good stuff, because we will be putting out all kinds of new news once we have that 2022 mustang stuff confirmed, comment below.

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